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Lange Hoists & Parts

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Lange Hoists & Parts

Raise and lower the top of your Jeep simply using a Lange Jeep Hoist. This simple device allows you to crank the top off your Jeep and swap it to a different top. Keep your most common tops ready to go and easily swap from one to the next when you want to change for the weather or for different styles. There are different types of hoists, but the Lange Jeep hoist is reliable and designed for simplicity as well. If you plan to accessorize your Jeep or change out tops regularly, it makes sense to invest in a hoist system like this.

Easily Swap Tops Using the Lange Jeep Hoist

If changing the top on your Jeep is a difficult task that you avoid, investing in a Lange Jeep hoist might be a way to simplify the process. The top of your Jeep is heavy and difficult to deal with, especially if you're trying to change tops by yourself. A hoist system such as the product offered by Lange can make things easier. This basic setup gives you a pulley and strap system that allows you to hand-crank the top of your Jeep up and out of the way. Once the top is out of the way, you can securely attach it to your ceiling or the frame you have the hoist installed on and keep the top ready for your next use. Add a Lange Jeep Hoist to your garage and:

  • easily lift your Jeep top up and out of the way
  • enjoy years of performance
  • customize your ride more comfortably
  • make your Jeep more convenient to use
  • crank your Jeep top out of the way without asking for help

In order to work properly, the hoist must be installed on a ceiling of at least 7 feet in height and no more than 12 feet in height. As long as you have a sturdy mounting location and a ceiling height that meets the requirements of the system, you can effectively get this product set up and ready to go. With the hoist in position in your home, garage, or shed, you can easily pull off the top of your Jeep and put other products on top of your Jeep or drive without one. If you frequently change tops on your Jeep, this product makes sense, and it's something you should really think about if you're tired of asking for help when changing your Jeep top or you want to make the process faster and more convenient than before.

The Lange Jeep Hoist is Built to Last

The Lange Jeep Hoist is designed to last for many years when it's installed properly. The kit is made mostly of steel and features durable pulleys and a solid hand crank that will allow you to lift hundreds of pounds without an issue. The kit works on most Jeep models and is something you should think of getting if you're searching for a long-term system for your Jeep. The hoist comes with a 1-year warranty and is moderately difficult to install. Many Jeep owners will want to work with professionals to get this system installed, but some owners will be up to the task. Take your time with the installation and verify that the hoist is locked into position reliably. Once you have a hoist, you can start looking at other Jeep tops and additional accessories. It's possible for you to accessorize your ride in many different ways, which is good news for any owner that likes to change the look of their ride. One of the reasons that Jeeps are so popular is because they're highly customizable. It's possible to swap out the doors, the roof, and many other parts of a Jeep to give it a different look. No matter how you want your Jeep to look and to perform, you can probably get the aftermarket parts to help you achieve your goals.