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KC HiLiTES 3 Inch C-Series C3 LED Light Cubes; Flood Beam; Pair

Item J103653
ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the KC HiLiTES 3 Inch C-Series C3 LED Light Cubes; Flood Beam; Pair. Please check out 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL LED Lights & Light Bars for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    This pair of KC HiLiTES 3-Inch C-Series C3 LED Light Cubes in a Flood Pattern are for those you that have a 1987 all the way up through the most current model year Wrangler that are looking forward to an incredibly high-quality set of LED light cubes. Now there are cubes that are all over the place as far as price and quality goes and the price usually pretty closely follows the quality. These ones from KC HiLiTES, you know you're gonna get something that's really well built, it's gonna last a good long time and is going to be nice and bright for you. And we are gonna give these a two out of three wrenches for the installation. These do come with a really nice wiring harness but there's still gonna be some wires to pull and some connections to be made and we'll show you how to get that done in just a second. I also do want to note that right now we have these mounted on a light bracket. These are just going to be the lights and the wiring harness. These do not come with any sort of bolt-on bracket, that's gonna be just fine for those of you that are looking to put these on a bull bar or a front bumper that already has light mount tabs on it. But if you are looking to put them up on this A-pillar or somewhere else mounted on the Jeep, you're probably gonna want to pick up a set of bolt-on brackets. So these lights, in particular, again, really high quality, really bright and you know they're gonna last good long time for you. They are a die-cast aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens and they have a total of four 3 watt Cree LEDs and Cree is the brand of the actual LED, brand of the actual diode inside the light. And they are designed in a way that means they're gonna last a very long time, they're estimating over 50,000 hours of use for these lights. The way that the lights are built, put together and sealed up they're an IP67 rating which means they're very, very resistant to any sort of moisture, dust, anything else that can really ruin a light. A lot of the times when you get a very cheaply built light you can end up with condensation behind the lens of the light which means that that diode and the circuitry inside the light is going to get wet and that means you can have one or more of these lights go out or maybe the whole light won't work after even just a short period of time sometimes. So again, getting something from a reputable company like KC HiLiTES, you know you're gonna get something that's really well built, gonna last a long time and be very bright for you. So this is a flood beam pattern and it is important to note that pretty much any light you get, whether it be a flood beam, a spot beam, a more general working beam, sometimes the manufacturer will call it, these lights are really aren't designed to be used on the road when there's oncoming traffic. This is going to be a great light if you're on one of those dark back roads, you want to light up the area in front of you even better than your headlights can do, make sure any sort of wildlife crossing in front of you, you're not gonna hit them, these are gonna be fine for that, but again on the road, these are not going to be a very useful light for you. But because they are a flood pattern, you're going to get a nice and big 90-degree pattern out of it. You're not going to get quite as much throw in front of you but you are gonna get a really wide wash of a nice bright light. And the color temperature of these lights is going to match a lot of the other LED auxiliary lights that you may add to your Jeep, whether it be led fog, lights, headlights or other auxiliary on your Wrangler. One of the other really nice things about this light setup is you're getting not only a pair of lights but a wiring harness, that means you really don't have to do a lot of very difficult wiring. You are going to have to attach a couple of ring connectors onto the battery, you're gonna have to put a couple of spade connectors on the back of your switch that is included. And at the light here and you're really just gonna have to plug together some weatherproof connectors, so it does make getting these things installed very easily. But because you're getting a high quality light, because you're getting a really nice wiring harness you are going to pay a little bit more for in these lights than some of the other options on the market and these are gonna come in at right around that $150 mark. In my opinion, if you're getting a set of lights, you want them to last, $150 isn't a crazy amount to pay for what you get here. I do think that the quality does make it worth the price. So we said before two out of three wrenches for this install, let me show you how to do it. For this is install we used a 10-millimeter and 13-millimeter socket along with a 6-inch three-eighths extension. We drove both of those sockets with a combination of our three-eighths electric impact and a regular three-eighths socket driver. We also used the Allen key that comes with your lights and a pair of wire cutters to trim up our wire ties. The first step in this installation is going to be getting our lights and bolted down and this is going to vary depending on where you are going to be mounting the light. So some people are going to have an A-pillar light up here, others will have a bracket here, which is where ours is, or maybe here on these two bolts. Of course up on the front bumper is another spot, these could be going in a bumper, they can go in a variety of different spots. So again, we're going to be using this bracket here on the side, but that's really gonna be up to you and your use. We're gonna be using all the factory hardware here. So this is a carriage bolt which makes it really nice so you don't have to hold the top of that bolt when you're tightening everything down. We'll drop the carriage bolt into the bracket on the light itself, drop it through our bracket then we have a flat washer, a lock washer, and a nut that we'll tighten it down to get the light mounted right here. We can use a 13-millimeter socket to tighten that down. Once our bracket is nice and tight, we're gonna aim our light pretty much where we think we're going to want it but of course, once the light is powered, we can make an adjustment here. But I think that probably gonna be right around where we want it, we'll use the included Allen key to tighten that down. Now we'll jump over to the other side, get the other light mounted and then get into the wiring. Now we'll move on to getting our lights wired up and this is the wiring harness that comes in the kit and it's a really nice harness. It's going to have weatherproof connectors that'll plug into both of our lights, it's also going to have three terminals here that are going to plug directly into our switch that we're going to have mounted on the inside of the Jeep and you're also going to have a couple of ring terminals here that are gonna go onto your battery to power the whole thing. This is also going to be a fused harness so you don't have to worry about anything shorting out and causing any sort of damage. If anything were to happen to the wiring, something gets pinched, rubbed through, anything like that, and there's a short it's gonna blow this fuse, keeping everything nice and safe for you. This is not going to have a relay in it, but with these being LEDs not drawing a ton of power, it's okay to have that additional current going directly through your switch. If you're not familiar with what a relay does or what it's for, don't worry about it, this harness is going to give you everything you need to get this wired up. So what we're gonna do is unbundle the harness and pretty much get it laid across the firewall where we want it. So we have to have one of these weatherproof connectors at this side, another one at the other side. Our two ring terminals they're gonna have to land somewhere near the battery and our lead for the switch is going to go through on the driver side right next to the brake booster where there's a hole in the firewall where there's normally a grommet there. Now, of course, we're working on a JL today, so where you go through the firewall, that is going to vary depending on your generation, the JKs have a little bit of a different spot, the TJs different as well. So just find a hole in the firewall that's going to get you from the engine bay into the interior of the Jeep in roughly the area where you're gonna want your switch. Now that the wiring harness is laying out pretty much where it's going to go, we're going to plug in our first light and then use the included wire ties or zip ties to make sure that our harness is zip tied out of the way of anything that's hot or moving. Of course, as we're going along, we want to make sure that our ring terminals are going to be able to reach the battery terminals, no problem. So we'll stretch along the firewall here, we'll plug in our other light as we get to the other end and then shove those wires through the firewall to get to our switch. Now this is an area where you can do this a million different ways and with different levels of cleanliness. You can just get it done to get it done or you can take the time to even shorten this harness. As you can see, we have a bundle of extra wire here, you could shorten that, solder everything back up, heat shrink it, make it really, really clean, you can run your wire in an additional type of wire loom if you choose to. Again a variety of different ways to do this, we're just gonna show you one sort of quick and dirty way to get the lights hooked up but keep in mind you can really do this however you choose. Now we can pass our three wires for our switch through the firewall. Like I said, this is gonna be a different process as well depending on the generation of your Jeep and how you decide to wire up your switch. But we have a nice large hole right here in the firewall, we're gonna pass our wires through. Once we have a little bit of slack on the other side, we'll jump to the interior of the Jeep to pull them the rest of the way. Now this is the switch that's included in our kit and as you can see, it's designed to be installed in a hole that would be drilled somewhere in the dash. Now because we're just doing this for demonstration purposes and I don't want to have a hole left in our dashboard, we're not going to drill that hole, but for you, you could drill a hole and insert this switch or if you already have the Mopar switch panel, you could use these wires connecting them to the Mopar switch panel and being able to use that instead of having to drill a hole and mount this switch, that's gonna be up to you and the options that are on your Jeep. But if you are using this switch, once you have your hole drilled, you would pull the wires out through that hole and you would connect them as follows. You have the gold terminal here, that's going to be your grounding terminal. So you just press that right over the back of the switch. The red is the middle terminal here, that's going to be your power supply out to your lights. And then your yellow is the bottom terminal and that is your 12-volt coming from your battery into your switch. So that's how that gets connected up. We're gonna set this back down again and we'll get back underneath the hood to make our final connection at the battery. Now that everything else is plugged in, all of our wires are run, our switch is set up, the last thing we have to do is actually pick up our power and our ground up here at the battery. So we have a 10-millimeter socket, we're going to remove some existing nuts off of the existing terminals and just lay our ring terminals underneath and tighten those back down and that's gonna finish up the install. And that's gonna do it for installation. So if you are looking for high quality and compact set of LED auxiliary lights for your Jeep, I would recommend taking a look at this choice from KC HiLiTES and you can find them right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • C3 Square LED Spot Lights
    • 90 degree Flood Beam Pattern
    • 1,080 Lumens
    • 50,000+ Hour LED Life
    • IP67 Rated
    • 6000K Color Temperature
    • Sold as a Pair
    • Includes Wiring Harness
    • For 1987-2020 Jeep Wrangler Models


    Intense Lighting Power. Improve visibility off road with the superior lighting power of KC HiLiTES 3 Inch C3 LED Square Flood Lights. This Pair Pack System includes two compact C3 Square Flood Lights packed with CREE 3W XBD LEDs for extreme flood light power without compromising the available space on your rig. These off road lights feature a 90 degree flood beam pattern and produce a near day light color temperature of 6000K for wide, reliable coverage and visibility for full view of the trail ahead.

    Rugged Construction. Designed to last over 50,000 hours, each light is equipped with 4 LEDs in a Die-Cast Aluminum housing for intense strength and corrosion resistance. They're rated IP 67 for impressive dust and water resistance and feature on-board thermal management to prevent over heating in the toughest off road environments.

    Application. The KC HiLiTES 3 Inch C3 LED Flood Light Pair Pack is designed for off road use and is recommended for your 1987-2020 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK and JL.


    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Installation & What's in the Box

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    • (2) C3 LED Lights
    • (1) Complete Wiring Harness
    • (1) Switch
    • Mounting Brackets
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