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Bestop Supertop NX Soft Top with Tinted Windows; Matte Black Twill (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door)

Item J20835
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      Video Review & Installation

      Ryan: The Bestop Supertop NX in black twill with tinted windows is for those of you that have a 2007 to 2018 two-door JK that are looking for a complete soft top that is going to be incredibly high quality. So, when you're shopping for soft tops, you're really going to find a couple of different categories.If you're looking at factory style soft tops, you're going to find replacement tops, and that's just the soft material and the windows. And those are for people who already have a good working soft top frame and don't need any of the hardware. They're just looking to replace the soft components and they're gonna be a little less expensive.Then you're going to find a complete replacement top, and that's something similar to what we're seeing here. This is the soft components and all of the hardware as well. So if you have hardware that's not in good working order or maybe you only have a hard top and you need everything to make your factory style soft top work, this is gonna be the way to go.And finally, there's a third category of non-factory style soft tops, so the fastback styles, the styles that either don't flip all the way up and down or do in a slightly different way from a factory top or just have generally different features than a factory top.But getting back to this top in particular, this is going to be a complete replacement top from Bestop. So whether you have a soft top already but the frame's not in good shape, the soft materials aren't in good shape, you want a complete new top, or you only have a hard top and you don't have any of the components you need for your soft top, this is gonna be the way to go. This is Bestop's twill material. So this is going to be akin to the later JK's premium material that you could get right from the factory. And this is almost what you see on convertible tops of very high-end luxury cars. This is a very high-quality material. It looks great. It feels great to the touch. It holds up incredibly well. It's very quiet and insulative. There's really nothing bad to say about this material other than for the premium material, you do pay a premium price. So this is gonna be a little bit more expensive than some of the other options out there. But if you're looking for the highest quality, this is definitely it.So any Supertop NX from Bestop is going to include a factory-style frame that's going to give you all of your factory style functionality from your soft top. So this is a top that's gonna look just like a factory top. You're gonna have the Sunrider feature that will flip the top back just over top of the two front seat passengers and then, of course, this will completely fold down into the trunk space after removing the three windows. You can also just remove the three rear windows, leave the top up so you have some shade but still get that open-air driving experience. Any configuration that you can run from the factory with a factory soft top, you're gonna be able to run with this soft top. This is a factory soft top for all intents and purposes.If you're somebody who's only going to be running your soft top a couple of months out of the year, you wanna save a little bit of money, there are some other good materials out there from Bestop and from some other manufacturers. But if you're looking for the highest quality, if you wanna be able to run your top year-round and have something that's going to work great, look great, and hold up very, very well in the long term, I think it's worth the additional investment to go with the high-quality material of the twill.This soft top, including the frame, all of the hardware, the door surrounds, everything you need to get this installed is gonna run you $1,500. Now, that's not quite as much as going directly to Mopar and buying one of their tops. But it is going to be one of the more expensive aftermarket tops that you can find on the market.If you're looking for quality of build, quality of materials, ease of installation, I think this has all of that. I do think this is worth the higher price. This is gonna be a top that will install very easily onto your Jeep, definitely one out of three wrenches. Now, a member of the install team will show you how you get this installed.Tony: Now, to begin, we're just gonna remove everything. We're gonna take our frame off. We're gonna take off our door surrounds. We're gonna take off our rear window bar. We're gonna get all of it out of the way because with our new Bestop Supertop NX edition, we are replacing everything.The only thing I'm not gonna remove right away are our brackets on our sports bar. Now, you have to take the covers off to do that. And the way I see it is if the new ones look exactly the same, I'm just gonna go ahead and leave these on as long as they're not damaged. Now, let's go ahead and get started. First, we're just gonna go ahead and fold our top back. As you can see, our windows are already gone.Now, if you've owned your Jeep for a while, you already know how to remove your windows. If not, they're very simple. You just unzip them, undo some Velcro, and pull them off. Let's be honest. If you're replacing your top, you can cut them off. Now let's go ahead, we're gonna unhook our windshield bar, fold our top back, take out a few Torx bits to take our arms off, and just get rid of the whole top as a unit.Now, while I'm here, I'm gonna go ahead and take our door surrounds off because our new kit comes with a pair of its own. They're brand new. They're gonna be nice and black. They're gonna look great. It's very simple. There's a couple knobs up top. So I'll spin these knobs. Pull them out. There's gonna be two of them on each door surround. And go ahead pop that door surround off, fold it down.If your door surrounds are still good, save them. One day you break one, it's good to have a spare or maybe you have a friend who can use a spare one. That's up to you. Next, using my T30 Torx bit on my small impact gun... Now, if you just have T-handles or a set of foldable Torx bits, that's fine. But a T30, I'm gonna go ahead and remove these two Torx bits here so we can pull the arms off. We're gonna do this on both sides.Now that our initial top is all disconnected, we're gonna go ahead and just pull this off and throw it to the side. Now, since our rear window was already off our Jeep, you didn't get to see me remove the window bar. But our new top comes with a new one of these and the new brackets. So to remove those, you already got your window bar out. It just flips up and out of your brackets. You're gonna ahead grab your brackets on the back, just flip them up, and right off. You can do this for both of them. We're gonna ahead and throw them to the side also.Now, these are our new side brackets that come with the kit. And as you can see, they are a little bit different than the ones that are on our Jeep. So, yes, we are gonna go ahead and change these over. Now, to do so, we're just gonna go ahead and you pull your cover up out of the plastic housing around your sports bar. You're gonna find the zipper at the bottom and just unzip it all the way up. Slide the cover off of it. Doing this will expose the two screws that attach it to your sports bar. Now we're gonna go ahead and get our T30 Torx bit and remove these and replace them with our new ones. That's where we're gonna begin the installation of our new top now that disassembly is all but complete.Now, with my T30 on my small impact gun, again, I'm gonna go ahead and remove these two screws. Now, I'm just gonna reuse this factory hardware to attach our new one. Now when picking out your bracket for your kit, you will see right on them, they're stamped. This is the left-hand side and this side will go up. And just remember, like anything else, always start your hardware by hand first. This will prevent cross threading and any damage to your vehicle or your hardware.Now once our bracket is changed, just go ahead and slide your cover right back down over top of your new bracket. Zipper it back up and just go ahead and repeat this on the opposite side. Now, you're gonna see me use some of the factory hardware. You've already seen it once. You're gonna see it again. Now, for you hard top guys out there who are converting to a soft top maybe for the summer, and I don't blame you, it's nice to drop the top on your Jeep. Our kit does come with all the necessary hardware to do this conversion. Let's get this finished up.All right. Now, next we're gonna go ahead and install our new door surrounds. These have a small latch built into them. So this will give you extra protection on your top to keep that latched down nice and tight so it won't rattle around on you. Now, they install the same way that the factory ones came out. Let's go ahead. Fold them open because they usually come in. Fold it shut. Fold it open. Slide the lock pin in. Clips over your sports bar and lock them down with our new wing nuts. Now, once that's nice and secured down, we can move on to our next step, but go ahead and make sure you repeat this on both sides.All right. Next we're gonna go ahead and get our tailgate bar brackets in place. Now, these are super simple to install. Now, to install these, you're gonna make sure that the slightly closed off end goes towards the outside of your vehicle. We're gonna lock it under the back first, push them on, and then just push them forward until you hear the snap. Now they're in. Just repeat this on the other side.Now the fun begins. We get to put together our frame and get our top installed. All right. We're gonna install our crossbow. Now this goes in between our door surrounds right into the channel built for it. We're gonna go ahead and lay this across and lock it into our channel on that side as well as this side. Now, the first part of our frame to go on is going to be this part right here. I really don't know how to describe it to you. This is our front frame bow. Now, to install this, we're gonna put the spring clip on the inside. Now, on the instructions that come with your kit, they want you to install this into your top first before you install these on the Jeep. Personally, I like to put them on the Jeep and then get the top installed while it's up on top of our vehicle. I'm gonna show you how I do it. Just follow along. Just go ahead and just get this laid up here in place. Now, just make sure your pins are facing inward. This will prevent any damage from happening to them, and this part also locks into our front. Now, once that is on, you're gonna go ahead and just flip this back. This is where I'm gonna show you how to install these on our top once we get our top up on top of our Jeep. Now, let's go ahead and repeat this on the other side.Next I'm gonna go ahead and throw our top up over our Jeep so we can go ahead and get our two front bars installed on it. Next, now that our top is up here, we're gonna go ahead and slide our front rails into our header panel. Now, to do this, they have the openings. So you're just gonna go ahead, line them both up on both sides. Just go ahead and slide them back.Now, what we have to do is secure it to our header panel using screws supplied in the kit. Now, to do so, I'm gonna make sure our holes are lined up. And using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, we're gonna go ahead and secure them down. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and use my electric. You can do this with a handheld screwdriver. This just makes it a little bit quicker. Now that it's secured down to our header panel, we're gonna go ahead and flip this forward and then flip the rest of our top forward so we can get our rear installed.Next we're gonna go ahead and install our mid bow that goes on our Jeep top. Now, if you'll notice, I took out our first bow that goes all the way in the front just so I have access to work up here during this installation. Our mid bow will attach to our front frame arms using a couple of machine screws and plastic washers at this hole right here above the locking tab on our front frame arms. Now, let's go ahead and get this together. Okay. We're gonna begin with our machine screw. Now, this has a Phillips head on one side and it's gonna take a 8-millimeter nut on the other. We're gonna go ahead and pass this through the hole then we're gonna take our two plastic washers. Now, these are designed specially to be...act as a bushing in our mid-bow. So when we fold our top down, it is a pivot point. This way that once you tighten the screw, it will not hold this permanently in place. So we're gonna sandwich those in our mid bow and slide it down over our machine screw here. We're gonna secure it in place with our 8-millimeter lock nut. Now, to tighten it up, just go ahead and use your #2 Phillips head screwdriver and your 8-millimeter wrench and snug them down. Now, just repeat this on the other side.Well, our next part is the first part of our rear bow for our frame. Now, once again just like the front bows, you're gonna make sure that your spring clips face inwards. We're gonna put these on the furthest most in holes. Later, for adjustment, if need be, we can move them out. This is more or less as your top loosens up out in the sun and in the weather and starts to stretch, you can make it more taut by moving it out into the holes. We're gonna begin with the furthest inside hole. Pull your spring clip. I could not make this area any more tighter. All right. Now that we have that one on, we're gonna go ahead and get our passenger side one on and then I will show you how to put the crossbar on them. Next we're gonna go ahead and grab our crossbar. Now, to install our crossbar, we're gonna make sure that our supplied snaps that are already installed on these face upwards and the holes in the bottom of them face downwards. This way we can secure them to our sidebars. Now, just go ahead and slide it over on both sides.Now, once you get your eave all the way down, you're gonna go ahead and take your small self-tapper supplied with the kit and just reinstall them in the holes. Next what we're gonna be doing is taking our straps and tying our rear bow to our mid-bow. Now, that's gonna use three panhead screws that come with the kit. To install these, you're gonna take your strap, flip it under, and install your screws from underneath. Sometimes a spare pair of hands does come in handy. Let's go ahead.Now that we have that strap installed, we're gonna go ahead and get the other one installed on the opposite side. After that, we can begin to attach our top itself to our frame. All right. Now that we have all our bows in place, we're gonna go ahead and start flipping our top back. First we're gonna secure it to our middle bow and then flip it all the way back and finally secure it to our rear bow. After that, we'll get it all strapped down to the tub of our Jeep, get our windows and rear window in, and you can finally see how this new top is gonna look on your Jeep.Next we're gonna take some more of the panhead screws that came with our kit. We're gonna go ahead and pull our top back. Now, I like to begin with the center one and work my way out. As you can see, in our top, there's already holes made so you know where to begin. Now we're gonna go ahead, take one of our screws, and line it up with the hole on our bow and secure it down. And just slowly work your way out.Now we're gonna go ahead and move to the rear bow of our installation. Now, one thing you haven't seen or you haven't heard me say yet is having a friend help you do this installation is a world of difference. Now, this entire video, you've seen me do it myself. Let me tell you, having a second set of hands would make things so much easier. I highly advise it at home. Ask a friend or a loved one to give you a hand during this installation.Now, for our next step, as we pull it over the rear bow, there are gonna be these straps that we're gonna secure it down to our rear bow using our panhead screws. Now, these straps don't secure to the back of the bow. They actually go on the inside of the bow. So what you're gonna do is pull the strap down, wrap it around the bow, and secure it from the inside out. Once again, I'm going to start in the middle and work my way outwards.Now that our top is fully secured to our frame, we can go ahead and start pulling our corners down and tuck them under the beltline of our tub. We're gonna go ahead and take our corners and we're gonna go ahead and tuck them under the beltline as such. Now, while doing this, you are gonna find that everything in your kit including the top, everything is going to be very stiff and hard to work with. This is normal. Don't panic. Don't think that you have a defective top right away.Once you get your top installed, go ahead and let your Jeep sit out in the sun for a while. The sun will help loosen the fabric up and make everything stretch and fit a lot better. All right. Now, if you'll notice, I have our Sungazer flipped back. Now, I had this done for a reason so we can go ahead and get our springs attached. And you just wanna go ahead, slide them over these tabs, and lock them in. Now, in our kit, they want you to grab here with a pair of pliers and crimp them shut. I'm not gonna do that right now because we're actually gonna replace this with a different top later. And just repeat this for both sides then we can go ahead and flip our top shut, get our side windows and our rear window installed.Okay. Now that all our hardware on our frame is installed, we're gonna go ahead and flip this down and lock it down to our windshield frame. All right. Now that everything is strapped down nice and tight with our frame and our main top, we are ready to get in our side windows, our rear window, and our rear window bar. We are nearing the homestretch. Now let's go ahead and get the side windows in.Now, with our side window, what we're gonna do is we're gonna start just a small portion of the zipper. We're gonna go ahead and tuck the front of our window into our door surround and then our beltline molding and then we'll finish zippering it all down nice and tight. Then just tuck your Velcro under. Now just go ahead and repeat this on the opposite side and you'll have your windows done. We'll be ready for the rear window. All right. Now let's move on to getting our rear window installed with our rear window bar.Now, to do this, we're gonna slide our rear window into the rear window bar before we install it on the Jeep. Now, when looking at your rear window bar, you're gonna make sure that your weatherstripping for your tailgate is down and facing out and these pieces here on the end where they are a little bit higher than the rest of the bar, that's where it clips into your channels up here on your beltline. So what we're gonna do is make sure that it's facing the correct way. Then holding our window how it will be installed on our Jeep, go ahead and slide that in, and it just slides into this channel on the front of our bar. Just take your time. Don't force it. Now, let's go ahead and get this zippered into place.Now once your rear window is zipped into your top, what you're gonna wanna do is with the weatherstripping facing up, slide your rear window bar into the carriers and then flip it down. This will lock everything in place. And when you close your tailgate, it'll lock securely to the front of the bar keeping your rain, snow, dirt, everything out. This will keep everything nice and weathertight.The last thing on this top that I actually like as opposed to a lot of other tops is they do have the tabs to lock your rear window under your beltline. Now, this will pull out a few more wrinkles and it will keep it from flapping around as easily as some of the other tops on the market. Well, we've come to the end of the installation of our Bestop Supertop NX series for our JK Jeep Wrangler. Now, I hope this video is informative to you and you got a lot out of it. You too at home can now do this installation in your driveway in a couple of hours. And I highly recommend having a friend give you a hand.I also highly recommend if you can do this during the summer when it's a little bit warmer out, it will make the installation a lot easier. It will make the top a little bit more pliable. If it is during the winter, I would highly advise trying to do this in a heated garage or at least have the top sitting in a heated area to loosen it up a little bit before you install it.One last thing that I would like to stress is if your zippers feel a little tight, don't get worried and please don't force them. Just take your time. Let the top stretch out a little bit and then slowly zipper them up. Now, for more parts and videos like these, make sure you give us a visit at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Complete Soft Top
      • Matte Black
      • 30oz Triple-Layer Twill Fabric
      • 40-Mil Vinyl with 31% Tint to Keep the Cab Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter
      • Triple-Layer Fabric for Superior Insulation and Luxurious Feel
      • Lifetime Warranty
      • Includes Top Arch Bar, Quick-Release Bow Knuckles, and Adjustable Tensioning
      • Sunroof Option
      • Fits: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door


      Quality Construction. If you want to take your JK Wrangler to the next level, then the Bestop Supertop NX with tinted windows is for you. It features a super-thick 30oz Black Twill fabric on the outside, a layer of waterproof rubber, and a layer of finished twill fabric on the inside. This provides far more sound deadening and weatherproof insulation than the OEM sailcloth soft top. And the rugged 40-mil vinyl windows have 31% tint, to better regulate the temperature of your interior. They're also removable, with YKK scoop count zippers to seal out the weather, no matter how extreme the external temperature gets.

      Special Features & Accessories. 135-gauge polyester industrial thread is used on the finish seams to ensure a lifetime of durability. Factory-style door surrounds, windshield channel, and quick-release bow knuckles allow you to install or remove the soft top with much less effort than you'd expect. And all of the hardware has a corrosion-resistant black powder coat finish to keep it looking and working good for years to come.

      This premium soft top is wrinkle-resistant, and contains no PVC's. It also has a huge fold-back sunroof for open-air motoring without removing the entire top. Plus, it's so well-made, Bestop backs it with a Lifetime Warranty.

      Application. Fits: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door



      Bestop 54822-17

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (2) Door Rails
      • (1) Top Arch
      • (2) Bow Mount Brackets
      • (2) Tailgate Bar Mounts
      • (1) Left Side Bow
      • (1) Right Side Bow
      • (1) #2 Bow Assembly
      • (1) Rear Bow Assembly
      • (2) Foam Tape Strips
      • (2) Foam Seals
      • (1) Tailgate Bar
      • (1) Strap Kit
      • Hardware

      Tech Specs


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        • JK Wrangler 2 Door - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18