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2020 Toyota Tacoma

The midsized 2020 Toyota Tacoma demonstrates that size is not an issue when it comes to hauling, towing, or off-roading. The base model starts off with a2.7L 4-cylinder but can be upgraded to a more practical 3.5-liter V6. Throw in the choice of a six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic, two different body styles and bed lengths, as well as six different trim levels, this year’s Tacoma can be built to suit every preference out there.

Untapped Power

The base four-cylinder engine generates 159 horsepower and 180 lb-foot of torque while the V6 churns out 278 horsepower and 265 lb-foot torque capabilities. Though neither of these choices are particularly quick, they can both be made to feel considerably more responsive through the use of a throttle enhancer. The factory fly-by-wire system has been programmed for a muted throttle response, making for a lethargic driving experience unless you always are mashing the gas pedal. Unlike a tuner, the throttle module will not affect horsepower or torque but will significantly decrease the reaction time after stepping onto the gas pedal. By simply plugging into the computer system of your truck, the module will send a boosted signal (dependent on what you program it to, either more sensitive or less sensitive) to the ECU)and decrease the time it takes for the throttle to open and the engine to respond. As an easy and relatively cheap upgrade, this modification will make your Tacoma feel snappier and more reactive to the touch (or the foot).

Put It on the Grill(e)

Positively large and in charge (or at lease very prominent), the factory 2020 Tacoma front grille commands a lot of real estate at the front of the truck. Swapping out the factory honeycomb plastic grille with a unique aftermarket front grille will completely change the face of the truck. Though design is important, choosing the right material is another consideration. Three materials are found in the construction of front grilles:

  1. Plastic
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Aluminum

Plastic is widely used as a material for grilles because it comes relatively cheap, does not rust, and it can be painted to match whatever you need it to. However, plastic has greater susceptibility to impact damage and/or cracking, which is certainly a factor to consider if your Tacoma will see considerable trail time. Stainless steel is incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion, and can be easily fashioned into different shapes and sizes. All of these benefits, on the other hand, do come at a higher cost. The most popular construction material of aftermarket grilles is aluminum. Lightweight, non-rusting, and malleable, this metal is strong and versatile for all kinds of driving.

Stop Cargo from Sliding

2020 Tacos roll out of the factory equipped with a fiber-reinforced, sheet-molded surface. This composite bed is extremely tough, but also extremely slick, making it difficult to leave objects in the bed unsecured. A bed liner or bed mat will add some traction to the surface of the bed and help keep cargo in place.

  • Bed mats: these heavy-duty rubber plied mats are form fitted for the bed of the Tacoma. Simply sitting on top of the composite bed, these mats significantly increase surface grip and also act as an additional protective layer. Thick construction helps dampen sound when dropping cargo into the bed and also protects the bed itself from getting scraped or dinged. Bed mats lay flat and do not provide any coverage for the bed walls.
  • Bed liner: these traditional liners are made from durable plastic. Molded to contour the bed and the walls, these tough liners have better surface grip than the stock composite bed top, however their primary function is to protect the bed from getting beat up.

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2020 Toyota Tacoma

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