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Lange Power Hoist-a-Top (18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J123410-JL
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      Review & Installation Video

      Ryan: The Lange Power Hoist-A-Top is happens for those of you with a 2018 and up JL that has a hard top on it of course and are looking for a very easy way to be able to remove that top by yourself without having to call a friend and you want somewhere to also store that top where you can be assured that it's not gonna get any sort of damage. This is going to be a two out of three wrenches but Lange does make it pretty easy for you to get this installed. There are some ceiling height requirements and you need to make sure that you have some good supports up there when you're screwing all these pulleys and your winch mechanism to the wall and the ceiling, so that is important, but as long as you follow the instructions you're gonna be just fine and Lange includes some very clear ones. In fact, we're also gonna show you how to get this installed in just a second.So when you're looking at different Hoist-A-Top mechanisms, you're going to find a couple of different options out there. There is the manual option which you actually just pull on the rope and then tie it off. When you're lifting the top that's, of course, gonna be a little bit more difficult to use than some of the other options. There's then a crank option which is going to give you a crank mechanism that's gonna give you a little bit of additional leverage, make it a little bit easier for you to lift that top up. And finally, you're going to have the power option, which is what we have here which gives you this small electronic winch mechanism with this up and down on it. So, of course, that's going to be the easiest way to get your top lifted and drop back down again. Of course, you'll make the same connections onto the top, but the hoisting mechanism is going to change. Now this being that it provides you with this small winch to lift it and lower is going to be a little bit more expensive than some of the other options that are available but if you're looking for the utmost in convenience, this is going to be it.The rest of the kit is also very complete and just a very well put together a kit. Everything down to these hooks that are included that hook onto the top during the hoist are covered in a rubber material so you make sure you're not going to get any sort of rubbing or chafing out of those, you have some really nice foam material that's included in the kit as well. Again, all about protecting that hard top for you. This is going to be the main T-shaped portion that is going to get lowered down over top of your hard top. And then you have a couple other bars here that are used to connect the frame mechanism to the hard top itself. And as you can see, you're going to have a bunch of different connection points between your line and your frame mechanism that way you can get everything perfectly balanced. So whether you have two-door, whether you have a four-door, no matter what situation you're working with, you're going to be able to lift that top straight up. And as I said before, when it is up in the air, you know you're not going to end up with any sort of damage on your top because if you just set it in the corner, somebody can bump into it, even if you have it on one of those rolling carts, it can get damaged. This is going to be a very safe way to store your hard top.So like I said, this is gonna be the most expensive option available from Lange. There are those three different choices. This one is the priciest coming in at right around $500. But like I said, if you want that convenience, if you want to be able to take the top on and off and store it securely, this is a great choice for you but you are gonna have to pay a little bit more for that additional convenience. So like we said, fairly easy two out of three wrench install. Let's show you how to do it.Man: Tools required for this install are going to be a Phillips head screwdriver or bit, 9/64 drill bit, a 15/64 drill bit, 1/4-inch drive, 3/8, 8, 13,14-millimeter, a T50 to get that factory hard top out of the way. This is a plumb bob so it's just a string with a weight at the end of it to find center, tape measure, some electrical tape, side cutters, you're gonna need a drill, optional is an impact and this C-clamp.All right, so the first step into getting your Lange Power Hoist-A-Top installed is to get your Jeep into the garage and find center of your hard top. So I'll show you how to do that now. Start this up. All right, so you're gonna notice that this is a makeshift garage, our ceilings are a little too tall for this. So what we're gonna do is just back this into here. And then we're gonna use a plumb bob at the top and find center of our hard top.So for this next step you are gonna need a tape measure, a bolt or something heavy to hang from your rafter, in the construction industry they call it a plumb bob and I have a nice piece of string. So I'm gonna set that off to the side and then I'm going to find the middle of my hard top. So the freedom panels split right down the middle, that's easy. So what we have to do is find the distance. Gonna put it right here in the middle and I'm showing 40 inches. So in the middle, gonna be right here at 20. Let us take our plumb bob, I'm going over my rafter and I'm going to locate that 20-inch mark. So it's going to be right around there. Then I'm going to take a sharpie and mark my rafter. And we can get rid of all this and start working on our supports for the ceiling.Next up we're going to take a measurement from that plumb bob line forward 13.5 inches and that's where our first pulley is going to be. So 13.5 inches from there is going to be right here. And then we'll measure again 13.5 inches in back of that plumb bob line and that's where our winch motor will be mounted. So make sure that's on there, 13.5 is right there. All right, so we're gonna get some boards up there and screw those in.So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our support beam and I have a C-clamp here. You may not have the access like I do but if you have a buddy to help hold this board up while we make some pilot holes, that'd be awesome. So I'll just set the C-clamp in place, make sure we're in line. I need to come down a little bit this way. All right. Now I'm gonna drill a couple pilot holes just to make sure my screws don't have any trouble getting in there. All right, so let's go ahead and screw this side in. All right, let's get this other side screwed in. All right, so moving onto the back, again we are 27 inches apart from the front and 13.5 inches from that plumb bob mark. So we're just going to make some pilot holes for our screws again.All right, so we're gonna bring up our winch mounting bar and we're gonna center it on this rearmost cribbing or support. We're gonna take a pen and go through the hole here. And we just gonna make sure it's nice and even, and just mark where we need to drill a pilot hole for the lag bolts. We'll take it away. So next up we're gonna take our winch mounting bracket, stick our lag bolt through. It's a little tight but it'll go through. Then we're actually gonna start it in one of these holes, it doesn't matter which one you pick, we're just gonna be putting one in for now. Let me get my impact here, it's a 14-millimeter lag bolt. All right, so we're gonna leave it just like that, that'll be enough room to slip those brackets over this square tube.So before we can mount these brackets up to the bottom of our winch, one thing I want to do is make sure that this thing works. We don't want to do all that work and just have it not have power. All right, there it goes. Everything's sat with that, I'm gonna unplug it. Flip it on its side here, and that's gonna expose these threaded nuts. Let's go ahead and start our hardware.So this is a 13-millimeter bolt we're putting in here. So with our brackets mounted to the winch, what we're gonna do is slide it on to that bar, just bring it into place here. And we're gonna slide it somewhat centered right here, right about there. I'm gonna hold it up with one hand, get my lag bolt ready and started in that hole that we piloted earlier. Should start a couple threads and then hit the rest of the way with my impact.Next up, we're gonna be putting our pulley on our forward support with these 8-millimeter machine screws. So let's get our machine screw loaded up here. All right, so as you can see I have our T-frame loosely assembled here on the ground, what we're gonna do is set this up for a JL two-door. And we're gonna be using the inside holes here, so we're gonna clip this together. So next up we're going to be putting our little protecting covers for our freedom panels. So this is going to slide over and go all the way to the front, just like that. Then we're gonna slide these foam pads over the bar as well. You're gonna want these kinds of evenly spaced out. So I'm gonna install the rear bar now. I did flip the forward T-section upside down. And again, this is a two-door, but there are settings of forward ones for the two-door and the rear ones for the four-door. We're gonna slide it all the way in and then flip it back over. Now we can add the padding to the rear and this is going to lock into itself just like that.Now there's a couple more steps we have to do to complete our T-bar. Let's go ahead and get our side hooks on for the front of our top. We're just gonna put that through first and we're gonna put these little eyes in. And this is what our bungee cord will attach to, to help secure our freedom panels. Hold onto the hook here, one hand. And I'm gonna back off it just a little bit to have that play and that way we can move our hooks around.Now let's attach our bungee cords to those grommets, bring it over to this main bar here. There may not be enough room in that hole, so just go one up. Then we're gonna attach this rear bracket and that's where the back of your rear hard top. So we're gonna put our nyloc nut on and tighten it down. We're not gonna overtighten it cause we do want it to move out of the way when we need it. All right, there it is, so it does have a little bit of play there.As you can see, we are back up at the winch, I plugged it into 110 volts. We are going to cut the rubber bands securing our line to the spool. So go ahead and cut that, get that out of the way. All right. Now we're gonna take the winch controller and push it out. So I'm gonna hold onto these winch lines here, get rid of that rubber band and we're gonna go out with it. So I'm gonna get on the ground here and keep pulling it until I have enough slack to reach the ground. All right, now it'll be good there.So I just wanted to take a note real quick on the orientation of our drums and our line. The inside drum will go straight down and this outside drum will go through that slot there and that will vary on how you're mounting it, if you're mounting it to the ceiling or if you're mounting it to the wall, vice-a-versa. So let's go ahead and get the end of the line coming out of this slot here and that's gonna go right through our pulley. Let's go through the pulley and bring that down. Perfect. So we're gonna need a little more slack because if you look down there we're still about an inch, inch and a half away, and we need some good slack down there to attach it to that eye. So we're gonna go out. Again, we're gonna hold on to both. And that'll be enough slack there.What we're gonna do now is put our thimble through the front of the forwardmost part of our T. And what we're gonna do is just make sure that the cable is sitting nice and even in there. So what I'm doing is I'm backing off the nuts on my clamp here. I'm gonna open it up, I'll put that U-bolt right back through. You're gonna want to do the top one first, followed by the one closest to your thimble. Make sure that that line is not folded over on itself. And we're gonna go ahead and tighten that up an 8-millimeter and a 1/4-inch drive. All right, now let's go ahead and get the bottommost one on. So we're gonna put the lowermost clamp on now. Make sure I get the slack out of them before we tighten them up. All right, so with all three of them on we're just gonna make sure all of them are tight, get a couple turns on them.So for the rear thimble, we are gonna be using the rearmost hole on our lifting bar. Let's go ahead and get the thimble in. It's a little tight. We're gonna get our winch line through, flip that back around. And let's go ahead and start tightening up our clamps for this. We're gonna get our bottom one on followed by our middle.So what we're gonna do is add a little electrical tape to the end of this wire, we're actually gonna cut the end off that we're not gonna be using. And what this electrical tape does is just keeps it from fraying and keeps any shards from going into your hand. So I'm just gonna put a couple turns on it and then cut right in the middle, right around here. It's gonna be a little tough, so just push down hard. There you go. Now you're gonna repeat that on the front as well.With our frame now complete, we can actually press up on our winch and get this out of the way, pull our Jeep in and get that top off. And there is a safety switch up here so you can bring it all the way up if you want and it will stop on its own.So as you may have noticed, we backed our Jeep back in, we took our freedom panels off and we actually unbolted our top completely. Now we actually had to remove this bracket on the rear because we noticed that you can't clear the glass and the top, it just won't work. So what we're gonna do is actually bring it from the bottom up. I'm gonna hold it in place there with one hand and then grab it. I actually got to bring my top down, my Hoist-A-Top down. We're going on to start that bolt back up, put a couple threads on it. Now we can move on to the front and hook up the front.Now moving onto the front hooks, what I did was I undid the bungee cord just to gain a little extra slack there, and I'm also going to open up my door. There's a little area right here between your roll cage and that top that we're actually gonna slide the hook under and it's gonna sit just like that on both sides. So let's do that on the other side now. So I'm gonna open up that door, bringing my hook around underneath behind that roll bar, make sure it's touching that top.With the front and the rear of the Hoist-A-Top hooked up, we can now lift our top out of the way. So let's go up on the winch and there it goes nice and level. All right. Now I'm actually going to pull the Jeep out from underneath of it then lower the top back on the ground and put those freedom panels in the storage position. All right, now we're gonna bring in our panels, our freedom panels. We're gonna lay 'em in here. And we're gonna take our bungee cord supplied by Lange, hook them up to that grommet, go across them and just took 'em up to that bar over there. We're gonna do that on both sides.Now with our freedom panels secured to the top of our T-bar and our hard top we can now lift it up and out of the way. I'm just gonna secure the winch controller on top, so it's out of the way.That's gonna wrap up my install of the Lange Power Hoist-A-Top for your Jeep Wrangler. For all things Wrangler, keep it here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Specs & Installation


      • Superior Power Hoist-a-Top
      • Easy Removal and Storage of Hard Top
      • Makes Removal a One Person Job
      • Electric Power Lift for Added Convenience
      • Strong Powder Coated Steel Frame
      • Rubber-Coated Hooks and Foam-Covered Hardware
      • Utilizes Balance Blade Technology
      • Smart Hook Improves Balance and Storage
      • Simple Installation
      • Fits Garage Ceilings 7-25 Feet
      • 1-Year Limited Warranty
      • Fits All 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JLs


      Easy Removal and Storage. Instead of calling on the whole village every time you want to remove and store your Jeep Wrangler JL's hard top, simply utilize Lange's Power Hoist-A-Top. This impressive product eliminates the need for other people as it removes your top in minutes to store it at ceiling level in your garage or carport. No strained back muscles or dropped tops necessary!

      Smart Hook. This high-quality Hoist-A-Top comes with a rear smart hook, which allows you to easily lift and store your hardtop with the rear window closed, offering improved balance and storage space. It also comes with a balance blade to support any top with a well-balanced steel frame as well as easy storage for added freedom top pieces.

      Hardcore Construction. Featuring an electric power lift for added convenience, removing and storing your top with this Hoist-A-Top takes just minutes for one person as the small winch mounted in the ceiling hoists the top at the push of a button. With rubber coated hooks and foam-covered hardware to protect your top's finish as well as a strong powder coated steel frame that attaches to your top without drilling, this contraption is as convenient and high-strength as they come.

      Simple Installation. Using the included instructions, you'll be able to easily secure this Hoist-A-Top. Light mechanical skills are recommended for the 3-hour installation.

      Limited 1-Year Warranty. To protect against defects, this top is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Some limitations apply, so see the full warranty for details.

      Application. Lange's Power Hoist-A-Top is specifically designed to be used with all 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JLs.

      Fitment: 2018 2019 2020

      Lange 014-910

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


      Customer Reviews (7)

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      Ratings Summary

      3.7 out of 5 overall rating from 7 customers

      Installation Time: Afternoon

      • May 08, 2020

        5 2020 Wrangler - Stephanie Installation Time: Afternoon

        Great product

        I didn't actually put it together but it took about 3 men about 3 hours...but it does its job and i'm not worried about it falling from the ceiling of my garage. Thanks!

        Helpful (0)
      • April 24, 2020

        5 2019 Rubicon - KyleK1 Installation Time: Afternoon

        Really awesome lift

        This lift is worth every penny. My wife can take the top off by herself with no assistance needed. I was considering not getting a motorized lift but I'm glad that we did. The instructions were good and install was super easy

        Helpful (0)
      • March 20, 2020

        4 2019 Wrangler - ktuluorion Installation Time: Afternoon

        Pretty good, close to perfect

        Install was decent, took me long (about 4 hours) but i'm slow with this stuff. There are 2 things that I do think could be improved, but are only issues for people with short garages: 1) you need to open the back window in order to get the back hook in and connected 2) I had to position the hoist on the ceiling slightly back from where the jeep can back into. This made it difficult to get the top on and off without damaging the vehicle as it isn't directly below the hoist. I know this may not be possible, but it would be great if there were a way to introduce some more play into it so that i could position the top in the right spot. I think this is mostly specific to me - so i'll say that otherwise build quality was good and instructions were good, so everything seems to have worked as designed.

        Helpful (0)
      • May 30, 2019

        4 2018 Wrangler - Jerseysouix Installation Time: Afternoon

        What a gift!

        Installed the Lange PL and it's amazing to remove the rear top with ease. The only flaw is that you need to feed the rear "lift section" / "bracket" through the rear window. It doesn't fit as shown in some of the videos. It's not a big deal but I require a ladder and the assistance of another to hold the main lift bar in place as I screw the bracket in place. 2 hands are required, one to hold the bracket and the second to use the rachet (not provided) to tighten the screw in place. Otherwise it's perfect.

        Helpful (3)
      • April 22, 2019

        1 2019 Wrangler - Cazzuto Installation Time: Weekend

        Doesn't fit the JL properly

        You need to get a ladder and unscrew the back clamp and feed it through the rear window. That's the modification for the JL. Not very practical. Please let me know if you come up with a better solution. It adds to the time to take the top off.

        Helpful (4)
      • April 16, 2019

        4 2019 Rubicon - G Installation Time: Afternoon


        Decent product however wish the control had a longer cord on it.

        Helpful (4)
      • January 22, 2019

        3 2018 Rubicon - VanceB Installation Time: Afternoon

        Better instructions/needed enhancements

        Product works as designed but could use quite a bit of enhancements in the directions. The hoist motor has to be positioned in a particular direction and placement (above the middle of the top not toward the back). I guess wrong both times and so wound up reinstalling it 3 times. Could use more padding but that is easily fixed with $3 swim noodles. The second spool of wires can/will bird nest on you since there is no guide mechanism. Just put some weight on it before you hook up the top to get most of the slack out. I used buckets filled with sand. I would also recommend the Tospy hinge product instead of the included hook. This gives 4 point connection instead of two.

        Helpful (10)

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