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Best Jeep Hardtop Hoists

XT Staff

XT Staff

 / Jan 23 2020

2018 4-Door Wrangler Hardtop Hoisted with Doors in a Garage

Table of Contents
  1. Are All Hardtop Hoists Ceiling Mounted?
  2. Hanging Doors and Reducing Your Work Load

Are All Hardtop Hoists Ceiling Mounted?

While most hardtop hoists are ceiling mounted, not all of them are. There are cart hoists that are very similar to engine hoists/stands. The draw to these style hoists is their maneuverability. You can wheel your hardtop to any corner of your garage, assuming you have an available corner. Otherwise the ceiling mounted hoist is the best hardtop hoist for you. Ceiling hoists can either be crank powered or electrical. Between the two it comes down to how involved of an install you want. Generally the electrical varieties will take more time to get into place. All hoists will have rubber coated hooks to prevent damaging your hardtop.

Hanging Doors and Reducing Your Work Load

In conjunction with a hardtop hoist, additional hooks on your garage walls can hold your doors. Be sure to mount the hooks appropriately since doors aren’t exactly light. If you’re considering a cart style hoist purchasing a tarp or something similar to further protect your Jeep’s hardtop is a solid plan. For ceiling mounted hoists, hanging something like a tennis ball will help orient your rig under the hoist. All hoists are designed to be operated by a single person. Setting them up is another matter, but the best Jeep hardtop hoists are the ones you can use with ease.