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7-Inch LED Headlights with Full Halo; Black Housing; Clear Lens (18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J137878-JL
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So today, we're checking out the 7-Inch LED Headlights with the Full Halo, Black Housing, and a Clear Lens, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, if you're not a fan of your factory headlights, whether it comes down to the styling for you or the lighting performance, this option is gonna be a great choice to take a look into. Now, this is going to be a fully LED setup, which is going to be a big step up from your factory lights, which will be great if you are struggling with the lighting performance from the stock headlights, if you're looking for better visibility at night, especially on dark backgrounds, and you're looking for a cleaner and more modernized setup when it comes to the look of the light overall. Now, speaking of the looks and the aesthetic of the headlight, again, this is going to come with a black housing and a clear lens. So, this will be great for anybody who's looking for a black aesthetic or more dark aesthetic when it comes to the headlights that will match with any other blacked-out accessories that they already have on the Wrangler, and is more looking for a stealthy and sleek approach to a headlight in comparison to the chrome aesthetic that the factory gives.Now, these will also come with that full halo, which will be great for the JL owner who's looking for a little bit of extra style when it comes to the halo. If you have the factory halogen headlights, again, this is gonna be a big step up when it comes to that halo. Not only are you going to get a daytime running light out of that, but not only for the halogen owners or the LED owners who are going to get a turn signal out of that halo as well. So, not only are you going to have some better styling, or some cooler styling for the front end of your JL with the halo, but you also are gonna be a lot more noticeable while you're driving around in the street and get some functionality with that as well. Now, these are going to be mainly plug-and-play when it comes to the factory harness but there is a little bit of wiring that you will have to do in order to wire up that turn signal and the halo for the daytime running light itself. However, it is pretty simple to do. So, if you're looking for an easy model that's going to provide a lot of functionality, better lighting performance, and some better styling for the front end of your JL, then these are a great choice.Now, as far as the pricing is concerned, these are gonna come in at roughly $425. And I think that that's a great price for what these come with. Now, in comparison to some other options available on the page, these will be more affordable than some of the other choices for a couple of different reasons. Now one being that these are a 7-inch headlight instead of a 9-inch which usually comes standard for the JL, that's not gonna take away a lot of lighting performance at all because of the performance that you're getting out of the LEDs themselves. However, it is going to be a little bit smaller and come with an adapter racket, as to where some of other choices may just bolt right up with the housing that they come with. Now, in comparison to some other options available on the page when it comes to the lighting itself or the setup of the lighting, again, this is going to have a halo, some other choices may not come with a halo. Now, some other choices may also come with an HID instead of an LED, which is a step up from the factory halogen. However, an LED is going to outperform that HID in my opinion when it comes to the lighting performance and the overall aesthetic of the light itself.So, again, I think if you're looking for a functional headlight that's going to provide you a lot of visibility on dark backgrounds whenever you need your headlights, and you're also looking for something with a turn signal in the daytime running light in the halo, then this is going to be right up your alley. Now, when it comes to install, I'm gonna give this a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter just because there is a little bit of wiring. However, I'm gonna walk you right through it. However, it's not gonna take any longer than an hour to get the job done in your driveway with some pretty basic hand tools. So, speaking of the install, jump into that now. The tools that I used for my install were an impact wrench, an electric ratchet, a trim removal tool, a wire tool, a Phillips head screwdriver, a 3-inch extension, a 10-millimeter socket, and an 8-millimeter socket. So, our first step of this install is just to pop our hood so we can access our grille. Then we can go ahead and remove these six pop clips that are holding on our grille so we can access our headlights.Now, for that step, you're going to need a trim removal tool or you could also use a flat-head screwdriver. So, once the hood has popped, again, we're going to remove the six clips that are holding on our grille. I'm using a trim removal tool, sometimes it's a little bit easier with a flat-head. But you can use either or whatever you have accessible to you. Now, put these in a safe spot, we are gonna be reusing these in just a second once our headlights are installed. But once those are all taken out, we can pop off our grille. So, you wanna make sure that you pull up on each corner of the grille that's gonna release it from the top part of the radiator support, and then we can just give it a good tug forward because it's held in by some retainer clips down at the bottom. Then we can move this to the side. Next, we can remove the three bolts that are holding in our headlight. We're gonna have one on each corner. So, I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter socket, and a small extension just to give myself a little bit of room because some of these are recessed a little bit more back. Then we can go ahead and remove those.Once that last one is taken out, as you can see, the headlight is going to move forward. We can put those bolts aside, we'll be reusing them as well. We're gonna pop out our headlight, and then we can remove the wiring harness on the back. We just have to depress that clip and pull back. So, before we install our new light, I did wanna stop down and show you guys our new headlights next to our factory one that we just took out, show you some of the similarities and differences especially sitting on the table side-by-side and why this is gonna be a big upgrade for your JL. Now, just as a brief overview of our factory headlight, as you can see here, it is going to be a little bit bigger than our new one. Our factory one is going to be about 9 inches as to where our new one is about 7. However, you're getting a big upgrade in lighting performance. So, when it comes to our factory one, as you can see, not only is this going to have pretty stock and basic styling, it is going to have stock and basic lighting performance as well. So, as you can see here, this is going to have a clear lens, and it's also going to have a chrome reflector in the back, as well as a halogen bulb.Now, this is going to be the halogen or the standard headlight out of the JL. However, if you have the LED package, it is going to look a little bit different than this. But overall, again, stock performance and stock styling. Now, we're moving over to our new headlight. Like I said, it is going to be a little bit smaller at 7 inches around. And we're also going to get some brackets and some gaskets for that in order to mount it up to our Jeep and have it adapt to that size. But again, you're getting some better lighting performance. So, with this, you're getting a full LED setup, which is going to be a lot brighter, it's gonna look a lot more modern when the light is on, and it's also going to give you better visibility for driving at night. The light is going to look a lot cleaner, it's going to have a bright white color. So, it is going to be a lot higher on the Kelvin scale looking a lot cleaner, more crisp, and it's going to have a more uniform light pattern. So, instead of a halogen bulb that's going to have a very scattered beam pattern, this is going to be very uniform, and essentially help you out with your lighting performance and visibility.Now, what I also really like about this is the fact that this comes with a halo, the factory one does not. And that's going to give you some extra style, making more noticeable wire driving around on the street. And this also does come with some wiring to integrate this into your turn signal. So, not only is this gonna act as a daytime running light, but it's going to act as a turn signal as well. And it comes with everything that you need in order to install it, you will have to do a little bit of wiring, however. However, that is going to be very easy. So, what do you say we go ahead and install our new lights? So, at this point, once we have the retainer ring off of our main bracket here, what we can do is take our gasket, and we're going to pop this around the retainer ring. Now, it's only going to line up one way to make sure that everything is lining up with the three holes because they are a little bit offset. So, once all of those are aligned, what we can do is grab our headlight, then we pop it into place. Now, if you can see, this bracket is going to be set up specifically for one side, so this will be our passenger side. You can tell because the large tab that comes out the furthest is going to be on the inside lower corner. And you can tell by the way that it's set up and also the fact that it has a bolt hole in an alignment pinhole, and the top one on the left side or inner side does as well.Then we can grab our headline, this is going to be side-specific as well. You can tell that the top is the top by the letters up at the top, DOT/SAE. And that the larger projector lens is down at the bottom. There's gonna be tabs on the back of the headlight, they're going to align with brackets. And it should sit locked down into the bracket, just like that. Now, once that is on, we can pop our retainer ring into place, and we can line it up depending on where the tabs are. So, once those are in place, what we can do is put our Phillips head screw through and secure it down into place. So, first this might be difficult just because you're working with three pieces here. Once you get one threaded, the other two should be a little bit easier. Then we can tighten them all with that Phillips head screwdriver. So, once that's plugged in, we can take our H4 wiring harness that adapts to our factory-wiring harness in our Jeep and just plug that together. Then we also need to extend this wiring because we are going to wire this into our turn signal, as well as our daytime running light. But the turn signal wire is going to be green and the daytime running light wire is going to be red.So, I just grabbed some excess wire, you don't necessarily have to measure it out right away. But I am going to add some spade connectors at the front of our wire. And then we're going to use some vampire clips or some channel clips that are gonna clip into our wiring harness for our turn signal and daytime running light. So, what I'm gonna do is just simply add the spade connectors that are going to plug into the headlight harness or the headlight wires that are already existing. Make sure that the wire is stripped, then we can crimp it down. Now, once those are extended, we can start our wiring first, and then we can attach our headlight over the Jeep. So, in order to access our wiring harness for our turn signal and our running light over on the side here, what we need to do is peel back around our fender liner. So, there's gonna be a couple of clips, I'm gonna use a trim removal tool for the clips. And then we're also going to remove the couple of 8-millimeter bolts as well just so we can peel it back. I'm gonna use an 8-millimeter socket for that. So, once those are removed, and the one in the inner corner is removed, we don't have one there, what we're gonna do is just peel this back.So, now that we have our fender peeled back, as you can see, we're gonna have a couple of wires on our wiring harness here. Now, there are three wires, there's a ground, there's our running light, and there's our turn signal. So, the turn signal is gonna be the white wire with the green trace, and the running line is gonna be the white wire with the brown trace. Now you can directly wire these into your extended wires, you can use a spade connector, which I do recommend just in case you ever have to take out your headlights, so you can quickly disconnect this, or you could use a vampire clip like I mentioned before. I was going to use this, but it looks like we have some leads here for our turn signal and our daytime running lights. So, for the turn signal, I'm going to plug in the blue wire, this is just going to coincide with the green wire. Then red to our daytime running light, which on our headlight red is our daytime running light as well. We're just gonna make sure that those have a good connection. Then we can take our wire and pass this through the back. Now we can tuck it in our inner fender well and just make sure that it's in the headlight area.You can just tuck it underneath here behind our inner fender. Now we can pop our inner fender liner back into place, pop our clips back where they need to be clipped. And reinstall those 8 millimeters screws. So, what we can do at this point is just trim our wires because we don't necessarily need that much. That's why we left this one end free. Once those are trimmed, we can attach a butt connector or a spade connector to each of them by stripping the wire. So, once the wire is trimmed, what we can do is strip the wire and grab our spade connector and crimp it down. And this is what is going to attach to the leads on the back of our headlight. Once those wires are extended, we can grab our new wiring harness and plug it into our existing one on our Jeep, making sure that you hear a click. Then we can plug in our extended wire. So, our blue wire or the white wire with the green stripe on our factory wiring harness for our turn signal is gonna go to the green wire. Then the red is gonna go to the red or however color code that you have it set up. Once those are clicked into place, we can take our wire and we can align our bracket.We can grab our factory hardware, thread it in, then we can tighten it up with our 10-millimeter socket. After this side is complete, we can repeat the same exact process on the other side. So, once both of the headlights are installed and you've double-checked that they are both working properly when it comes to the high-beam, low-beam, daytime running light, and turn signals we can pop on our grille, give it a good push at the front. You should hear it set in those clips. Then we can take the factory clips for the top and pop them back into place. We can close up the hood, and we're all set to go.So, that is going to wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe for more videos and products just like this, and always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Aggressive, 7-Inch LED Headlights with Full Halos
      • Appealingly Enhances Style, Safety, and Visibility
      • Low Beam with 2,400 Lumens and High Beam with 3,600 Lumens
      • Equipped with 45-Watt LEDs
      • Bright Light with 6,500K Color Temperature
      • UV-Coated Polycarbonate Lenses
      • Durable, Black Aluminum Housings
      • With Premium, Full Halo Rings
      • Includes Solid, Steel Headlight Brackets
      • Fully Sealed and Waterproof Assemblies
      • Simple, No-Drill Installation
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Sides Included
      • Fits All 2018 to 2023 Jeep Wrangler JL Models


      Stylish, Bright, and Safe Driving. Upgrade your Wrangler’s headlights by installing these 7-Inch LED Headlights with Full Halos to powerfully illuminate the roads and trails. These headlights are engineered to produce brilliant and clear lighting for a safer driving environment, especially at night. They also sport bright, full LED halos that will appealingly provide your JL with an updated modern appearance without compromising your safety.

      Aggressive Lighting. The premium LEDs used in these 7-Inch Headlights are well-designed to radiate a powerfully brilliant illumination with 6,500K color temperature. These produce well-defined beam patterns with a great amount of width, intensity, and proper light distribution. Furthermore, the unique combination of the bright LEDs and halo rings gives a modern look to your Jeep’s exterior with improved day and night safety.

      High-Strength Construction. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements, these LED Headlights feature premium construction. The LEDs and halos not only reinforce your safety but improves your vehicle’s appearance as well. In addition, each assembly comes with a tough, black aluminum housing and a tightly sealed, high-impact polycarbonate lens for lasting elegance and protection. The steel brackets provide sturdy and secure mounting points for a reliable functionality even as your Wrangler navigates through rough terrains.

      Seamless Compatibility. These LED Headlights with Full Halos feature a simple installation by bolting directly to the factory mounting locations of your vehicle. The installation process completes with light mechanical and electrical skills.

      Application. The 7-Inch Black LED Headlights with Full Halos are specifically designed to be used on all 2018 to 2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models.



      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Driver Side Headlight Assembly
      • (1) Passenger Side Headlight Assembly
      • (2) Adapters with Wiring
      • (2) Brackets

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