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Rough Country Lift Kits & Parts

Rough Country Lift Kits & Parts

Raise the operating height of your vehicle while preparing for more rugged terrain by investing in Rough Country lift kits and other suspension and tire enhancements. A lift kit is designed to raise the height of your vehicle enough to accommodate larger tires. Those tires really raise up the ride height of your vehicle and give you an incredible amount of ground clearance to work with. By putting together an excellent lift kit and a new set of all-terrain tires, you create space between the underbody of your vehicle and the trails that you're traveling over. This helps keep your ride safe and makes it more robust and reliable. This is an important upgrade that can really take your ride to the next level, and it all starts with the lift kit that you add to your vehicle.

Rough Country Lift Kits

Rough Country lift kits are made from rugged coated steel components and billet aluminum spacers that are designed to withstand thousands of pounds of force while changing the way your vehicle functions in significant ways. Even if you're only modifying slight aspects of your vehicle, you're creating important space you can use to install bigger and better tires or other accessories to your ride. The kits rely on longer control arms, suspension spacers, adjusted shocks, and other modifications that increase the space between the body of your vehicle and the tires on your ride, as well as the ground below. The different lift components all work differently, but as long as you select your components based on the lift you want to achieve and the type of vehicle you have, you should be able to make the parts work well for you. Add on a Rough Country lift kit and:

  • raise the ride height of your vehicle
  • create space for more capable tires
  • prepare your vehicle for off-roading
  • equip your ride with durable components

When chosen with care, the lift kit components often just bolt into position and serve as standard replacements for the parts you remove from your vehicle. If you want to add a large lift to your ride, you'll likely be adding or replacing suspension components. If you only want to make a slight adjustment to your vehicle, you'll probably rely on a few spacers to do the job. Either way, you can create the space you need for tires and other upgrades to your ride. Determine how much space you need for your off-road enhancements, and then start looking at the lift kit components that will allow you to make those upgrades.

Rough Country Leveling Kit

While a lift kit is designed to raise the height of your ride so you can use larger tires and tackle more difficult types of terrain, a leveling kit is more for the look of your ride and handling slightly larger tires. Trucks are designed to be higher in the back than the front, and some owners don't like that staggered look. In order to change up the appearance of their trucks, some owners invest in leveling kits that raise the front height of the truck while keeping the back the same. Doing this gives the truck a flatter and more standard look. Some of these kits also create just enough space for you to increase the size of your tires slightly and to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle a bit. There are many different lift and leveling kits from Rough Country, as well as other off-road components for you to consider. If you want to go off-roading, you have loads of performance-enhancing options to choose from, but the lift kit and the all-terrain tires you invest in are the number one upgrades. These changes are the most important, and they will help you get the highest level of performance from your ride overall.