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Raxiom Axial Series 9-Inch LED Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens (18-24 Jeep Wrangler JL w/ Factory Halogen Headlights)

Item J164371-JL
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      Video Review & Installation

      Merideth: If you wanna give the front end of your JL a facelift, while getting way better visibility for dark back roads and dark trails, this set of Axial 9-inch LED headlights, with the Black Housing and the Clear Lens will be a great addition to your 2018 or newer JL Wrangler with the factory halogen headlights. Now, these will do a fantastic job of increasing your lighting performance, which will be especially helpful if your halogen headlights just aren't cutting it anymore.This set will also outperform your factory headlights when it comes to style and function, with the accent lighting and the clean appearance, which will up your noticeability and safety on the street. These will feature a chrome reflective inside, with an LED backlight, to create a uniform and a consistent beam pattern. And the LED will also give off a very clean appearance, especially paired with the included halo and added center accent light. Now, what I also think is pretty cool about the accent lighting is that it's gonna have a crystal appearance when it comes to the actual lens on the inside behind the top lens. That's going to really make it pop and stand out whenever they're on, or even when they're off.Now, these will have a 9-inch black ABS plastic housing that's durable and equivalent to the OE material. So, you can expect OE quality out of this. Now, on the front, this will have a clear polycarbonate lens, which will be tough and able to withstand any [inaudible 00:01:24] hits on the street or the trail you're gonna kick up, or branches. Not to mention, these will also have an IP67 dust and waterproof rating to protect the LEDs on the inside, so you can rest assured there.For the set, these will come in at roughly $400, which is right in the middle when it comes to LED headlights. Now, compared to other choices, I really like the fact that these are simple and straightforward, with a touch of style from the accent lighting, while drastically increasing the visibility. Now, others on the page may have some stealthier styling, with a smoked or a blacked-out inner housing, or may come with additional features, like color-changing modes. Now, I think if you wanna keep it simple and to the point, with a stylish yet functional headlight, then this is a great set to choose.Now, install will be a completely plug and play, one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you about an hour to get the job done with some basic hand tools. Now, speaking of the install, one of our customers here has actually installed this on their JL, and is gonna walk you through that process step by step, so that's gonna wrap it up for me. Let's go ahead and get into it.Woman: For today's installation, I'm going to be using a flathead screwdriver. You could also use a trim removal tool if you have one available. You'll also need a socket wrench, with a 10-millimeter socket. Lastly, you're going to need a pair of pliers.The lighting kit comes with the left and right LED headlight, the wiring harness, the fuse tap, and two anti-flicker adapters. Today, I'm going to be installing these Axial 9-inch LED headlights. This installation will be performed on a 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Altitude.The first step to our installation is to pop the hood. To do that, on the Jeep Wrangler, all you have to do is detach these latches here, by pulling down. Once you've removed both latches on either side, you're going to reach under the hood in the center here, and push to the side the third latch, which will then pop the hood.The first step to install these LED headlights is to first remove the grille. In order to do so, we're going to remove the six push pins that line the top of the grille. You can see them here, and all along the top. This is where we're going to use our flathead screwdriver or our trim removal tool. So, starting on the far left side, on your passenger side here, you're going to first remove this push pin all the way to the left here. To do so, you're going to take your flathead screwdriver and gently push up and under, to pull this middle piece out. While you are removing these, take your time, because you don't want these to break, because you'll need them for reinstallation of the grille later.Once you're able to pop up that middle piece there, you can then just pull it up with your fingers, and take it out. Put this to the side, because, as I said, you're going to need it later. Next, you're going to take that flathead screwdriver again, and take out that second piece that's underneath there. Again, be gentle with your removal. Some of your push pins might be harder than others to remove, especially if this is your first time taking off the grille. Moving on to your second pin, you're going to just push up, same thing, and gently remove the middle. Then you're going to remove the second piece underneath. And there you go.Repeat this process for all six push pins across the front of the grille. Once you've removed all six push pins, it should look something like this. Next, we're ready to remove the grille. To do so, you're just going to give a nice sharp tug, pull back, and then you can actually lean the grille back a little bit, and there are push pins at the bottom that will release. Once you've released that, you can take the grille up and away, and set it aside.For the next part, we're going to actually be removing the stock headlights. To do so, you're going to need your socket wrench, and there are three bolts that we're going to remove, here, here, and then down here. Make sure you save these bolts, because you, again, are going to need them later to install your new headlights. From here, we can just remove the headlight and detach the harness. In the back, there's going to be a clip. You're gonna reach in, and you're going to just gently push in and pull off. Then you can put the old headlight aside. Remove the bolts on the passenger side headlight the exact same way.Again, we're gonna remove the headlight, gently. Behind the headlight here, again, you will see that wiring harness that we're going to push in here, and just simply detach. Side by side here, we have the old stock headlight that came on the Jeep Wrangler Sport. And then on the left here, we have the new LED headlight that we're installing today. It will definitely give you a more modern look, and will definitely be brighter. In addition, it's going to provide daytime running lights, which is something that does not come standard on my Sport Altitude.The next step is we're going to start working with the wiring harness that came with your new LED headlights. So, take out your wiring harness, and, obviously, undo it. We're going to start on the driver's side here. We're going to take the longer end, and what we're gonna do is we're going to loop that long end here. You can set the rest over top. And we're gonna loop it through the top and through, so that it's easily accessible through the headlight spot here. So, again, from another angle here, we have that wiring harness. And what we have done is we have slipped that passenger side port here, and then we're gonna take the rest of it here, and we're gonna just lay it up top here, because we're eventually going to need to install that into the fuse box up there.So, once you have that installed through the driver's side here, you can then tuck the rest of the wire that cuts across the top of the hood here underneath this flap. Personally, I'm going to zip tie it to this wire here, so it's tucked under and up out of the way. And then what we're going to do is we're going to take the other port on the passenger side, and we're just gonna slip that through, same as the driver's side, to the headlight.At this point in the installation, you're now going to need two things. First, your new headlight, and second, that anti-flicker harness that they provided in the kit. So, first, let's work on the harness here. As you can see, there are two attachments here, that are actually going to go between the original headlight connector here and then your new LED headlight. So, you're going to take the one that fits in there, give it a nice click, and then you're going to take that connecting end to your new LED headlight, I have mine down here, and just connect it the exact same. Like so. Now, these particular anti-flicker harnesses did not come with any sort of sticky tape, so what I recommend is actually zip tying it in here somewhere, just so it doesn't jiggle around while you're driving, but it should be good regardless. So, I'm gonna probably zip tie mine right in here.And then secondly, you're going to want to connect that wiring harness that we just installed, with that additional port that's coming out of the new LED headlight. So, you just line up the two prongs here, and install, push them together, and then there is a twist here. Make sure it's nice and secure. Once you've done that, and then after you've zip tied it, you can then gently place the headlight in here. What I recommend is only putting one bolt back in loosely, because we are actually going to need to pull the headlight off after later and adjust this back here, so that we can get the right height of the beam, so that we're not blinding people as we drive past them.Once you've connected all your wires and you've zip-tied this back in there, if you so choose, you then just tuck everything gently back in, and then the headlight fits right in there like the original one did. Now, what I recommend is that when you are just putting this temporarily in here, you just use one bolt to loosely tighten it in, just so it stays in place while you're installing the other headlight. The reason for this is because later on in the installation, you're going to need to remove the headlight again, once you make sure that everything's connected and up and running, because you're going to need to adjust the height of the beams to ensure that when you're driving in traffic, you don't blind someone. So, that is very important.Same thing on the passenger side. You're going to start with that anti-flicker harness, line it up with the original headlight clip, and install. So, you have that nice click. Give it a good snug. Then install the other side of it to the new headlight here. I have it down off to the side. Click. Perfect. And then, lastly, you're going to connect that wiring harness, again, with those two prongs, line them up, and then tighten it all up. And again, if you would like, you can zip-tie this anti-flicker harness in here. I recommend zip tying it to the frame of the Jeep. We don't want to attach that to anything that gets hot, or anything that could break off. Then once you've done all that, tuck it in again, and gently set that headlight in place. Like that. And same thing here. I recommend putting one bolt in here loosely, just so it stays in place while you're doing the rest of the installation.The next part here, we're going to be installing our wiring into the fuse box so we can get those daytime running lights. So, the first thing you're gonna do is remove the lid of the fuse box here. There are actually two clips, front and back. Just squeeze those, and the lid pops right off. Now, for this process, you are actually going to want to keep the lid, because we are going to be looking on here to see what fuse we are going to pull. On your fuse box lid here, you're going to locate fuse F57, which for us is right where my thumb is pointing. So, just use the diagram on here, and we're going to pull that fuse.Okay. Just to get you guys up and a little bit closer here, we are going to be pulling fuse F57, which I have located using the fuse removal tool that comes standard within the fuse box here. So, where you see that fuse removal tool kind of sticking up there, that's the fuse I'm going to be pulling. Okay. The next step includes working on that fuse tap here. So, what we're gonna need is that fuse tap, the included 5-amp, and then the one you just pulled, which should be a 20. So, first you're going to put the 5, you're holding it like this, up at the top here. Gently push that into place. Then you're going to take that 20 that you just pulled from F57, and you're going to put it in the bottom slot.When you're done, you should have something that looks like this, with the 20 on the bottom, the 5 on the top. Then, next step, we're going to be using those pliers that we started out with, to attach it to that wiring harness that we have already installed on the Jeep. So, pulling the red wire from the wiring harness that we installed in the Jeep, we're going to slip that inside of your fuse tap here, then we're gonna use pliers to clamp down and make the connection. Once you're able to clamp down and secure the wiring harness to the fuse tap, you are then going to put your new fuse tap into the F57 slot that you just took out that 20-amp from. So, back in our fuse box here, we're going to take that fuse tap, and we are going to carefully install it into where we had that fuse before.Gently push down, and then this piece will fall over the side here, and then we are going to mount this grounding wire to one of the bolts in here. Once you have attached your new fuse tap into the fuse box here, you can take the wiring and just gently lay it across here. Just be sure when you put the lid back on that you're not bending the wires too much. Then we are going to take our socket wrench again, take off this bolt down here, so we can attach the ground wire right there, because it's a nice little good distance for it to fit snugly. So, again, just taking that socket wrench, and we're going to remove this bolt right here.Once you've done that, you can your ground right in there. Now that we've installed the headlights and the wiring harness, we should be able to turn on the Jeep and see how everything looks. Okay. Here they are with the daytime running lights. They look pretty good. Something to note is that when I initially turned on the Jeep, the passenger side headlight was not correctly lighting the whole way, so I just went back in, made sure all my harnesses were correctly clipped together, and that seemed to do the trick.Okay. So, once you have your lights installed, you've confirmed that they're up and running, now it's just time to reinstall the grille, and put back those six push pins we originally took off. So, again, place it in. Once you've got it all pushed in, we're gonna go back in with those push pins that we originally took out. So, first, you're going to install that first little clip, and then, inside of it, you're going to install that middle piece. Now, when you are installing these middle pieces here, there is actually a certain way that they go in. You can actually see that there is a particular shape to them, so just be sure that you're putting them in the correct way.When you're finished, all the push pins should look something like this, and then you're good to go. Close the hood, turn them on, and see how they look. So, this is with just the halos on here, and then I'm gonna turn them on with the full headlights. And here they are with the full headlights on.Merideth: So, that's gonna wrap it up for my review and the install of the Axial 9-inch LED Headlights with the Black Housing and the Clear Lens, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers with the factory halogen headlights. And remember, for all things Jeep, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Nine-Inch Round LED Headlights
      • Daytime Running Light Halos
      • High Intensity White LEDs
      • Clear Polycarbonate Lenses
      • IP67 Waterproof Rating
      • Plug and Play Installation
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Side Included
      • Fits 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL with Factory Halogen Headlights


      Contemporary Styling. Add an updated contemporary appearance to your 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL, all while improving your nighttime visibility with a pair of Axial 9-Inch LED Headlights that feature black housings and clear lenses. With an impressive LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) design, these Axial Headlights will give your Wrangler a whole new look.

      Quality Construction. Manufactured from OEM grade materials, these Headlights are assembled to precise standards for long-lasting quality. These Headlights feature durable housings with crystal clear polycarbonate lenses and modern LED lighting. Each housing is weather-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state of the art electronics found inside.

      Straight Forward Installation. These Headlights were designed to be a direct plug and play replacement for your vehicle's original factory housings. The DRL light bar portion of the headlight will require splicing into your running lights for operation. Please be sure to have your headlights properly aimed/aligned before driving at night.

      Application. These Axial 9-Inch LED Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens are designed to fit 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL models equipped with Factory Halogen Headlights. Driver and passenger side lights are included.


      Raxiom J164371

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Right Hand/Passenger Side Headlight
      • (1) Left Hand/Driver Side Headlight
      • (1) DRL Harness

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