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Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights; Matte Black Housing; Clear Lens (18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J139703-JL
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So, today we're checking out the Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights with the Matte Black Housing and the Clear Lens, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, if you are currently struggling with your factory headlights and you're looking for a boost in lighting, if you're struggling with lighting when it comes to visibility on dark back roads, dark trails, or even just driving in night in general, then this option by Oracle can be a great choice to take a look into. Now, this set of headlights is not only gonna give you a big upgrade in lighting performance with the Bi-LED, but it's also gonna give you a big upgrade in styling. Now, as you can see, these have a non-traditional look to them in comparison to some other headlights that we have available in the category. Now, this is gonna have one projector lens in the center, and this is going to help you out with better visibility while driving at night, that projector lens is going to be a lot cleaner, put out the light a lot farther and it's gonna be a lot more uniform.So, again, if you are struggling with lighting performance, if you're looking for something that's not only going to help you out, but also look a lot more modernized with the bright white color temperature here, these are going to be a great choice. Now, this is also going to have again that non-traditional styling with matte black housing. Now, that matte black housing is going to give a really aggressive or even stealthy look to the front end of the JL, it's gonna be great for anybody who's looking for a headlight that's going to match a blacked-out aesthetic or match with any other smoked or matte black housing lighting accessories that they already have on their JL. Now, this also comes with the Halo, so if you are interested in a headlight with a halo, this is going to come with that, it's going to be great white LED. So, not only is it going to assist you in the styling, it's also gonna make you a lot more noticeable when it comes to driving, make you noticeable to other drivers, keeping you safe while you're driving around on the street and even on the trail.Now, with all that being said this kit is going to come in at roughly $550. And in my personal opinion, I think for what you're getting for the quality of the headlights and the overall install, how easy it is, which we'll get to in just a second, I think that that price is well worth it. Now, in comparison to some other options available in the category, again, these are going to be very unique when it comes to the overall design. Some other options available are usually going to have multiple projector setups as to where this is going to be a majority of that styling and housing, and it's gonna have that one projector with the Bi-LED. Now, that is going to just include the high-beam and the low-beam in that center projector and they're gonna share that, as were some other options might be a little bit more clustered with a couple of different projectors. Now, I personally think that that looks very sleek and again, it's going to give you a very unique look if you're specifically looking for that.Now, some other options again are also going to be set up a little bit differently when it comes to the halo. Some other choices may have a halo or may not. Some other choices with a halo may integrate a turn signal as we're this is just going to keep it a solid, bright white light when it comes to turning on your ignition. Overall, I think these are a great setup when it comes to the quality and the overall function as well as lighting performance. Now, when it comes to the install, like I mentioned before, this is going to be super easy as well. Some of the options usually require a little bit of additional wiring, especially when it comes to having a halo included in the kit, as to where this doesn't. This comes with a full wiring harness, so I'm gonna give it a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, you're gonna need a couple of basic hand tools and probably an hour's worth of your time. So, speaking of that install, let's jump into that now.The tools that I used for this install were an impact wrench, a 10-millimeter socket, a pair of needlenose pliers, a wire tool, quarter-inch drive ratchet, and a trim removal tool. So, the first step to accessing our headlights is to take off our grille, so we're gonna take out the six clips at the top. I'm gonna be using a trim removal tool, you can also use a flathead screwdriver for this. So, at this point, the only thing holding the grille on is a couple of retainer clips down at the bottom. So, what we're gonna do is give the grille a good pullback and it should come off. So, once the grille is removed, that'll give us access to the three bolts that are holding in our headlight. I'm gonna take a 10-millimeter socket and remove those bolts. Once those three bolts are removed, what we can do is pop our headlight out, and we can disconnect the headlight wiring harness on the back by just squeezing down that connector and pulling back, then we can put this aside.So, before we go ahead and install our new light, I do wanna step down and take a little bit more about these two on the table next to each other, give you a little comparison of our factory light next to our new light, show you some of the similarities and the differences between the two. Now, starting off is just a brief overview of our factory light. As you can tell, this has very stock styling, and it's also gonna have very stock performance as you're probably familiar with, it's pretty mediocre in comparison to moving over to something like the Oracle one that we have here. Going over the light itself, we're going to have a clear lens on the front, we're also gonna have a chrome reflective housing, that's going to be useful for that OEM halogen bulb that's on the inside, it's going to be a dual filament halogen bulb, so it is going to act as a high-beam and a low-beam. And overall it's going to give out some pretty okay lighting performance, it is going to have more of a yellowish or amberish hue to it just because of that low color temperature that it has.Overall, this is gonna be great for stock performance, probably good for people that are in lighter areas as far as like living in the city. But when you're in dark areas, dark backroads, you need something a little bit more, that's where this Oracle option comes into play. Not only is this going to be a big upgrade in lighting, but it is also going to be a big upgrade in styling. As you can see, this has a black housing instead of the reflective housing that we see here, it's gonna add more of the blacked-out look to the front end of the JL in comparison to the chrome stock classic look that we have with our factory ones. This is also going to have a LED halo, so not only is going to help out with the styling, it is also going to make you more noticeable on the street to other drivers making sure that you are staying as safe as possible. Now, on the inside of the light, you can see that this is also going to have a projector lens that is going to work in conjunction with the LEDs which are gonna be a big upgrade. So, in comparison to our factory halogen bulb or incandescent bulb, this is going to shine the light a lot farther down the road, it is going to be a lot more uniform. So, you're gonna get a clearer and brighter beam pattern in comparison to the factory halogen that is a little bit scattered. And overall, this is going to be a lot brighter.Now, this is also going to have a higher color temperature, which is why you get that bright white look instead of the yellowish hue that you get out of the factory ones. So, that's gonna give you a more modernized look when it comes to the actual lighting of this new headlight. Overall, you are getting a lot of lighting performance out of this not only with the actual light bulb itself, the LEDs for the high-beam and the low-beam, you're not only getting that halo, but overall the actual setup and the actual function of that projector lens over a factory reflector, it's going to do it a lot of justice when it comes to giving you better visibility while you're driving around at night, especially on those darker backroads. Not only that, but these are also going to be more durable. So, this is going to have an ABS plastic housing on the back. But the lens is going to be a polycarbonate lens, which essentially means that it's gonna give you full transparency, making sure that that light is shining through 100%, but it's going to be a lot tougher than the factory one. So, if you do take your Jeep out on the trail a lot, if you're concerned about branches or brush against the headlights or any kick up by around the street, this is gonna be able to hold up to that.Not to mention, this is going to be plug-and-play. We do have a small wiring harness for the halo, but you don't have to wire anything in which I think is very helpful and very easy at that. So, what do you say we go ahead and install a new headlight? What we can do now is take our new headlight, we can match up the factory-style wiring harness with the one on our new light. Make sure that that clicks, we're also gonna have the second little wire here. Now this is going to plug into our wiring harness, is it's gonna plug into our fuse box for our halo. So, I'm gonna put that to the side, make sure that we can access that in just a second. We're just gonna reach out here and pull that back, pull that up to the side and just stick it there till we can grab it in a second. We're gonna line up our headlight, there's gonna be a couple of posts to make sure that we lined it up correctly to kind of stay in place for the time being. Then we take our factory 10-millimeter bolts, thread those in, then we can tighten them up with our 10-millimeter socket that we used before.Now, because this is plastic, you don't wanna overtighten it because it can break. Just wanna make sure that it's snug, not going anywhere. So, what we can do now is grab our new wiring harness. As you can see this is gonna have two connectors on it, that's what's gonna connect to the back of our headlights, there's gonna be one on each of the back of our headlights here. And then we have a small little ground, this is going to tap into any ground that you choose whether it be on the battery, or you can just ground it to the body. And then we're gonna have a little positive wire here. Now, this positive wire is either going to be used with the fuse tap that's provided, so we can just put that in there, we can crimp it down, then we can utilize the fuse tap in the provided fuse in order to get power to our halos, or you can wire this in however you'd like. That is why these are separate, you can wire this into however you want the halos to come on. So, if you wanna wire it into the turn signals, if you wanna wire it into really whatever you want, that is why this lead is available.But what we're gonna do is plug this in first. So, since we are working on the driver side right now, and the fuse box is over on the passenger side, what we wanna make sure is that the wiring harness or the part that's going to attach to our fuse box is over on the passenger side. And the shorter part, or the shorter connector is also on the passenger side because this long wire is what has to reach over to the driver side headlights. So, once we have the driver side plug and the plug from the back of our headlight, what we could do is line up. There's gonna be two arrows, we're gonna plug that in, there's gonna be a little screw that's going to make sure that that stays connected, and that connection is going to be sealed up. Then at this point, what we can do is kind of just tuck this out of the way. At the end, you can go back and zip tie this really however you'd like, then we can move over to the fuse box. So, because this fuse tap is provided to us, I am going to use that, so what I'm gonna do is take this positive wire, put that into the butt connector that is already pre-crimped for us. And then I'm just going to crimp it down with a pair of wire crimpers.So now that that is in there, so at this point, we can go ahead and pop open our fuse box. And on the inside, we're gonna have a guide of which fuses go where and we are going to utilize F45, which is the power outlet and this is going to work with the ignition. So whenever your ignition is on, then the halos are gonna be on. So, we are just gonna locate F45. So, the F45 fuse, it's gonna be a micro fuse that's also attached to F43. So, it's going to be a three-prong socket here. Now, the F43 one is connected to the batteries. So, what we're gonna do is just pluck this fuse out to 20 amp fuse, and you wanna make sure that it's on the right-hand side. So on the passenger side, that's the fuse that we're going to utilize if it's on the driver side or closest to the driver side, you'll see that there's three spots that you can put it. If it's closest to the driver side, that's going to work off the battery. If it's closest to the passenger side, which is what we want, that's gonna work off the ignition. So, what I'm gonna do is take this fuse, I'm gonna pop it into a fuse tap that we have.You're also provided with a five-amp micro fuse, you wanna pop in there as well. And then once those are both in there, then we can utilize the F45 spot, you'll see it on the top of the lid. Once that fuse box cover is back in place, what we can do is ground our fuse. So, I'm going to take a 10-millimeter socket and we're gonna ground it on this bolt right here. Just tighten that up with our 10-millimeter socket. All right, so once that is plugged into the fuse box and the ground is properly grounded, what we can do is repeat that process on the other side for the headlight for plugging it into the factory harness and plugging it into our new harness here. Since both headlights are installed and wired in, what we can do is pop our grille back on, give it a good push on the front, set those retainer clips, then we can pop in our pop clips. We're just gonna be reusing the factory ones.After those are in, what I do recommend is just making sure that this wire is secure so it's not hitting any hot components that could potentially melt the plastic on the outside. So, you can zip tie it up here, you can zip tie it to really anything inside the engine bay to make sure that it's out of the way. And then what we can do is close up our hood and we'll be all set to go. So, that is going to wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe for more videos and products just like this. And always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Bi-LED Projector Style Headlights
      • Pre-Installed White LED DRL Halos
      • Hard-coated Polycarbonate Lenses
      • Matte Black Finish
      • Plastic Housings
      • Easy Plug and Play Installation
      • DOT and SAE Compliant
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Side Included
      • Fits 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL Models


      Modern Styling. A pair of Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights with White Halos and matte black bezels are an excellent way to add an updated modern appearance to your Wrangler, all while improving your nighttime visibility. With impressive white LED halos, these Headlights will give your Jeep a whole new look.

      Superb Illumination. Utilizing a projector lens design, these Oracle Headlights will light up the road ahead with a bright focused beam of 5500K color temperature light for better nighttime visibility. With an output of 4800 lumens, these Headlights won't flicker or flash. The white Daytime Running Light (DRL) halo accents not only look great, but will also ensure that you are visible to distracted drivers day or night.

      Quality Construction. Manufactured from OEM grade materials, these Oracle Headlights are assembled to precise standards for long-lasting quality. These Headlights feature durable, black ABS plastic housings with hard-coated polycarbonate lenses and modern LED accent lighting. Each housing is weather-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state of the art electronics found inside.

      DOT and SAE Compliant. These Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights will not only bring a fresh new look to your Wrangler, but they also meet or exceed the strict guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), making them legal for street use.

      Simple Installation. Oracle designed its Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights to be a direct plug and play replacement for your Wrangler's original factory lights. Installation can be completed in under an hour. It should be noted that the accent halo portion of the headlight will require splicing into your Jeep's running lights for operation. Be sure to have your headlights properly aligned before driving at night.

      Application. These Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights; Matte Black Housing; Clear Lens are designed to fit 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models. Sold in pairs, driver and passenger side lights are included.


      Oracle 5839-504

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      What's in the Box

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      • (1) Left Hand/Driver Side Headlight

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