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DV8 Offroad Ranger Hard Top (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door)

Item J103158
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, what's up, guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today I'm here with the DV8 Off-Road Ranger Two Piece Hard Top fitting your 2007 to 2018 four door Wrangler JK. Now of course this is gonna be for the JK owner looking for that factory style hard top to give them some additional peace of mind and of course peace and quiet when they're out there and about. Now this features a two-piece design so it's gonna give you that front removable panel and that's gonna be great in those summer months when you're trying to pull that off and get that fresh air feel.Now don't get me wrong. Soft tops are great. You can pull those windows off and fold it back. However, they're not the most secure and of course, they're not the most quiet. Especially for those older soft tops that are stretched out, they can really flap around when you're driving on the highway and that's gonna cause a lot of excess noise. They're not made of very thick material and you're gonna get a lot of that road noise while you're driving around.Now a hard top is a great upgrade for those of you that do long distance traveling or for those of you that are running around in colder climates. Now you're gonna get peace of mind with a hard top because it's gonna allow you to bring those valuables with you and know that when you lock your vehicle up, all that stuff is gonna stay safe and sound inside. Now options in the aftermarket and on our website are gonna come in all shapes and sizes. You can get those fastback tops or that standard typical factory square back. Now of course, the fastback tops, you're gonna lose some cabin space inside and if you're carrying a lot of cargo inside, that's gonna be a huge downfall.Prices are gonna range anywhere from a little over $2,000 all the way up to $5,000 and of course, those more expensive options are gonna come with some additional features. Some of those features are going to be that rear wiper and rear defrost and that's a great thing to have, but if you're not looking to spend that much money, maybe you're looking for a quality hard top that's really not gonna kill your wallet, then a two piece design with a square back like this is gonna be a great option. DV8 offers a great top and this is gonna come in a very affordable price coming in right around $2,300.Now as far as design goes, it's gonna be made from a hand laid honeycomb fiberglass design. This is gonna make this a very durable unit. Not only that but it is carpeted inside and that's gonna give you some additional sound deadening and it's also gonna change it up from that factory interior white look. So it's gonna be a lot more appealing and it's gonna give you a lot more sound deadening than a factory unit and of course some of the other options.Now a couple options you're gonna get with this. You are gonna get that front removable panel and it has adjustable latches so you're gonna be able to adjust it for a nice, snug fit and this is designed with leak-free seals so you know that you're gonna keep all those elements out. Now just like the factory, with this top you are gonna get that 31% tint. This is the maximum allowable by law and of course that's gonna give you some privacy and honestly it looks a lot better than just a clear window. Now this whole thing is coated in a satin black finish and this is a UV coating which is gonna keep it from breaking down over time and keep those harsh summer rays at bay ensuring that this is gonna last you a long time. Not fade over time.Now this is a very easy item to install. Of course it is a big and heavy item so you'll want a second set of hands to help you out but overall I'm gonna give it a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter as you should be able to get this installed in about an hour just using basic hand tools.Now overall, if you're looking for a quality top that's not gonna break the bank and of course something that is a factory style, very easy to install, then I think this I a great option to go with and DV8 even backs it up with a great three-year warranty. So with that being said, let's show you how to get this installed and what it looks like on the Jeep.Tools we used for this install: 3/8 drive impact, Phillips head screwdriver, 10-millimeter socket, T25 Torx, 1/2-socket, 3/8 drive extension, 3/8 drive ratchet and an 8-millimeter wrench.All right, guys. So before we get started with this installation of course, as you can see, our Jeep does not have a top on and we actually had a hard top and we already pulled that off. So we're actually gonna start right with the installation and just hop into that. Of course, not gonna be able to show you how to uninstall your soft top. Maybe you have a hard top you're upgrading or maybe you're ditching that soft top for a hard top. You can check out some of the other videos on our website. That's gonna give you a detailed breakdown of course how to get that soft top off.Now with the removal of the soft top you're gonna have a few things. You're gonna need to fold that back. A couple arms to take off, tailgate bar retainers and of course door surrounds. This is all pretty straightforward stuff and of course, like I said, with those other videos, you're gonna be able to get that soft top off in no time. The first thing we're actually gonna do is pick the body of our hard top up. The largest piece is gonna come with this kit. That's gonna cover this whole back section. We're gonna set that on. Now this is a very heavy and awkward item so I would recommend a second set of hands. And that is exactly what I'm gonna go do. I'm gonna go grab another person, someone to help me out. We're gonna pick this up, set it on the Jeep and get started.All right, guys. So obviously, the first thing we're gonna do, we're gonna crawl into the back of our Jeep. We're gonna install some of this hardware. There's gonna be six mounting points back here in the back of the Jeep and there's gonna be three per side. Now as far as hardware goes, we're gonna get these bolts. Each bolt is going to get a flat washer and you're gonna have these little threaded plates. Now these threaded plates, they do have a ridge and the way these are gonna install, they're gonna install underneath the lip of the tub. We're actually gonna screw these bolts down through the hard top through the tub edge into these. So I'm gonna go ahead around and just get all these installed and then we'll work on getting the bolts up front.Like I said, I'm gonna take this nut plate. You're gonna have this little raised edge right here. You're just gonna slide it right in here in this little notch they have cut out. Now of course, if these holes don't line up, you can just shift your hard top around and then...and of course, if these holes don't line up for you, you can always just shift your hard top around, make them line up, get that hardware installed.So we just follow it around. We'll go to that opposite side and get the rest of that hardware installed. And another thing is if it doesn't line up from side to side, you might have to have someone go on the outside and just push that hard top in a little bit. That's gonna bring this edge in so it lines up with the tub. So we're gonna leave all this hardware loose. We're gonna go up top at the front and get those other two bolts installed.So like I said, next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna come up front here just like the factory hard top you're gonna have two spots, one on each side up here that our bolt is gonna go through. And of course that's gonna hold this long hard top down to the body of the Jeep. As you can see, this bolt hole is a little off so you might wanna get someone to go back there, push the hard top from the back and of course that's gonna help you line that hole up. I don't have that convenience. I'm gonna just use a 1/2-inch socket on this and I'm just gonna go ahead and get this bolt in. Same things goes for the other side. You might wanna get someone on the back to push this thing forward. Go ahead and get this bolt installed.So while we're up here at the front, we're gonna do another thing that we have to do to get this installed. Now your factory top is going to attach to these little bars right here on your windshield header panel. However, we have to install these slightly smaller options that they give us. So we're gonna take a T25 Torx on an extension, pull this one off and put this new one back in with those factory bolts. All right. So now that we've got this one done, we'll go over to the other side and do that same exact thing.So the next thing we're gonna do is stick our freedom panel on. We're gonna drop that on. So before we do that, what you wanna do is finish tightening these bolts up here, the two bolts that we have. We're gonna take a 1/2-inch socket and we're just gonna finish tightening those on both sides.So we're gonna take our freedom panel. What I'm gonna do, I got someone inside of the vehicle. I'm just gonna lower this down. That way they can grab onto that. You're definitely gonna want two people. And all we're gonna do is just lower this down and situate it on top of our Jeep Wrangler. So after you get that freedom panel on, the next thing we're gonna do is latch it down. You're gonna have four latches total. Pretty much one in each corner. The way these latches work, as you can see, I have one set up. Now these are adjustable so what you're gonna do is you're gonna flip that up and you can loosen this or tighten this up. You also have a jam nut here. Basically, what we wanna do, we wanna get this tight enough to compress the seals up top but we don't wanna overtighten this because you will rip these screws out of the fiberglass. That's something that we don't wanna do. So what you wanna do is get these adjusted where you want them. That way they're gonna pull it nice and snug but they're not gonna pull too hard. And after you do that, what you're gonna do is just run this jam nut up. You take 8-millimeter wrench and then you can tighten that down. That's gonna lock that in place. That way they don't spin on you. And then just latch that all the way down. So we're gonna go around. We're gonna get all four of those done and then we'll move on to our next step.The same thing. We're gonna go up to the front. As you can see, we need a lengthen this just a little bit. So we're going to unscrew this, unthread it just a little bit. And then we'll recheck it. Now you wanna make sure that this freedom panel is situated properly on the front and on the back. It's pretty much gonna drop right in place. And you wanna make sure that it is not crooked or anything like that when you go to tighten this down. And that way you won't have any water leaks. Now of course you wanna water test it after you get this thing on. You wanna make sure that it is waterproof. And you can always unlatch it, adjust it a little bit if you do have any minor leaks and that's gonna keep it from raining water down inside of your Jeep. So it looks like we got that one pretty tight. So we're gonna run that jam nut up. And we'll take our 8-millimeter. We'll tighten that in place. And then we'll latch that all the way down, we'll move onto our next latch.So that one seems to be pretty good. We're gonna run that jam nut up. And of course once these seals wear in a little bit, you might have to tighten up these latches just to get that little extra play out of there. Get that one done, then we'll do that last front one.All right. So the last thing we have to do before we get this rear glass in of course is gonna be to tighten up these six bolts that we installed in the back of our Jeep. You're gonna use that same 1/2-inch socket. We're gonna go around and tighten all these up. Now you do wanna tighten them up. You wanna make them pretty tight. Obviously, you don't wanna leave them loose and you wanna bridge this gap right here. You don't wanna tighten it too much. Or make sure that we don't overtighten them. That way we don't crack the fiberglass or mess this thing up. Now I'll venture over to the other side and get these last three tightened up.So the last thing we have to do of course is attach our rear glass. Now this has prebuilt in hinges, they're already staged and we have holes predrilled on our hard top. We've got plenty of hardware to attach these and of course, we need to click on these gas struts. So what you wanna do since this is a piece of glass and it's a large item, you wanna grab a friend. That way they can hold the other side while you pass all this hardware through. So I have my friend here. He's gonna hold the other side. We're gonna get this in place. Then we're gonna get this hardware started. And we're gonna go on the inside and get our washers and nuts installed.All right. So we did get all of these screws in there. They are pretty tough to get in so what you can do is take a screwdriver, Phillips head or you can put a Phillips head on a drill. What you can do is just run those in. Once you get those in, what you can do is take the tailgate and close it and that's actually gonna hold that glass in place. Now someone's gonna need to stand on the outside with a Phillips head. They're gonna need to hold those screws through. I'm gonna go on the inside. I'm gonna put the washers and the nuts on. Then I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter to tighten it up.I got a guy on the outside who's gonna hold these bolts still while I get the rest of this hardware installed. Like I said, they're gonna get a flat washer and then a nut. Each one of them, all three, on both sides. Six total. Now these nuts are gonna feel like they're not gonna thread on. And that's just because they have sort of a locking grip to them. That way when you tighten them up, they're not gonna back themselves off. You're not gonna lose your rear piece of glass. So I got all of this side installed. What I'm gonna do is take my 10-millimeter on an impact because it is really exhausting to do it with a ratchet. And we're gonna start tightening these up.All right, so the last thing we have to do of course is to attach those struts. We crawled out of the back of the Jeep. What we're gonna do, we're gonna lift this glass up. All we're gonna do is just click them on. They're gonna click on real nice and there's already brackets attached to our hard top.However, that is gonna wrap it up for my review and install. For more videos and products like this, check us out at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Factory Style Hard Top
      • 2-Piece Design for Open Air Driving
      • Satin Black Finish
      • Hand Laid Honeycomb Fiberglass Construction
      • Carpeted Interior for Insulation and Soundproofing
      • Adjustable Latch System for Snug Fit
      • Shock-Assisted Rear Window
      • Proudly Made in The USA
      • Easily Installs using Factory Hard Top Mount Points
      • 3 Year Limited Warranty
      • Fits 2007-2018 4-Door Wrangler JK Unlimited Models


      Superior Protection. Protect your Jeep's interior in supreme style with the DV8 Offroad 2 Piece Hard Top. Designed and crafted with quality and performance in mind, this factory-latching targa style Hard Top provides the same security and sound insulation you'd expect from factory equipment, and requires no additional modifications.

      Open Air Design. The 2 Piece Factory Style Hard Top design provides open air access while driving and ensures a leak free top with quick panel installation and removal. Easily remove the front targa panel and stow it in your garage for sun and fresh air while driving.

      Shock Assist Window. Many of the competitors hard tops utilize simple zippered window units that are flimsy or don't make for a convenient open and close. The DV8 Hard Top incorporates an OEM-style shock-assisted rear window for easy rear cabin access and storage.

      Quality Construction. This DV8 Off Road Hard Top is proudly made in the USA with hand laid honeycomb fiberglass and UV resistant materials for reliable durability. The hard top's interior is carpeted for extra insulation and noise dampening for comfortable cruising at highway speeds. 

      Straight Forward Installation. Mounting this Hard Top is simple with the built-in adjustable latching system to ensure a perfect and secure fit. It uses factory hard top mounting points and is completely bolt on for a painless upgrade. The rear lift gate features shock assisted lift for factory like performance and ease of use. 

      3 Year Limited Warranty. DV8 Off Road warrants their products to the original retail purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of up to 3 years. Subject to the terms and conditions, please see manufacturer's full warranty for details.

      Application. This DV8 Offroad 2 Piece Hard Top is specifically designed for use on 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 4-Door models.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods.



      DV8 Offroad HT07SB42

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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