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Best Jeep Lift Kits

Written By: XT Staff

Table of Contents
  1. 2.5 inch Suspension Lift Kits with Shocks
  2. 4 inch Suspension Lift Kits with Shocks
  3. 1.5 inch Spacer Leveling Kits
  4. 2.5 inch Lift Kits without Shocks
  5. 2 inch Body Lift Kit without Shocks
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The world of Jeep lift kits is as vast and diverse as us Jeepers. Picking out the best lift kit for your rig can quickly pose a challenge. Be sure to keep your budget and mechanical skill in mind if you're planning on undertaking the project yourself. Our lift kits will list what tire size works best with its height, but if you're not sure a call to our customer service reps will point you in the right direction.

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While subjective, we selected our picks for the best Jeep lift kits while keeping a number of qualities in mind. The first being off-road ability followed closely by plug-and-play style installation. How many other suspension components do you need on top of the lift kit before you can begin outfitting you Jeep? Plug-and-play kits are all in one packages requiring a single weekend of wrenching. Each individual kit has its own pros and cons, but we're going to address the types of kits you're most likely going to encounter while browsing as well as their variations. The following kit types are ranked starting with the best lift kit and most popular.

2018 JLU Wrangler with Mopar's 2-Inch Lift Kit and 35-Inch Tires

Types of Jeep Lift Kits Explained | Which Lift Kit Is Perfect for Your Jeep?

2.5 Inch Suspension Lift Kits with Shocks

The bare-bones versions of the 2.5-inch suspension lift only come with shocks and springs. This is considering a blessing by many and a detriment to some. On one side you have fewer components to fuss with, making this an hour to an hour and a half installation with next to no room for error. You could do this install on a Friday evening after work and be ready for a weekend excursion with your pals in the morning. On the flip side, your adjustability is nonexistent. If you want a track bar to minimize the risk of death wobble or adjustable control arms, you’ll have to grab those separately.

2.5-inch lifts will comfortably accommodate 33-inch tires. 35s are a great balance between off-road potential and on-road comfort. You might be able to squeeze 37s in there but expect rubbing and binding. 4-door and 2-door kits are different from another, namely spring rate. The 4-door springs will be beefier to better handle the additional weight.

In terms of bang-for-your-buck, the 2.5-inch lift kits that include shocks can’t be beat. With an affordable price point and perfect for an entry-level off-roader, the 2.5-inch lift kits easily top the list as one of the best.

Pros Cons
Entry-level kit No adjustability
Good balance of off-road and on-road potential Requires additional parts for maximum reliability
Low Price Point  


2015 JK 2-Door with a 2.5 Inch Lift Kit and 35 Inch Tires
2015 JK on 35s with 2.5 Inches of Lift

4 Inch Suspension Lift Kits with Shocks

Similar to the 2.5-inch kit, we regard the 4-inch suspension lifts as one of the best because of the potential to install it out of the box and ride away. A bit of a higher price point than the shorter kit, but with that additional cost comes a couple of amenities. At 4 inches of lift your Jeep will require more specialized steering linkage in order to keep everything lined up. Most 4-inch kits come with brake line, track bar relocation brackets, and some other hardware so you don’t end up with a Jeep that can’t steer properly. This does mean a longer installation time of around 3-5 hours. Be sure to reserve an entire afternoon or more to get this kit setup.

4-inches of lift is certainly exciting, and it does bear mentioning you can stuff 37s under your rig if you so desire. However, 37s do require additional suspension mods such as adjustable control arms. While not an all-in-one kit for more challenging trails, the 4-incher allows room for further off-road performance while allowing you to take to lighter trails without fear of damaging your rig.

This kit is designed as an intermediate level kit, a step up from the 2.5-inch. At this height, you will start to experience diminished on-road comfort, but it’s worth the trade if you spend a little over half of your time away from the blacktop.

Pros Cons
Fits up to 35-inch tires 37s require additional mods
Additional brackets included for steering hardware Less comfortable on-road
Budget friendly Adjustable control arms and aftermarket driveshaft recommended for extensive off-roading


2014 JK Wrangler 4-Door with a Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit
2014 JK on a 4-Inch Lift

1.5 inch Spacer Leveling Kits

The 1.5-inch spacer kit is the first kit we recommend that doesn’t come with shocks. At 1.5 inches you don’t necessarily need new shocks, and the extra height still allows for fitting larger tires more suitable for off-roading. What makes this one of the best spacer lifts is that it levels your Jeep. Rather than the rear sitting higher than the front (especially if you’ve added a winch), your rig will sit level.

Keep in mind leveling kits are predominately and aesthetic upgrade. At most, you’ll be able to fit 33s under your Jeep. If you go out camping once a month, or hit the trails every few weekends, this kit has your name on it. Some spacer kits will include aftermarket sway bar end links to preserve on-road performance and comfort. If you do plan on pushing your rig on the trails, we suggest grabbing a set of shocks designed for 1.5-inch lifts. This way you won’t find yourself lacking in shock travel.

Pros Cons
Low cost option No increase in articulation
Straightforward install New shocks needed for best performance
Can fit 33s  


2016 JK Wrangler 4-Door with 33-Inch Tires and 1.5-Inch Spacer Kit
Stock vs 1.5-Inch Spacer and 33s

2.5 inch Lift Kits without Shocks

Lacking in shocks on the 1.5-inch might make sense to most, but no shocks in a 2.5-inch kit? The reason is fine tuning your Jeep’s suspension setup. The best 2.5-inch lift kits that don’t have shocks will include parts like a track bar bracket, brake line extensions, bump stop extensions, and more. Unlike the entry level kit at the top of our list, once you have a set of shocks, this setup will serve you well on many intermediate trails.

Selecting your own shocks is a sizeable boon. You can elect for a more cost conscious set of springs and brackets while investing more in quality shocks. Prefer to have nitrogen charged, off-road racing shocks over the standard hydraulic shocks offered in most kits? Grabbing a lift kit without shocks will allow you to put your money where it matters most, the dampening, rebound, and reliability of your shocks.

Pros Cons
Includes additional hardware for optimal performance More complicated kit
Fits 35-inch tires Higher price point


Teraflex 2.5-Inch Lift Kit without Shocks
2.5-Inch Lift Kit: Include Springs, Bump Stops, Sway Bar Links, and Bracketry

2 inch Body Lift Kit without Shocks

Our next pick may come as a surprise to some, but a no brainer to others. Lifting a TJ Wrangler comes with its own set of complications, but there are plenty of fellow Jeepers rocking the generation that the classic body lift deserves a mention. Where this TJ body lift differs from the JK and JL is you’re separating the body from the frame and installing spacers between the tub and the suspension. This means a complicated install, and that the kit comes with a medley of extension brackets including your shifters.

The simplicity of the parts and hardware, on the other hand, makes these the cheapest option (when you don’t factor in the cost of shocks). You can combine this kit with a suspension lift, but be mindful you’ll likely need additional driveline modifications to make sure everything works correctly.

Pros Cons
Includes all necessary bracketry and extensions Complicated installation
Cheapest option (not including shocks) Driveline mods needed when paired with suspension lift
Fits 31-Inch Tires  


Rough Country 2-Inch Body Lift Kit for TJ Wranglers
2-inch Body Lift Kit for TJs