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Jeep Recovery & Winches for Wrangler

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Jeep Recovery & Winches for Wrangler

Anyone that plans to take their ride off-roading should invest in high-quality Jeep recovery gear. This is equipment designed to help you get out of emergency situations. Even though Jeeps are designed for off-roading, and many handle uneven terrain very well, there are going to be instances where your ride gets stuck and won't work the way you want it to. When this happens it's helpful to have access to a winch, a tow chain, D-rings and other essential recovery tools. The right equipment will allow you to attach your Jeep to nearby trees, other vehicles, or whatever you need to get yourself out of a tough situation. At Extreme Terrain, we offer a variety of recovery accessories designed to work with most Jeep models.

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Any Jeep owner that's serious about traveling in rough terrain should invest in some Jeep recovery gear. This equipment includes things like recovery straps, specialized jacks, winches, snatch blocks, tow hooks, and more. All these items are customized to work with your Jeep and to allow you to solve most issues you'll face when off-roading. If you're worried about getting stuck on a dirt road or while driving in an off-road situation, having quality recovery gear will make you feel better about your options. Below are some of the major benefits of having high-quality recovery equipment loaded onto your Jeep at all times.


  • Inflate flat tires
  • Pull your Jeep along when it loses traction
  • Help friends get out of trouble on the trail
  • Tackle more difficult terrain with confidence


We offer built-in air compressors that are designed to inflate Jeep tires effectively and give you the ability to patch your tires and get them functioning again even when you suffer from a puncture. Our air kits also work with air shocks, and they make it easy to deflate your tires while off-roading for additional traction.


Along with air compressors, we offer a selection of winches rated to tow the weight of a full-sized Jeep Wrangler. Investing in a quality winch plate and a winch gives you the ability to pull heavyweight with your Jeep and to pull yourself out of ditches, muddy locations, and other situations where you lose traction. A high-quality winch works wonders when paired with durable snatch blocks and a full-featured recovery kit.

Jeep Recovery Kits

A Jeep recovery kit is a packaged selection of straps, hooks, chains, and snatch blocks to give you the leverage you need to tow your vehicle or to tow another vehicle. When selecting a recovery kit for your Jeep, it's important to get equipment that's durable enough to hold up when pulling the weight of your vehicle or even more. Look at the weight rating of any equipment you consider purchasing and verify that it's more than the weight of your vehicle for the best results. Most kits are designed to pull many times the weight of a typical Jeep, and they're ideal solutions to keep in your ride.


Many also come with carrying bags and useful cases to help you keep all your tools in one location. As a Jeep owner, it's worth investing in some high-quality recovery equipment. Get a Jeep recovery kit, along with a good winch, and you'll be able to get yourself out of many difficult situations. You can add additional tools such as an onboard air compressor and a recovery jack to give yourself more options to work with when you need them. Invest in quality equipment, and you'll be able to rely on it when you really need it.


Fitment Includes:

  • Rubicon, Sahara, Sport S, Sport, Unlimited, Islander, Rocky Mountain, Renegade Wranglers

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