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Jeep JK Supercharger Kits for Wrangler (2007-2018)

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2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Sprintex 3.8L Supercharger Kit Build - Throttle Out

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Jeep JK Supercharger Kits for Wrangler (2007-2018)

Supercharge your JK and get the maximum performance from your rig’s factory engine. By using a supercharger, not only do you get an increase in power but many positives like constant boost pressure, V8 performance and V6 fuel economy. A roots or twin screw style supercharger runs off your Jeep Wrangler's belt, which is driven by the engine to deliver a consistent boost as long as the engine is on. A Wrangler JK supercharger can give V8 performance without terribly poor mileage. Superchargers also have advantages over turbo systems like the elimination of lag or time to reach full boost and you do not have to change your exhaust, but going with an aftermarket exhaust is recommended to put out even better results. Superchargers are a great add-on for your JK, making the power soar to new heights!

There are multiple types of superchargers: roots, centrifugal and screw types. The roots type system is the “original” type of supercharger, providing boost throughout the entire RPM range of your Jeep Wrangler since the olden days. This system is very popular due to its reliability, potential and looks but suffers from sometimes rougher launches and lower boost at higher RPMs. The centrifugal system looks almost like a turbo set-up but instead of exhaust gases driving the impeller, a belt (usually) does. The centrifugal supercharger offers many modifications, simply by changing belts and pulleys you can increase or decrease the output. Screw type superchargers appear like the roots system but it is a more modern, thermal efficient and less extreme version of the roots system. Screw systems have multiple screws driven by a pulley/gear that when spins creates boost or positive pressure towards your intake. This system is common on high performance vehicles.

Turing your naturally aspirated JK into a tire shredding beast is possible by using a supercharger made for JK! Get going, faster than ever, with one of these power delivering kits!

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