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Jeep Wrangler Mirror Relocation Explained

Jeep Wrangler Mirror Relocation Explained

The modular design of the Jeep Wrangler gives you the unique ability to remove its doors. With a simple disconnection of a wire harness and removal of two hinge bolts, the doors themselves slide off their hinges. What’s left is a great open-air cabin feel, that’s one of the main characteristics of a Wrangler. The modification however, comes with a stipulation for most states, if you plan on driving on paved roads, which is the requirement of side mirrors. State laws vary and the requirement may be different in your area, but it’s always safe practice to equip your Jeep with side mirrors when removing the factory doors. Thankfully, there are a variety of options to choose from and this tech guide will help showcase some of the most common, along with advantages/disadvantages for each.

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Visibility on the road and on the trail is just as, if not more so, important than any other system on your Wrangler. Taking off your doors is a nice bonus, but you'll want to make sure you relocate your mirrors for appropriate visibility.

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Stock Mirror Location

From inside the cabin, with the factory doors attached, the factory mirror location is perfectly balanced and set to an ideal height that allows the average driver a good angle of visibility. This stock mirror location should be the target position for any aftermarket mirror relocation option.

How To Choose Mirrors For Your Jeep Wrangler

Door Hinge Relocation

A common relocation point for side mirrors utilizes the door hinges themselves. These are among the least expensive option available and provide a quick method of installation/removal. 

There are however several issues when choosing this location. The immediate issue is location, the top most door hinge positions the mirror lower than the ideal factory mirror location. This could be a bit disorienting and uncomfortable while driving on long trips. Some companies try to elevate the mirror through long attachment stems, but the difference is often still noticeable. In addition the door hinge design is difficult to properly clamp and maintain position, this becomes more problematic during highway speeds, in addition to wind noise and vibration. Overall, this is a quick a simple solution if you’re looking to comply with state regulations, but aren’t overly concerned with side mirror visibility. 


  • Inexpensive solution
  • Quick installation/removal


  • Poor visibility location
  • Unsteady position on highways
  • Wind noise
  • Vibrations


JK Wrangler Mirror Relocation Kit

Windshield Pillar Relocation

Windshield pillar relocation solutions do a much better job of positioning the mirror higher and more inline with the factory mirror location. This type of relocation is often apart of a quick-release system with a base bracket that is secured to the windshield pillar frame bolts. The initial installation is fairly straightforward and still provides you with the quick install/removal option of the door hinge system, but relocates the mirror in a more ideal position. 

However, these kits still retain some of the common issues as the door hinge systems when it involves highway speeds. The kits generally produce a high-pitched wind noise that can be dampened a bit. They also tend to vibrate if they utilize a long arm stem design. If you would still like to retain good consistent visibility, while driving on the highways it’s best to choose a slightly more expensive relocation solution that incorporates a solid base and rounded backing, similar to the factory Jeep mirrors. These solutions can sometimes become a permanent year-round option and provide with plastic circular covers for the full factory doors, if you choose to relocate your manual mirrors from the doors to this new location.


  • Better visibility location 
  • Quick installation/removal
  • More stable and consistent visibility


  • Some models can still result in vibrations and wind noise
  • Price
  • Semi-permanent base attached to the windshield pillar
1997-2017 Wrangler Quick Release Mirror Relocation Kit
Quick Release Mirror Relocation Kit

Tube Door Relocation

If you choose to install a set of tube doors in place of your full door, most tube doors provide provisions for side mirrors. In addition some tube doors allow a direct relocation of the factory manual mirrors, for a simple bolt on replacement and best option for visibility and performance. 

This option however does require the need to purchase tube doors, but if you intend on using tube doors anyway, this could be the best possible solution. The relocation method is often attached to the tube door itself, giving you a quick installation/removal method of relocation. This method also allows you to retain the proper alignment position, eliminating the need to adjust the mirrors each time the tube doors are installed. In addition, since the tube door relocation option often utilizes the factory mirrors, there is no vibration or additional wind noise produced during highway speeds.


  • Best factory location relocation
  • Ideal visibility solution
  • Permanently attached to the tube doors allows for simultaneous install/removal of tube doors
  • Can often utilize manual factory mirrors for a quick relocation solution


  • Requires the purchase of tube doors

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