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Best Jeep Headlights

XT Staff

XT Staff

 / Jan 24 2020

2012 2-Door Wrangler with Aftermarket KC HiLites Headlights

Table of Contents
  1. LED Headlights vs Regular Halogen
  2. Headlight Conversion Kits

LED Headlights vs Regular Halogen

The best headlights for your Jeep are arguably LEDs. LEDs have a longer life span than halogens and produce a whiter light. Halogens don’t have the sharp cut off at the end of their light beam that LEDs do. LEDs also don’t use as much wattage as halogens to produce the same, if not more, light. Something to consider with any aftermarket headlight is the color which is shown in Kelvin ratings. Too high and you get a blue-ish tint and too low will emit a yellow-ish tint. Granted, color comes down to personal preference, but some states won’t allow you to pass inspection with certain colors.

Headlight Conversion Kits

If you’re looking to add aftermarket headlights to an older Jeep, you might need a converter/plug adapter. Most kits include the adapter, but not always. Another reason to get an adapter is to access a higher variety of headlights. The stock H13 plug isn’t as popular as the H4 plug, so the stock Jeep configuration is more limited. Be sure to keep all your old wiring and bezels. You never know when you might need them again. The last consideration for Jeep headlights is the light pattern itself. When converting to a different light type, be sure to re-aim your lights.