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Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter (05-23 Tacoma)

Item TT1242
ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter (05-23 Tacoma). Please check out 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma Throttle Enhancement for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Hey, guys. So, today I'm here with the Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter, fitting all 2005 and newer Toyota Tacomas. So, if you've noticed a lack in throttle response from your truck, maybe you've added some larger wheels and tires, a lift or maybe even some armor, and you're looking for a little bit of extra get up and go, then a throttle enhancement device just like this is going to do a perfect job and act as a perfect solution for your truck.So, essentially, what this is gonna do is modify or even eliminate the delay from when your foot hits the pedal to when your throttle body opens. So, this is gonna give you, like I said, some extra get up and go when you're merging onto the highway or even just driving around on the street. So this is gonna come with a couple of different features. You are going to have a couple of different modes. So this comes with sport mode, that is going to increase your throttle response by 30%. It also has race mode, which is gonna increase your throttle response from stock by 60%. And then you also have some security features within this device, including pedal lock, which completely eliminates the option to use your accelerator. And then you also have valet mode that can increase that delay up to 55%, 65%, and 75%. So, you do have a little bit of security as well as throttle enhancement within this device. Now, I would like to mention that this is not a tuner. This is not going to increase your horsepower and torque gains. This is only going to increase your throttle response or modify that throttle response. So if you are looking to make some gains with your truck, I would recommend to look at some tuner options. But if you're strictly looking for some extra get up and go when you're driving around in your truck, then this is gonna be a perfect option for you.So, as far as price goes, this is gonna be roughly $300. And I think that's a pretty fair price for what the Sprint Booster includes. Now, there are going to be a couple of different options on the website for your Tacoma. And in my personal opinion, I think this offers the perfect split between throttle enhancement as well as security. It's very user-friendly, it's very low profile and it's also very easy to install. Now, the other options are only going to really include throttle enhancements. They are not going to include that security aspect. So if you are looking for something that's going to give you the best of both worlds, then this is gonna be a good option. Now, again, like I said before, if you are looking to change the parameters within your ECU and increase your horsepower and torque gains, you will be looking at tuners, and they are gonna be a little bit more expensive. So, if you're looking to just get some extra get up and go out of your truck and you're looking to increase your throttle response, then this is gonna be a perfect option to take a look at.So, install, like I said before is going to be very easy. This is probably gonna take you about 20 minutes to get done with no hand tools at all. It's gonna be a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. So speaking of that install, let me walk you through it.So our first step is to find the plug on top of our gas pedal and then we can disconnect it by depressing that tab and pulling back. After that's disconnected, we can grab our harness for our Sprint Booster. So we're gonna take the female side of our connector for our Sprint Booster, plug that into the top of our gas pedal. It's gonna click, then we can plug in the other side to the stock connection. So, once it's lined up, you can connect them. Make sure you hear a click, then we can grab our button and feed it through our dash, and plug it into our wiring harness. So what I'm gonna do is feed this wire down through the dash. It should come out on the other side. You can even stick your hand back there. It's pretty open. And then we can take this white connector and plug that into our wiring harness. Once that's plugged in, you can zip tie those wires out of the way and we can attach our button. So, in the kit, you are gonna receive a piece of tape. It is double-sided 3M. So we can peel off one side, put that on one side of our button. And then you wanna find the best location for your application. So, right here is going to be best for ours, so we're just going to peel back that tape and stick that down, hold it there for a couple of seconds, and then it should be good to go.So when your Sprint Booster is installed, you will be able to turn it on by this chrome button. Now, when it's off, you are on your stock parameters and you have stock throttle response. But once you hit the chrome button, you'll be put into sport mode. So this green LED is gonna indicate that you're in sport mode, and that is going to be a 30% increase in your throttle response and you will be able to change that with different settings and different parameters inside that sport mode. If you hit it again, you'll be in race mode and you're gonna have those same nine settings. You can go up and down depending on what you want your throttle response to be. Now, if you hit it again, it's going to completely turn it off. Now you also have pedal lock and valet mode. If you hold down the two buttons on the side, simultaneously, it will put you into this screen. So, you will have to scroll over to select pedal lock or valet mode in order to set a pin. Now, once you press on the chrome button, it will ask you for a three-digit PIN. You'll be able to select whatever you like and then you will be able to exit that menu after. So those are the major features of the Sprint Booster. So that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

    Product Information

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    • Improves Throttle Response by Up To 60%
    • Provides Quicker Acceleration
    • Compatible With Manual and Automatic Transmissions
    • Three Driving Acceleration Modes - Off, Sport, Racing
    • Thirty-Six Acceleration Sub-Modes
    • Three Security Modes
    • Plug and Play Design
    • Three-Year Limited Warranty
    • Fits All 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Models


    The Ultimate Throttle Booster. The Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter is the revolutionary electronic throttle controller that boosts throttle response like you’ve never felt before. Most modern vehicles are equipped with an electronic throttle control (ETC), which is responsible for opening your throttle when you step on the gas pedal. Unfortunately, even with an ETC, a throttle response delay is still present which can sometimes make your Toyota Tacoma feel sluggish. This device works by overriding your engine’s ETC, boosting throttle response by up to 60%. This translates to quicker acceleration, and more responsive downshifting.

    Versatile Throttle Boost. The Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter features 3 acceleration modes: OFF, SPORT, & RACE modes. With the booster in OFF, your Tacoma operates with the stock throttle response. SPORT mode offers a 30% response improvement, while RACE gives you the maximum 60% throttle boost. Both the SPORT and RACE modes come with 9 sub-modes enabling you to fine-tune your throttle response to your driving needs. Since this throttle controller works for both manual and automatic transmission, you get a total of 36 sub-modes in all.

    Increases Security. The Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter also features valet and pedal lock modes. In valet mode, the booster actually limits acceleration by up to 75%. This decrease in throttle response prevents unauthorized persons from abusing your truck. Pedal lock mode on the other hand, totally disables your throttle preventing your Tacoma from being driven away. These 2 security modes are protected by a PIN that you program into the device.

    Plug-And-Play Design. The Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter is designed as a plug-and-play system. Setting up the device is localized to the gas pedal area of your Tacoma. There are no wires to route around anywhere else in your Tacoma. This controller will not adversely affect any of your truck’s electronic systems, like the ABS, and ECU, and works even on reprogrammed engines. Please note that while your truck will feel quicker off the line, this power converter does not increase horsepower.

    Covered by a 3-Year Limited Warranty. You get a 3-year limited warranty, but please visit the manufacturer’s website for more details.

    Application. The Sprint Booster V3 Power Converter fits all 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma models.

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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