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Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Series Front 1310 CV Driveshaft with Greaseable U-Joints (97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, Excluding Rubicon & Unlimited)

Item J125450
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, what's up guys, Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today I'm here with Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty front 1310 Greasable CV Driveshaft. This is gonna be for those of you guys that have a '97 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ but unfortunately, this is not going to work for you Rubicon or Unlimited guys. And this is for you Jeep owners that are looking for one hell of a driveshaft that's gonna be very reliable and it's gonna handle all the abuse that comes with off-roading. This is a very tough and durable driveshaft that's gonna handle all the demand interest that comes with us venturing into those trails. Now, the stock driveshaft and driveline is designed for stock angles, stock height, stock tires. And, of course, when you add a lift, you add larger tires on there, you're putting a ton of stress and torque on your driveline. And there's a lot of weak points and one of those being your driveshaft.Now, eventually at some point in time, your driveshaft is going to wear out, it is a wear item, either that or you're going to break in at that point in time you'll wish that you had replaced that driveshaft. Like I said, this driveshaft is designed and built to handle all those demands, all that stress that comes with off-roading. Now, this driveshaft is built very well, it's designed to be very strong and it is very strong. It is specifically designed to handle all that stress of taking your Jeep out of the woods, all that additional weight, traction and pressure of a modified vehicle. This driveshaft is physically larger than your factory one and it's a hell of a lot stronger. It has greasable ends which I think is very beneficial because it's gonna add to the longevity of this item. You're gonna be able to grease it and if you do get any water or mud in any of these joints, you'll be able to grease it and push all that stuff out. Overall I think that it's going to add to the longevity, it's gonna keep this thing alive for a lot longer.Now, Adams has been making driveshafts for a long time, they've been making driveshafts ever since 1996 and they specialize in custom driveshafts. However, they do make a lot of off the shelf options such as this one here. This is a 1310 driveshaft just like your factory driveshaft. So, it is a direct swap and this is designed to handle up to a 35-inch tire. Now, if you did want to run larger tires, they do make an extreme duty option which you can find on our website and that is a 1310 option as well. So, like I said, there's no replacing other parts, it's just gonna be a direct swap.Now, aftermarket driveshafts can range anywhere from $300 all the way up to $750. Currently, this driveshaft is priced right around $300, which I think is a great deal. Honestly, this is one of the strongest driveshafts, I run these driveshafts in my TJ, I've never had any issues with 35s. And with that being said it being one of the strongest driveshafts currently on the market, one of the most affordable options and to add to that, Adams even sweetens the pot with a lifetime warranty. They guarantee these against twisting or breaking. So, as long as you follow those guidelines, you run 35-inch tires with this, if you ever have any issues with twisting or breaking, Adams is going to guarantee this one, they're gonna send you a brand new one.Overall, this is a direct bolt-on, the one end at the transfer case is a little tough to get to. So, we did take the skid plate off just to get a little more access. This isn't something that you have to do but, of course, it makes it a lot easier and that's gonna add a little bit of time. Overall though, I'm gonna give this a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter as you should be able to get this thing in, bolted down and that skid plate back on within an hour, and you can do all of that just using basic hand tools that you have rolling around in your toolbox. So, with that being said let's hop into our install.Tools we use for this install: 3/8 drive impact, 8-millimeter ratcheting box wrench, 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a socket adapter, 3/8 to 1/4-inch, 8-millimeter socket, 1/4-inch drive, 1/2-inch socket, 3/8 drive, 19-millimeter socket, 1/2-inch drive, small pry bar, 1/2-inch drive impact. All right guys, so we got our Jeep up in the air, we do have it on a lift, the first thing I'm actually gonna do, I'm gonna take the skid plate off. This is something that you can do on the ground, you don't have to necessarily take the skid plate off, but the bolts where the driveshaft meets the transfer case, they're pretty deep in there. So, I would recommend probably getting that thing out of the way. The one thing that you do wanna be careful is if your bolts that are holding the skid plate to the frame start to spin. That is usually a common issue with the TJs, however. So, taking the skid plate off, I'm gonna take off these four nuts right here, this for the transmission mount, I'm gonna use a 1/2-inch socket.All right, so we got our transmission supported on the bellhousing with a pole jack. So, the next thing we're going to do, we're gonna start taking out the bolts that hold the actual skid plate to the frame, there's gonna be three on each side, we're gonna start with one side. Would be a good idea to grab a friend to help you hold the skid plate while you get all these bolts out, or you can always stick a floor jack or a pole jack underneath it as well. To get these bolts out, you can either use the 19-millimeter or a 3/4. All right, so we'll set those bolts aside, we'll go over the other side, we'll get those bolts out as well. So, now we're on the other side, we're gonna take these bolts out. Take this middle one out. Now, we should be able to loosen up this back one just a little bit and swing this plate out of the way. That way we don't have to take it all the way down. So that's what I'm gonna try to do right now. All right, guys, after you get all these bolts out, we'll take the skid plate down, we'll set it aside, then we can start taking the driveshaft out.All right, so we're gonna have four bolts on the end of our yoke that's holding the driveshaft to that. So, we're gonna spin this around, as you can see, this just gonna rotate around, you're gonna spin the front wheels, if you do have it on the ground you wanna jack one side up that way, you know, one wheel spin allow you to turn this. So, we're gonna take an 8-millimeter socket, you can probably use a 5/16 as well. All we're gonna do is just get all these bolts out. All right, so we got one more bolt to go. We're gonna crack this one free and then we're gonna wrap a bungee cord around the driveshaft that way when we go to take the other side out this side won't fall. All right, so, I couldn't find a bungee cord, so what I'm gonna do is just use a piece of wire, really you can use anything, you can use a coat hanger, an old t-shirt, another second set of hands. And what we wanna do is just keep this thing from falling. So I'll do that, just like that, we'll take out this last bolt. Then we're gonna take the bolts out of the other side.Now, same thing goes for the front, we're gonna have two retaining straps right here. Each one is gonna have two bolts in it, you just need that same 8-millimeter or 5/16. Up here we got a little more room, so I'm gonna use an impact just so I can speed it up a little bit. Now, we wanna save this hardware, we wanna save these little retaining straps. So, just gonna set these over here on the lift arm that way when we go to put this new one in, we'll have those available. Spin that all the way around. Now, once you get that last strap off, these are probably gonna stay in place, just take pry bar, get in between the yoke and the driveshaft. All you got to do is just push on that, slide that to the side. You wanna do that on both ends and then we're gonna grab it in the middle and if you got a bungee you wanna disconnect it, if you did what I did with a wire, just cut it. Then we can pull this, get it out of the Jeep.All right guys so before we get this brand new driveshaft installed, what I did, I put both of them on the table and what I wanna do is just talk a little bit about the construction of this brand new driveshaft from Adams, compare it to your factory one, kind of point out some of the differences. Now, the first thing that you're gonna notice with this driveshaft is going to be the tubing diameter and construction. So, in between these welded ends, obviously, the tubing right here is a lot thicker than the factory one and that is just going to equate to a much stronger driveshaft. Now, Adams does guarantee that these are not gonna twist or break on you. Now, not only is this tubing gonna be a lot thicker, a lot stronger than your factory one, but also this spline shaft where it allows it to go in and out and accordion, that's also gonna be a larger diameter as well. So, the...overall it's just gonna be a lot stronger of a driveshaft, and these welded ends, the same thing, we're gonna have basically the same setup that you have on the factory one. So, we're gonna have a 1310 U-joint down here, we're gonna have that same uniball construction up here, that double Cardan joint. But one thing that is changed up with Adams is that this particular driveshaft right here is greasable. Now, there are some pros and cons, one of the cons would be theoretically because there is a hole drilled through there to provide grease and allow it to flow into there that that would ultimately reduce the strength just a little bit. However, I run these driveshafts on my Jeep and I really don't have an issue as far as these things go. I personally like the greasability aspect, it allows you to maintain these U-joints, pump them full of grease whenever you need to, and just overall increases the longevity whereas the factory U-joints or a non-greasable U-joint, of course, they're gonna come pre-packaged with grease and when that grease decides to dry out, well they're just gonna start to wear out. So, overall I think that that is a beneficial aspect of having a greasable U-joint. And Adams uses the same 1310 U-joints as the factory one. So, they are gonna be those Spicer U-joints, they are gonna be a very strong U-joint. And one of the main things is gonna be this is a direct swap, so we don't have to swap out a yoke on the axle or the transfer case, this is just gonna be able to drop right in and you're gonna be able to bolt these up. Now, along with the U-joints being greasable, of course, this little section right here is greasable as well. And overall when you're off-roading, when you're going through mud, water, whatever you're doing, you just wanna maintain that grease in there. Of course, you're gonna get a lot of stuff in here, it just have a very nice seal in here, but you just wanna keep that whole thing greased. Now, this does come with brand new bolts, it even comes with some thread locker. And like I said this is a direct drop in. So that's pretty much gonna wrap it up. What we're gonna do, we're gonna take this driveshaft over to the Jeep, and I'm gonna show you how to get it installed and we'll see what it looks like.All right, so basically going to do the reverse process of getting this driveshaft out. So, probably wanna get a second set of hands to help you get this started. I'm gonna start with this front section right here where it meets the transfer case. Now, you're gonna get brand new bolts. So, what Adams wants you to do, they want you to clean the oil residue off of those, then they give you a little packet of red Loctite. So, put a dab of red Loctite on those and then we're gonna thread those in. So, we're just gonna go around, we'll get all four of these bolts in, then we can tighten them up, then we can go to the other side and get those in.Now the next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna put this in the end of our axle. So, what you wanna do is you wanna press it in. Now, there's gonna be a little bit of grease that squirts out because these things are filled with grease. So, once we push that in a little bit, so once you push this in, there is gonna be some grease that comes out, you wanna wipe that grease away. Now the next thing we're gonna do is take off this tape. So Adam has put some tape on here and that is so these end caps don't come off. So, while you're pulling this tape off, you gotta be very careful because if you pull the end caps off, they have little tiny needle bearings in there and those can fall out, you can lose some and then that is going to affect the integrity of your U-joint. So once you get all that tape off, gonna put this into position and this is just gonna slide in and we'll extend it a little bit, we want it to sit in between these feet. So, on the end of this joke you have these little alignment feet, you wanna make sure that it slides into there. If you have any rust or dirt, you wanna clean all that stuff off, and we're gonna put these little retaining caps back on. Just wanna make sure to hold this in place, don't let it fall, or slip out.That is gonna wrap it up for my review and install. For more videos and products like this, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Custom-Made Greasable Front Driveshaft
      • Accommodates up to 35 inch Tires
      • Heavy Duty 1310 CV Shaft
      • Spicer Greasable 1310 U-joints
      • Shaft Wall Thickness of 2 Inches x 0.120
      • Limited Lifetime Welds and Tubing Warranty, 1-Year Limited Warranty on Other Components
      • Fits All 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJs, Excluding Unlimited and Rubicon Models


      Smoother Performance. Replace that worn front driveshaft on your lifted Jeep with an Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Front 1310 CV Greasable Driveshaft for more strength and a better operating angle. Featuring a heavy duty CV shaft and greasable u-joints, this new front driveshaft offers less vibration for a smooth driveline performance, even with tires up to 35 inches.

      Heavy Duty. This Front Driveshaft has heavy duty tubing to satisfy even the most avid off-roader. The all-encompassing kit features a superior-grade 1310 CV shaft with a 2 inch x 0.120 wall thickness, Spicer greasable 1310 u-joints, and an American-made front 1310 transfer case output shaft yoke. Adams Driveshaft even includes a set of Grade 10 CV bolts in this system that is made to endure the extra stress that comes with bigger wheels and tires.

      Lifetime Warranty. Adams Driveshaft warranties the Front Driveshaft against broken welds and twisted tubing due to torque for their lifetime. The remaining components have a 1-year limited warranty against defects. For details on exclusions (and inclusions), please see the manufacturer's website.

      Application. The Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Front 1310 CV Greasable Driveshaft is designed to fit all 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJs, excluding Unlimited and Rubicon models.



      Adams Driveshaft ASDTJ-1310CVF-G

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Driveshaft with U-joints
      • (1) Transfer Case Output Yoke
      • (4) CV Bolts

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