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Taking Man’s Best Friend in Your Tacoma: Off-Roading Pet Gear

Taking Man’s Best Friend in Your Tacoma: Off-Roading Pet Gear

Whether you’re hopping in your Toyota Tacoma for a quick drive down a dirt road or packing up for a long trip, having your dog by your side can turn an ordinary day into an adventure. But when it comes to bringing Man's best friend along for the ride, it's not always as simple as hopping in your truck and turning the ignition.

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Going on a camping trip with your pet can be rewarding, but getting your pet to the campsite can be a hassle if you don't have a proper way to keep your best friend safe. Items like pet dividers and specialty harnesses that buckle into your Tacoma's factory seat belt system will ensure your pet arrives at the campsite without injury.

Pet Accessories

Considerations when Traveling with Your Pet

When traveling with your pet, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right supplies, one that help man’s best friend remain both safe and comfortable while accompanying you on your journey. Of course, it’s also important to protect your investment. Pet hair can become embedded into upholstery and pet nails can cause equal havoc.  And, depending on where the road takes you, your pet can track dirt and debris from the great outdoors into your car, adding to potential damage.

Protecting your pet and your Tacoma truck, both of which are undoubtedly cherished, is easier when you have the following equipment on hand and ready to go.

Pet-proof Seat Covers

Off-roading with your dog can take you anywhere, but there’s no doubt that wherever you travel, that likely means your upholstery and interior will be vulnerable to dirt and debris, including mud, dirt, grass, and, of course, pet hair.​

Pet-proof seat covers provide protection from those things while also protecting your interior from nail marks and a host of other potential things.  Many of them are customizable, water-repellent, removable, and machine-washable, making it easy to find a pet truck seat cover that fits your needs and unique style.

Pet Ramps

Getting in and out of a truck can be difficult for humans, let alone smaller or senior dogs. There are a number of pet ramps available to help your pet get in and out of the car with ease, regardless of how high the climb.

The pet product market has grown substantially, and today there are numerous ramps to choose from, including many that are quick and easy to set-up, install, and clean. Further, depending on your dog's needs, the right pet ramp can offer a non-slip surface and comfortable incline that can allow pets with special medical needs to continue to accompany you on your off-road journey.

Safety Restraints

As fun as it can be to have your dog along for the ride, it’s also important to consider their safety. Sometimes, particularly for dogs that are full of life and love to jump around, or when your journey takes you over bumpy ground or through jarring turns, a safety restraint may be the right option. The right pet harness can also help you focus on the road by preventing your pet from jumping into the driver’s seat, even if you love having them by your side.

Pet safety restraints may not be part of your pet’s preferred method of travel, but with the right one, you can increase your pet's safety without decreasing their off-road fun.  Dog harnesses and zip line trains frequently connect directly to your seatbelts, making them easy to use and remove as needed.

Cab Dividers

It's nice to see your dog riding shotgun, but it's not always the best spot for him or her to ride. Sometimes, confining your dog to the back seat can make it a better ride for all passengers in the car, including your adventure-loving pal. However, it may be difficult to find a safety option that provides your dog with a safe space from which they can enjoy off-road excursions.

Often engineered to be light-weight and easy to install, cab dividers can do just that, without obstructing your view.  Further, with so many options and styles available, it’s likely you’ll quickly find one that meets your needs as well as those of your pet and any other passengers.

Other Items to Consider If Camping or Off-Roading with a Pet

Hitting the road with your pet may require some extra equipment, and that means considering supplies that extend beyond your truck cab, particularly if you’re planning on a long trip or setting up camp for an overnight adventure.

While out with your dog, it’s important to keep them hydrated and well fed. This is especially true if you’re planning to be away from home for a long period of time, plan on doing some considerable exploring (e.g., hiking, trail walking, hunting), or if the weather is particularly warm. For that reason, collapsible travel bowls are the perfect necessity and can easily be stored in your truck.

With that same sentiment in mind, rough terrain or long hikes can take a toll on your pup, so it’s also equally important to pack a pet first aid kit as well as a dry, comfortable place for them to rest. Depending on your destination and duration of stay, this can be as simple as a water-proof, outdoor dog bed or a raised pet cot. It’s also helpful to keep an all-weather tarp on hand to shield you and your dog from inclement weather or to use as a waterproof barrier between the ground and your dog as well as you and your belongings.

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