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Options for Upgrading Your Wrangler's Interior

Jeep wrangler interiors have come a long way from the original military vehicles. They've since transitioned from scarce metal flat plates to a curved, softer, well-appointed approach. Considering the improvements through the years, there’s still further options that could be incorporated to upgrade your Jeep’s interior.

1993 YJ Wrangler with a Custom Interior

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After driving your Jeep on-road and off-road for several hours no doubt you'll notice which pieces of your interior need revamping. Whether it's the seats and some new padding or maybe some new gauges and instruments for better off-roading utility, there's plenty of options to forge ahead.

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Wrangler Interior Electronic Upgrades

Newer Wranglers are becoming more sophisticated these days, providing the same level of electronic options found in most modern vehicles. Options such as satellite radio and hands-free Bluetooth technology are becoming more of a standard option. However, if your Jeep came equipped with a standard radio, you can opt to upgrade to a touch-screen interface model like the Raxiom OE. This unit will provide you with the added benefit of navigation, Bluetooth, and even a back-up camera. The kit comes equipped with all the wiring adapters to ensure proper integration with your Jeep’s electrical system.

In addition to a new radio, you can upgrade your communication options. CB radios such as the Uniden model provide the added benefit of communication when you find yourself in remote trails. It’s a fairly inexpensive and easy upgrade for the added level of security.

If you enjoy prolonged trips in your Jeep or do a good deal of camping or overlanding, then an on-board ARB fridge/freezer might be a good investment. It’s a pricey upgrade, but the benefit of an electrically maintained solution is often more reliable and easier to manage than bags of ice in a cooler.

Military Style Interior Versus Modern Wrangler Interior

Giving Your Interior a Facelift

As started earlier, Jeep interiors have come a long way, including the general appearance. If you’re looking to further enhance the look of your interior a simple chrome accent kit from Rugged Ridge will provide you with enough bling to set your Jeep apart from other stock models.

In addition, if you have a manual transmission, the factory shift knob has a large variety of upgrade options to express your Jeep’s personality, ranging from a Rock to a Zombie inspired alternative. The customization options for shift knobs is extensive and has a significant impact at a relatively low price.

Upgrading Your Interior Storage

Secure lockable storage solutions are another area that could be upgraded in Jeeps. The factory center console is often fairly flimsy and easy to access even when locked. Upgrading it to a metal system like the one from Tuffy, gives you the added benefit of more space in a much more secure solution. Tuffy also offers under seat drawer solutions that are made of the same tough metal lockable enclosure.

For easier accessible solutions Rugged Ridge offers a 4-piece set that adds storage to visors, dash, rear seat, and cargo areas. Within the same scope of dash board organization, Day Star offers a great, inexpensive and easy to install dash organizer.

Utilizing the Jeep’s generous amount of head room, kits like SmittyBilt Gear provide a great overhead storage solution. Tuffy also offers a lockable metal solution that is great in theory, but could be hazardous in bouncy road conditions.

Rear cargo space can also be improved with a secured solution from Tuffy which offers a metal enclosure to help conceal and protect any cargo. In addition, the rear cargo can benefit from tailgate storage solutions like the Smittybilt Gear option that attaches to the tailgate and provides an adjustable bag solution for added storage.

In addition to the typical trail storage option, gun storage is another important upgrade to consider if you enjoy hunting. Rifles can be properly stored overhead with systems like the overhead gun rack or along the side of the Jeep with Condition Zero Rifle racks that mount to the Jeep’s door mounts.

Protecting Your Interior

Jeep seat covers offer a fairly inexpensive solution to protect your seats from the elements. Constant sun exposure can dull fabric or crack leather, so covers like Rugged Ridge's Neoprene series offer great protection while also adding some color to the interior and your Jeep’s personality. Smittybilt Gear introduces more of a storage solution to Jeep seats by integrating a packing system that is both functional and looks great. If your Jeep came stock with fabric seats but you would like to upgrade to a leather feel without paying too much for new seats, the leatherette is a great looking option.

Finally, floor mats are another layer of protection for your interior. Weathertech kits offer complete protection from the elements, especially while you’re on the trail. Floor mats help protect your Jeep’s carpet and floor pan from mud, dirt, or water and should be considered the foundation when protecting your interior.

As seen in this guide, there are a variety of upgrades available for your Jeep’s interior, all geared around your specific needs and budget. The benefit of cosmetic and functional upgrades for your interior is they can be down slowly over time and in accordance to your environment and needs. In addition, these upgrades can be an extension of your personality, so enjoy the process.

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