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Top Five Tacoma Accessories

Top Five Tacoma Accessories

Toyota Tacoma’s are very popular trucks and they are really a great truck to have fun with when it comes to accessorizing. With little wrong with this truck in factory form, it can be a bit of a trick to think about what you might want to do to it to improve the overall vehicle. Sure, throwing some mud flaps on it may be cool for a little bit, but they really do very little to make a truck yours. Where do you start?

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Stylizing your Tacoma with various exterior parts will not only add value but also functionality. Consider a tonneau cover to streamline your truck's appearance and even net some MPGs. Other parts like fender flares and brush guards help protect your Tacoma from damage while on the trail and give your truck a more rugged look.

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Top Five Accessories

Why start with the Top 5? There are reasons people buy the same type of product for Tacomas. Some are obvious candidates while others work to make the truck more durable and even better performing. Tacoma’s are in high demand and people who want these trucks are going to modify them. Starting with the most popular mods is a foolproof way of adding some flair to your truck while ensuring you don’t waste your time or budget on mods you’re not 100% sure about.

Tacoma Tonneau Covers

What is a tonneau cover? What is a tonneau and why does it need to be covered? A tonneau cover is just another word for a bed cover. Covering up the bed of a truck keeps snow, leaves, and other debris from falling into the bed of your Tacoma. Additionally, they keep the cargo in the bed protected from the elements and potential thieves.

These covers come in different materials including aluminum and vinyl. The best choice is in the eye of the beholder. Soft covers are great because they offer basic protection at an affordable price while hardcovers are perfect for offering ultimate protection. Snow can’t collapse them, and thieves can’t simply cut into them.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers

  • Protects cargo from the elements and thieves
  • Keeps debris out of the bed of the truck

Tacoma Running Boards

Running boards are particularly popular because they make it easier for passengers to climb in and out of the cabin of the truck. These components come in multiple shapes and sizes meaning that buyers can make sure they get the look they want out of their truck. 

They can look OE, boast a bold aftermarket look, or even be powered to lower on command. With lifted trucks or simply factory trucks for those who find it daunting to climb in and out of the cabin, running boards are the ultimate answer.

Benefits of Running Boards

  • Makes climbing into the cab easier
  • Personalized look

Tacoma Off-Road Suspension

The Tacoma is an obvious off-road choice when it comes to trucks. Though, those who miss out on the opportunity to own a TRD have to pick up some slack to get it up to par. For starters, TRD Off-Road Bilstein shock absorbers are a very popular mod to throw on a Tacoma. Additionally, when owners want to throw bigger tires on the truck and increase ground clearance they need to use leveling or lift kits to reach the point they are dreaming of. The Tacoma is an off-road favorite and with just a little help in the suspension department it really becomes apparent as to of why.

Benefits Off-Road Suspension

  • Increased off-road capability

Tacoma Skid Plates

The off-road trails of the world aren’t perfect. In fact, that’s why trucks are always lifted and fitted with beefier tires before heading out. Many of the obstacles the truck will avoid or crawl over pose a major threat to the underside. Without any kind of protection, stumps and rocks can easily destroy the engine and other vital components.

TRDs and Pre-Runner Tacomas come from the factory with skid plates because of the potential hazards of the off-road environment. Though the factory plates only protect the engine, aftermarket skid plates can offer protection to other drivetrain components or even the whole underside of the vehicle.

Constructed of metal with a smooth surface, skid plates work by allowing the vehicle to skid over the top of logs and rocks rather than simply smashing into them; this is a pretty obvious mod to make once you think about it.

Benefits of Skid Plates  

  • Protection of the vehicle’s undercarriage & crucial components

Tacoma Interior Preservation - Seat Cover/Floor Mats

Protecting the interior components of any vehicle is important on many levels. With a Tacoma, you can forget to put your coffee down while shifting, or you hit a huge bump off-road only to fling your soda from the cup holder onto the front seat.

The Tacoma is also subjected to lift kits, and in a few months of hopping in and out of the seat in a sliding motion, you’re going to tear those seats right up. This is why seat covers are so popular. They keep the factory seats safe from both stains and tears. They also make cleaning a breeze.

Floor mats and floor liners are also great for keeping the factory equipment safe. There is a difference though. Mats lay flat on the floor which offers minimal protection from stains along the sides.

Liners are laser cut to match the floor exactly with raised edges to keep spills from spreading. Of course, liners are more expensive and the appropriate choice depending on the owner of the vehicle and their habits along with the intended use of the truck.

Benefits of Interior Preservation

  • Protection of factory components
  • Increased resale value
Fitment includes: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Pre-Runner, X-Runner, SR, SR-5, TRD-Sport, TRD-Off-Road, Limited, TRD-Pro