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Firearm Storage Solutions for Your Jeep Wrangler

Firearm Storage Solutions for Your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler’s ability to go off-road allows it to be a great vehicle to take on hunting trips or the gun range. As a result, there’s a need for proper gun storage while traveling in your Jeep. This tech guide will help showcase some gun carrier and storage options available for Jeep Wrangler.

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If you need to carry your gun in the car but have no where to store it, check out the Wrangler conceal carry options today!

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Hand Gun Storage Solutions

In order to comply with State hand gun laws and responsible storage while driving, there are several holstered and lockable solutions available. 

Holster brackets like the Condition Zero Pistol Mount, allow you to store your hand gun in a holster attached to a steel bracket that is bolted to your Jeep’s front driver seat frame. The bracket is available in either a driver or passenger side option and provides easy access storage, while providing a safe and secure solution while driving. The Mount is solidly built out of steel and powder coated black, coupled with a sturdy mounting location, makes this a very solid and secure solution.

Condition Zero also makes a clamp alternative to the pistol mount, which can be mounted in a variety of locations depending on your need. The innovative clamp design can be positioned on the Jeep’s roll bar or center console, for a versatile mounting solution with quick access. It also comes with a universal holster and is made of strong durable components.


Conceal Carry Drawer for 1997-2002 TJ Wranglers
Conceal Carry Drawer

If your state or hand gun permit requires a lockable solution, Tuffy offers a conceal carry lock box that is mounted under the front seats. The lock box is constructed of 16-guage steel with a PryGuard II locking mechanism for ultimate durability and security. The lock box is also very spacious, considering the mounting location, providing 324 cubic inches of storage space. The sliding drawer rolls smoothly on ball bearing rails and it lined with a weather tight seal.  It’s important to note that this solution is available for four door models or two door models that don’t have a flip seat bracket for rear passenger access. 

In addition, Tuffy also makes a lockable 16-guage steel glovebox that replaces your factory plastic glovebox with a rugged, durable and secure option for your concealed hand gun and valuables. Tuffy’s steel glovebox also comes equipped with an innovative latching system that doesn’t require the lid to be locked, in order to be closed. Allowing you easy quick access while on the trail or range. This is a great alternative for two door Jeep owners that can’t use the under seat box solution due to a flip seat bracket. 

Tuffy Conceal Carry Under Seat Drawer - Review & Install

Rifle Storage Solutions

Rifle storage requires more room than hand guns, thankfully there are a variety of options available for Wranglers. Standard rifle racks, like the Quickdraw rifle rack, can be installed along the headliner of the Jeep, spanning the width of the cabin space. It can accommodate two rifles and is made of strong lightweight aluminum that is powder coated in a black enamel. The opposing force installation bar squeezes into position in just seconds, allowing the rack to be installed and removed very easily. It’s important to note that this storage method diminishes some forward head room and places the rifles within close range of the driver’s head if you’re tall. 

An alternate rack by Condition Zero, can also be placed inside vertically behind the center console. This rack can also accommodate two rifles upright and is securely bolted to the floor bolts and roll cage. It also eliminates the potential contact with the driver’s head, but could be cumbersome for rear passengers as the rifles are positioned in the center directly behind the front center console. 

A third mounting method, also developed by Condition Zero, allows a rifle to be placed in a storage rack located on the outside of the Jeep. This rack is made of solid steel and are sold as a pair, they can accommodate two rifles or shotguns. It’s important to note that they use the door hinge provisions, so can only be used when the doors are off the Jeep. This storage method does a great job of properly storing the rifles on both sides of the Jeep and provides a quick access solution without taking up any of the interior cargo space

1987-2017 Wrangler Overhead Rifle Rack
Overhead Rifle Rack
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