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Jeep Ring & Pinion Gears for Wrangler

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Jeep Ring & Pinion Gears for Wrangler

Toughen up your Jeep Wrangler’s differential gearbox and tackle more challenging trails and off-road courses by investing in our Jeep Wrangler ring and pinion gears. Ring and pinion gears transfer power from the driveshaft to the axle and wheels of your Jeep Wrangler. They are installed in the rear-drive differential gearbox and can improve the performance of any off-road vehicle. Since most of the torque loading occurs at the gearing change in the differential, a good ring and pinion set will reduce the stress and strain that is placed on the drivetrain. The entire system should last longer, especially if you drive your Jeep Wrangler on challenging off-road terrain. The one drawback is that ring and pinion gear sets can be difficult to install. You must match the pinion sets with the front differential rings. But even if you can't complete the project on your own, you can still save money by purchasing sets from us and having your local mechanic put them in. Each of our sets is carefully matched to a specific gear ratio and a specific differential. It is up to you to carefully choose the set that is going to work properly on your Jeep Wrangler, and that’s not always easy to do. We supply the highest quality Jeep Wrangler ring and pinion gears, which means they are made from highly durable materials such as 8620 triple alloy steel. The harder the gears are, the longer they will hold up when put under extreme pressure loads. The last thing you want is for one of your gears to fall when going through a steep climb, which is why it pays to invest in OEM quality parts or higher level replacements. We recommend using a professional mechanic to get these parts installed properly, but if you are mechanically gifted you might be able to handle the work yourself if you have all the tools necessary. These direct-fit parts can add power to your Jeep Wrangler, they are meant to toughen up your ride’s performance, and they can even leave you with a more responsive Jeep Wrangler which will make driving it more enjoyable. If you think that your Jeep Wrangler rear gears are beginning to wear and they aren’t performing as cleanly as they once did, investing in some ring and pinion gears might be just the thing to fix those issues. Get high quality parts and drive with confidence. Your Jeep Wrangler was meant for adventuring, make sure it has all the equipment to do it properly.


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Fitment Includes:

  • Rubicon, Sahara, Sport S, Sport, Unlimited, Islander, Rocky Mountain, Renegade Wranglers

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