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K&N Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

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K&N Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

Maintain the health of your vehicle while helping it sound and perform better than ever by investing in high-quality filters. Adding a K&N air filter to your vehicle will improve the air quality of your ride while protecting the engine during the intake process. This is just one of the many high-quality filters available from K&N to choose from. These products are durable, reliable and they offer long-term protection for your vehicle.

K&N Cold Air Intake

By investing in a K&N cold air intake, you can increase the power of your ride while also adding a superior K&N air filter to the intake process to protect your engine. One of these intakes adds power and torque to your vehicle while giving you some control over the engine sound of your ride as well. Investing in upgrades to the intake system of your vehicle is a worthwhile expense and something you should seriously consider if you're looking for a way to get more power out of your ride. K&N cold air intakes include a tough heat shield, and they utilize mandrel-bent aluminum tubes to direct airflow for a higher volume of air. These enhancements don't require any sort of engine re-tune once they've been installed, allowing you to drive your vehicle immediately after the upgrade. Upgrade to K&N Filters and:

  • protect the engine in your vehicle
  • improve the durability of your ride
  • simplify maintenance requirements
  • increase the airflow to your engine
  • raise the power of your vehicle

K&N cold air intakes are a significant upgrade over the stock intake on most Jeep and SUV vehicles, and they come with a proficient air filter that will help protect your engine in the process. If you invest in one of these intakes, you'll enjoy a washable filter that allows air to flow freely and that helps your vehicle run at an improved level. Combine this upgrade with an air scoop or other intake upgrades, as well as a throttle body, and you'll have a way to increase the performance of your ride to the next level. You'll quickly come to realize the potential of these intake enhancements.

K&N Oil Filter

Replacing the oil filter on your vehicle regularly is important for protecting your engine from contaminants. The oil in your vehicle is responsible for lubricating the engine during operation, and oil becomes contaminated over time. That's why a good oil filter is so important. The oil filter you use removes the contaminants from the oil in your vehicle to keep them from getting deposited on the engine components. Installing a K&N oil filter will help you protect your ride from damage and keep it running smoothly over time. These factory replacement filters install easily, and they provide optimal filtering pulling out even the tiny particles that are suspended in the oil. Replacing these filters regularly will help you preserve the performance of your ride over time so that it can continue functioning at its highest level. This is an excellent investment and just one of the ways for you to maintain your ride. There are many different filters from K&N that are essential for the performance of your ride, but these are just some of the upgrades that are worth purchasing for your ride. It's also important to look into getting replacement tires, and there are a variety of upgrades you can get for your ride, similar to cold air intakes. At Extreme Terrain, we offer intake manifolds, fuel pumps, turbochargers, hood scoops, and many more enhancements you can use to help your vehicle perform at a higher level. Invest in these improvements, and you can raise the performance potential of your vehicle significantly.