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Steve Voudouris

Steve Voudouris

President of ExtremeTerrain, Steve Voudouris has embodied the ideal of the modern entrepreneur through combining his unbridled passion for the automotive aftermarket with his passion for creating an engaging, customer focused shopping experience. Acquiring ExtremeTerrain in 2012, Steven quickly saw where the aftermarket was lacking to provide Jeep enthusiasts with an enjoyable customer experience. Through providing an incredibly user friendly shopping experience that highlights and showcases the best quality Jeep parts and by backing it up with fast shipping and unmatched customer service, Steve Voudouris and the team at ExtremeTerrain have managed to rapidly grow ExtremeTerrain from a small ecommerce site to one of the leaders in aftermarket Jeep parts.

Steve Voudouris continues to expand ExtremeTerrain with continued dedication to putting the customer first along with providing Jeep enthusiasts a unique and enjoyable customer experience.


ExtremeTerrain(XT) hopes to be those guys that worked with you to prepare for that perfect trail ride. ExtremeTerrain was built to be an online resource to help fellow Jeepers express themselves, be it taking a long weekend to thrash around the local off-road park or building a rig that turns heads and moves cities at the same time. The goal is to be the buddy on the other end, helping you pick the right aftermarket modifications to not only build a great looking and performing Jeep, but to prepare for your next vacation or spontaneous adventure. The parts are hand-picked to represent real-world needs, the videos give insight into installation and expected performance and the people answering the phone are fellow enthusiasts.

Not simply another cookie-cutter online parts outlet, ExtremeTerrain strives to be an opportunity to further grow the Jeep culture. Through a heavy emphasis on reviews and Q&A from avid Jeepers, XT delivers insightful commentary on the popular parts found on Wranglers all over the world so you have the information you need to build it your way. Seeking a bit of inspiration? ExtremeTerrain has a stockpile of project builds from real customers that range from mild to insane. The idea is to deliver detailed and Wrangler specific information that you simply won’t find with other online retailers.

Community Involvement

One of the most important aspects of leading an industry lies in helping the community you serve. In addition to supporting hundreds of Jeep clubs and organizations such as Tread Lightly, ExtremeTerrain works with avid Jeepers to clean up local trails by offering grants to organizations and community members, helping them to purchase trash bags and other materials needed to revitalize local trails and off-roading parks.

There is also a strong belief in education flowing through the company culture at ExtremeTerrain that lead to the birth of a scholarship program for students studying the environment. Without a strong understanding and respect for the lands around us, the off-roading culture would not be what it is today.

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Steve is an avid Philadelphian who can be found on a number of different social media outlets. LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Keep an eye on the industry by following Steve on Crunchbase or check out the following publications:

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