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Best Pet Accessories for My Jeep Wrangler

Best Pet Accessories for My Jeep Wrangler

Most Jeep owners are often happiest while out on the open trail behind the wheel of their Wrangler and in some cases, with their pat along for the ride. The experience itself is exciting for everyone in the Jeep, but it’s important that your pet and the other occupants are safe and comfortable the entire time. Let’s take a look at some pet accessories for your Wrangler.

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When you take your pet out for an adventure, these accessories will help you keep your Wrangler clean!

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Both the pet and Jeep accessory world can be overwhelming with options. Here's a list of the most essential pet accessories for your vehicle. 

Wrangler Seat Covers for Pets

Seat covers: A simple seat cover made of water resistant material will help prevent pet hair from clinging to a cloth interior and also protect the fabric from any liquids. It will also help prevent any stains or paw scratches to a leather interior. Custom fitted seat covers are better than a simple blanket because they offer a better overall fit and look. The custom fit also prevents the likelihood of the cover coming off while your pet is riding along with you.

Wrangler Ramps for Pets

Ramps: Depending on the height of your Jeep and the size of your pet, getting them onto the Jeep could be a problem. Ramps are available to allow your pet easy, walkable access to the Jeep’s cargo area, this prevents the need to have you lift them onto the Jeep and allows them to get into the Jeep at their own pace. These ramps are often capable of folding for easy storage making them better than an ordinary plank that could be cumbersome and awkward to have on board.

Wrangler Restraints for Pets

Restraints: Securing your pet while driving is a necessity for their safety and the other occupants in the Jeep. This is often something that’s overlooked and a really important point. Similar to human, pets should be safely buckled in while driving. There are several zip line leash attachments that can be anchored to the roll cage or harness that can be tethered to the factory seatbelts. This ensures that your pet is safely in place during any sudden braking or turning, this is also especially important while on the trail during heavy articulation. A good tethering system will provide your pet with some movement to still allow them to lay down or stand up. Simply attaching the seatbelt around the harness could be too restrictive and uncomfortable for them.

Wrangler Barriers for Pets

Barriers: Along with proper restraint, you might want to consider a barrier to isolate your pet from the driver and front occupants. While driving on the road or on the trail, the drive should remain focused on the task ahead, having a pet interact or come into the front driving space could be dangerous for them, the driver and other drivers on the road since it could cause distraction or unexpected movement. Net barriers offer an open webbed solution to the problem. They provide the appropriate confinement from the front passengers while still providing a good amount of visibility. These barriers are often very easy to install and remove. A good webbed barrier will have secure anchor points to allow for easier installation/removal. 

Wrangler Accessories for Pets

Unique accessories: Each vehicle has a unique set of issues to deal with when trying to address a specific situation. In this case, when the rear seat of a four-door is lowered flat, there is a sizable gap within the hinges that could cause serious damage to a pet if they accidentally step into the space. Thankfully, there are options available that help bridge the gap and provide a solid level platform for your pet to step and rest on. These gap covers offer a secure solution that can be kept on the jeep. They often still allow you to raise/lower the seats without a problem and are a better/easier solution than wood planks. 

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