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It’s fun to go fast, but invest in the parts that will help you slow down capably and you’ll be a whole lot safer. Our Tacoma brakes and brake kits generate more stopping power so you can slow down rapidly no matter how you are using your pickup truck. Our oversized brake kits are even more important for off-roaders or those that like to tow heavy loads over long distances. The stock brakes in the Tacoma are good enough for light-duty towing, but as you get to heavier weights, and you tow for extended periods, the stock brakes can become overwhelmed and stop performing as well as they once did. That’s where the real value of Tacoma brakes and enhanced kits come into play. You can purchase larger brakes, oversized rotors and boosted calipers to give you extreme stopping power. We offer ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads depending on the stability and performance that you want. We also offer slotted rotors that are more effective for reducing heat and maintain proper brake performance over time. Your truck’s brakes are the most important part of your vehicle. Make sure that they can do their job properly every single time that you need to stop. Invest in the top quality brake kit that you can, and you’ll always know that you can stop when you need to.

Tacoma Brakes