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10 Essential Items to Have in Your Jeep While You Off-Road

10 Essential Items to Have in Your Jeep While You Off-Road

There are a ton of options when it comes to what to take out on the trails with you, but you have limited space in your Wrangler. What are the most important thing to bring along and why? This is a break down of what I like to make sure I have in my rig when I go off the pavement.

Table of Contents
  1. Ground Anchor
  2. Winch
  3. Gloves
  4. Tree Protector
  5. Shovel
  6. Recovery Strap
  7. Jack
  8. Compressor
  9. D-Rings
  10. Tire Deflators

1. Ground Anchor – RedRock 4×4 12,000lb Ground Anchor (J100782)
2. Winch – Barricade 12,000lb Winch with Synthetic Rope (J100790)
3. Gloves – Rugged Ridge Recovery Gloves (J14055)
4. Tree Protector – Rugged Ridge Tree Truck Protector 3 inch x 6 feet (J15619)
5. Shovel – Rugged Ridge Tri Fold Recovery Shovel (J15629)
6. Recovery Strap – Rugged Ridge Recovery Strap 4 inch x 30 feet (J14059)
7. Jack – RedRock 4×4 60 inch High Lift Jack (J100784)
8. Compressor – TJM Air Compressor with Bag and Hose (J100126)
9. D-Rings – Rugged Ridge 7/8 inch D-Rings (J10646)
10. Tire Deflators – Barricade Tire Deflators (J100201)

1. A winch is one of those items that are great to have off-road for self-recovery or helping a friend out of a tight spot, but they aren’t much help at all when there is nothing to hook on to! the RedRock 4×4 Land Anchor solves this problem by providing a solid anchor point when nature just isn’t. Whether you’re wheeling in a muddy open field or on the beach, this land anchor will get you unstuck and on your way.

2. A winch is the quintessential off-road tool. Whether you’re doing a self-recovery or help out a friend who picked the wrong line, a winch is unrivaled when it comes to off-road recovery. This 12,000lb Barricade Winch has enough muscle to free even a loaded, armored JKU from a tough spot and get you back on the trail.

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3. Gloves are one of those items that most people don’t think of when heading out on the trails, but you’ll sure wish you had a pair the first time you pull winch line or rig a recovery strap without them. These leather Rugged Ridge Recovery Gloves have more uses than I can count on the trail and I would recommend having at least one pair in your recovery bag.

4. We all want to Tread Lightly and preserve our wheeling spots so we can go back again and again. But if you wrap a strap with some stretch to it, like a snatch strap, around a tree and use it as a winch point you will damage the bark on the tree and kill it. The Rugged Ridge Tree Trunk Protector is designed to be wide and not stretch under strain to protect the tree keep your wheeling spots scenic.

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5. Whether a shovel keeps you from having to pull winch line or helps you stack a rock to get over the next obstacle, they are one of the most multi-functional and useful tools to have on the trail. This Rugged Ridge Tri Fold Shovel is lightweight and takes up little room in your bag, but you’ll be happy you packed it when you need it.

6. Even when you have a winch a recovery strap is a necessary addition to your recovery gear. Sometimes all you need is a little tug when you’re high centered on an obstacle and sometimes your winch line just isn’t long enough. No matter the use, a recovery strap is a must have. This Rugged Ridge Strap is good up to 40,000lbs and at 30 feet it gives you a ton of flexibility.

7. A High Lift Jack is a debated piece of gear amongst off-roaders. While they can be dangerous when used improperly, there is no substitute for being able to lift you rig from the bumper or rocker armor to get out of a sticky situation or make a trail repair. Make sure you are you using your jack responsibly and safely, and it can be a savior when you need it.

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8. We all know the benefits of added traction from airing down on the trail, but airing up isn’t quite as easy. Having an all-in-one 12-volt compressor like the TJM Air compressor with Bag and Hose allows you to quickly and easily air up to on-road pressures without having to search for a gas station and pump in quarters.

9. D-Rings are a necessary part of rigging any recovery. They’re the best way to connect your recover strap to your bumper or receiver and your winch to your tree saver. They are a necessary link that makes the rest of your gear work and you can’t have too many of these in your bag.

10. The benefits of airing down your tires when going off-road are many. From a more comfortable ride to the added traction you get from a larger tire footprint, airing down is all but necessary when hitting the trails. Unfortunately, it is a long tedious process to get big off-road tires down to proper off-road operating pressure. The Barricade Tire Deflators take the work out this process. Once you set them to the pressure you want, it’s as easy as screwing them onto your valve stems and waiting until they stop releasing air from the tires. No more kneeling next to you rig in the parking lot, letting air out of your tires with your key!

Anything from hand tools to spare parts can be added to or subtracted from this list, but these are some essentials that everyone should have in the most basic of trail bags. The most important things to do off-road are have fun, stay safe and tread lightly. Making sure your off-road rig is equipped with these fundamental tools will ensure that every trail ride you go on is a success.