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Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard; Black (07-21 Tundra)

Item TU1038
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      Video Review & Installation

      Merideth: Hey, guys. So, today, we're checking out the Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard in black, fitting all 2007 to 2021 Toyota Tundras. Now, if you're looking for an easy way to upgrade the front-end protection on your Tundra, this choice may just be a great option for you. Now, this will be a good choice for the truck owner who is looking for some solid grille and bumper protection if you're taking your truck off-road, or even on the worksite.Not only that, but if you're a fan of the grille guard look, then this is going to be right up your alley. Now, taking a closer look at the design, you'll see here that this is going to have twin vertical supports, which will offer a substantial amount of front-end protection on its own. Now, this will also have a crossbar down below for some extra support and protection for the bumper, headlight guards with some reinforcement here down at the bottom, and it's also going to have a center punch plate for top tier grille protection from any smaller kick-up.This will also be made of a heavy-duty steel construction, making sure that this will be able to take a hit. And it's also covered in a nice black gloss black powder coat finish, making sure that it's able to take a hit, and it's also covered in a gloss black powder coat finish that will offer a sleeker look in comparison to some stainless or chrome options. Now, I would like to mention that if your truck is equipped with either adaptive cruise control or forward collision warnings, this may interfere with those, so I would just keep that in mind if you're taking a look at this grille guard.Now, when it comes to pricing, this will come in at roughly $1,400, which is a pretty average price point for a heavy-duty grille guard. Now, I do like the fact that this choice will not only offer a center punch plate, but it will be removable so you can customize this to your own personal preference. Now, this will also be very solid with multiple support bars, which will just up the strength of the grille guard but also add a very sporty look compared to some other barebone options. Now, overall, if you're looking for a solid choice for front-end protection and an off-road look, then this is going to be right up your alley.As for install, this is going to be a one-out-of-three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you about an hour to get the job done with some basic hand tools. Now, I would recommend having an extra hand ready to help you lift this as well as a breaker bar, a couple of ratchets, a 19, 17, 13, and 10-millimeter socket, and a 13-millimeter wrench. Now, one of our customers here has installed this on their Tundra and is going to walk you what that process looks like step by step. Let's go ahead and get into the install.Man: So we're gonna use...for the install, since I was doing everything by myself, I used two 6x6 wood blocks to help support it. And then used a breaker bar with a 17-millimeter socket, 1/2-inch drive. And then I used a 3/8ths 17-millimeter socket, and again 3/8ths with a 19-millimeter socket and a 1/4-inch with a number 10-millimeter socket, and also came the 13-millimeter I had to use along with a 13-millimeter wrench and a 14-millimeter wrench, a flashlight, and the Allen key that was supplied.We're gonna disconnect and remove the lower front tow hooks. They're not to be reused, so we're gonna take them out. So I have a number 17-millimeter breaker bar because I'm expecting them to be pretty tight. And they're not too bad. I'm gonna use a number regular ratchet, same size 17-mil. Yeah. I'm just gonna set the hardware here at the moment, and I'm going to relocate these tool brackets. Okay, I'm just gonna set the hardware here at the moment and I'm going to relocate these tow brackets.We're gonna put some blocks underneath the front part of the motor, underneath there where I can put the bull bar, excuse me, onto the blocks so I can get the bottom base mounts to the chassis. What I'm using is a couple of 6x6 blocks. Since I'm by myself, I got to do it this way. I hope this will work be high enough. And I'm getting two 4x4 wooden blocks. I'm gonna rest that on this tube right here so I get these brackets up underneath.Well, I had to take the 4x4 blocks out. They were too high. So we got two 6x6 blocks on either side. Actually, I'm gonna leave them right there. So I'll roll forward a little bit with the bottom brackets. Gonna let them loose and then make them tight. So I'm gonna slide it down there. I'm gonna move the camera to a lower position. Okay, I'm on the passenger side right now. I got the camera repositioned. You can see these brackets are not tight.So, as I was saying earlier, I don't have these tight yet. These two bolts that mount right here are not secure, so they're just loose in there. So I'm gonna move the bull bar in a little bit more, a little closer, and see if we can get this in here set up. All right. Those blocks, excuse me, the two 6x6 blocks are really darn close. You can make it pretty easy getting these started, so I'm going to just go ahead, put that one in.So, again, this is on the passenger side. So there we go. There they go. Looks like they both, these things got some little... They're oval holes, they're not exactly round, so they give you a little bit of room to shift it if needed. So now I'm gonna pause the camera, get everything set up on the other side. Okay. When you work by yourself a lot, you learn to improvise. I'm reusing the same bolts that mounted my tow hooks on the front, so there you go. I'm pushing up on the front of the bull bar now just to kind of get this preset up.All right. I'm gonna get you set up on the taller tripod. All right. Okay. None of that's tight yet. I'm gonna remove these blocks. These brackets that I previously installed just are temporary and now to the bumper. So, on the driver's side, I'm gonna have to undo this. But I did a pre-assemble, which is fine, to give me an idea of how the brackets are meant to go. So now this bracket here needs to move in this groove right here as you may be able to see my fingers poking through it. Anyway, it goes through here, part of my front plastic bumper, and this will mount back behind here.So I'm going to loosen up this front centerpiece and work from the bottom. And I will transfer the camera to the shorter tripod. So where I'm at now is on the driver's side forward. For this forward of the three bolts for the bumper itself, there's a total of four, but three on one side here, and then there's one on the other side over here without a view. I want to loosen up these top two of those three to install the bracket for the bumper. It's going to be this bracket here.So I'll loosen it up, and you'll get the idea when I get it in there. Using a 14-millimeter gear wrench, that's what I can get up in here, the top I'm going to take off and the bottom one I'm going to loosen up. Due to its positioning and location, I'm going to have to do a cheater bar with two wrenches. And I can demonstrate that when I get it out of here in this position. So you might even be able to see it there. Really, it's tight.The middle one I'm gonna loosen up. It is a little bit of a tight quarter. I was going to try to take the plastic shroud off the front of the bumper that's in the middle, but it's not very easy to take off it looks like. Four, five, simplicity from that fighting. Just gonna take top nut and the middle nut off. And then we're gonna get this plugged right there. Okay. I'm putting the two nuts back on. Now, I'm going to just put the middle one back down.Again, I'm not gonna make them tight. I'm just gonna bring them up so there's a little bit of play on them because the brackets do have adjustments. So it's not on there tight, coming back just a little bit here so there's a little bit more free play. All right. I'm gonna pause it now. So that bracket we just did on the bumper is behind this plastic piece on the driver's side, on the left side. So I don't want to cut this slot out in the plastic right here.So what I'm going to do here is if you take the bracket and you hold it like so, you can, like playing Jenga, and you can get it in there, give a little bit of a twist, rotate it, and I'm in. So now I just got to do that. I'm going to now get these two bolts that hold this bracket. These two right here, they mount this bracket to the bracket that we just mounted to the bumper if that's clear. I will see if I can get the camera just a little bit closer here to show that. All right, you have the camera remounted again to another tripod.So I'm gonna take a flashlight and put a flashlight behind here so you can see the backlighting is as to what I've got going on. Okay. So I've got my bracket in there, so I'm gonna get these two bolts that hold it in there. So, let's see, we get them up in there. Okay, let's go ahead and see what we can do here. I'm gonna lay down. Looks like I can get my hands up here through the bottom side. Okay. Those are in there. Now I'm gonna go back to these two bolts, these two nuts of the three that this bracket here amounts to on the bumper. So I'm gonna tighten those up.Okay, that bracket's in position. All right. We're on the passenger side now. So, we're gonna do the same thing. I'm going to separate these two that I had temporarily installed previously at the very beginning. It would be nice to leave them connected, get it started anyway, but I'm going to set this bracket and the two bolts aside. And this bracket here is going to go mount to the bumper up behind this panel just like last time.So I'm gonna relocate the camera up underneath there. All right. I'm on the passenger side, right side of the vehicle, front bumper mount. You're laying at your car facing forward. So it's a little lighting under here so to kind of hopefully, hopefully, help out and see what I'm trying to do so not to blind you. All right. So you see here's the bottom of the third nut, there's a middle one right here, and then there's a top one right up there.So we're going to break those loose. Again, those are 14. I'm gonna do the top one and the middle one. So I'm gonna take those off. I'm gonna do some American ingenuity here if I can. Might not be able to, may have to turn again. Good. All right, that's the middle one I'm doing first, so take it completely off. All right, that's the middle nut, and then do another one, the top one of those three. All right, let's see if we can get it. Sorry for the grunt. Okay. All right. Now, take this bracket.We're gonna get this thing out right up in here. This goes in like so, okay. Okay. It's pretty self-explanatory on the install, just takes a little bit of time and patience. Put the nuts back on so we can get this thing secured here. All right. I'm doing the middle nut back on now, the middle one there. Okay. Yeah, I'm going to bring these up just slightly snug. They're not going to be super tight, not until the very end, and I'll go around and tighten everything, secure everything. I'm doing the top one now of the three.Okay. All right. Good enough for now. All right. I'm gonna stop and pause and move the phone. So do that, kind of give it a twist. There you go. That goes in position right there, kind of right there. So now I need to move this over a little bit. Heck yeah. Stepped over a little bit, there you go. A little more room. Now I'm gonna take these two bolts that I was working with earlier and we get them started back up in there again.All right. That one's tight. Okay, those are in position and secured. So now we're going to put these brackets here on, a little movement there. We're going to get those positioned, and then we'll tighten up everything else on the bottom. So I'm going to set this camera up further back. All right, the camera's been relocated. What I'm gonna do now is remove the rest of the packaging that I have on here for that to keep it protected, the truck, when I did the install. So we're gonna remove the rest of it.All right, the main packaging's been removed. So we're going to mount the remaining hardware on these corners right here, then as we go back, we just tighten everything up. Take the washer, it's got a u-shape in it, goes towards the handle here. So we're just going to go ahead and just like so, so this peaked end goes in here. We can see right here kind of see how that's shaped, so we'll do that. I'm gonna do a washer. There we're gonna clip that.And then we're gonna do a slide past the component and another washer. I'm gonna do the same thing here. I'm gonna turn it around and a washer. And then we've got these clear plastic pieces to reverse for driving. Seventeen-millimeter, I'm going to tighten this up right here. All right. It is designed so you can move the grille forward and aft. So you can see, yep, that'll work. Yeah, and do the other side. Okay, I'm on the passenger side, the right side now. I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna tighten up, secure this 17-millimeter nut for the bracket.Now you can see that's in position there now. All right, well, our next step is to go back and secure everything in position. All right, get the camera in position again. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to mount, secure, tighten these two bolts, fasten on the side the side arm right here to the bracket that we mounted to the old tie-down positions. So that's what we're gonna do. The other side. Okay, that's tight.All right, that's tight. Okay. All right. Everything is tightened. Use these finger arms, allows you to move the grille in or out a little closer to your desire. Now, I got adaptive radar cruise control, and that sensor is behind my logo. So I'm going to position that, remove that center part of the grille because of that sensor. The tool kit came with the Allen key for that purpose. Hey, so my adaptive cruise control should work through that. My understanding is 5 degrees vertical and 20 degrees horizontal for that radar to work.Merideth: That's gonna wrap it up for my review and the install of the Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard in black, fitting all 2007 to 2021 Toyota Tundras. For more videos and products just like this, remember to always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Provides Excellent Grille and Headlight Protection
      • Aggressive Off-Road Styling
      • Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Construction
      • Wire Mesh Grille Cover
      • Durable Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish
      • Simple, Bolt-on Installation
      • Fits 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Models


      Style and HD Protection. Installing a Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard on your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra is an excellent way to add aggressive, off-road styling to your rig. Specifically designed to protect your headlights and grille from road and trail hazards, this HD Grille Guard is perfectly suited for Tundra models that pull double duty both on and off road.

      High Quality Construction. Barricade Off-Road manufactures their Extreme HD Grille Guards from heavy duty stainless steel tubing for superior strength and rigidity. After final assembly Barricade completes the entire Grille Guard in a durable, high-grade, gloss black powder coated finish for impressive good looks and long lasting corrosion resistance.

      Simple, Bolt-on Installation. Barricade's Extreme HD Grille Guards are engineered to be a direct bolt-on upgrade using just basic hand tools, so there is no drilling required for a clean straight forward installation. All hardware for installation is included, making this an easy job for anyone to complete.

      Application. This gloss black Barricade Off-Road Extreme HD Grille Guard is designed for use on 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra models.

      Technical Note. If your Tundra is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control and/or Forward Collision Warning Sensors, this Grille Guard will interfere with the functions of those sensors.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!

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      Barricade TU1038

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      • Installation Hardware

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