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Hostile Parts

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Hostile Parts

Hostile Parts

By adding the right aftermarket components to your vehicle you can reduce its weight, change its style and achieve real-world performance gains all at once. One accessory that allows you to do all those things at the same time is a set of upgraded wheels. Hostile Wheels are known for their performance-friendly features as well as their durability and their style. The wheels aren’t cheap, but when you get the right set for your vehicle you’ll protect it while enhancing its performance at the same time. This is why it’s worth exploring the different performance wheels from Hostile to see what they can do for your ride.

Style Your Ride Using Hostile Wheels

Hostile wheels come in a range of different color finishes and performance designs. These wheels give you the ability to alter the look of your ride in different ways. Whether you want to make your vehicle shinier with brilliant chrome, or you want to give it an aggressive look by adding black, you can do both. Think about the exterior trim enhancements you have on your ride, and match your new wheels to the other trim accents you already have on your vehicle. You’ll be impressed by how stylish the different Hostile Wheels are, and how much they stand out compared to stock wheels that come on a Jeep or a truck. Use Hostile wheels to:

  • add an impressive style accent to your vehicle
  • customize the appearance of your ride
  • increase the strength of your vehicle
  • prepare for larger tires
  • reduce the weight of your ride

These special cast-aluminum wheels are lighter than most stock wheels are. This makes them an excellent upgrade when you want to increase the speed and performance of your vehicle in some way. Adding these lightweight wheels is just one of the many upgrades you can make to alter the performance of your vehicle while changing its style too. Add an intake kit to your vehicle as well and you’ll give the engine more power to work with so you can drive even faster. There are many different upgrades available to you from Extreme Terrain and it’s up to you to choose the enhancements that help you meet your goals the best overall. Once you know the benefits you want most, you can get upgraded components and achieve those improvements. Making a few key part upgrades is all it takes to customize your vehicle.

Hostile Wheels are Plated for Durability

Some of the wheels from Hostile Wheels benefit from a special iron plating design that makes them more resistant to chips, scrapes, and wear. The wheels start with a layer of copper plating, followed by a hard layer of nickel, and finishing with a brilliant layer of chrome. This special coating technology gives you shiny wheels that are resistant to wear and corrosion. If you want to protect your wheels against the harshest elements and wear it makes sense to invest in this durable coating. Get plated wheels and you’ll drive with more reliable wheels that hold up to regular use. Aside from wheels, you can upgrade the performance tires on your vehicle to make it even more capable. Get tires with enhanced trim, or invest in a product that’s larger to help increase the ground clearance you have while driving. There are many different potential changes you can make to your vehicle with help from all the custom accessories at Extreme Terrain. Decide how you want to improve your ride and start choosing accessories that help you meet your goals effectively.