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Tacoma Floor Mats: Keep the Outdoors Out

By:  Connor MC  / Sep 18 2019
Tacoma Floor Mats: Keep the Outdoors Out

Any vehicle’s interior can take a pretty bad beating over its lifetime. Mud, rain, dirt and similar road grime are the usual suspects but that everyday wear-and-tear can add up over time and take a chunk out of its resale value. Adding floor mats can help prevent this unnecessary wear and tear on your truck.

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Simply investing in a set of floor mats or floor liners for your Tacoma will preserve the life of your interior. You have the option of going with a standard design carpeted mat (some of which have novelty designs) or floor liners. Floor liners fit more precisely for keeping water and mud from sloshing over the sides of the liner.

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Why Buy Floor Mats for Your Tacoma

Like most other cars and trucks, a Toyota Tacoma will traditionally roll off the lot with stock carpeted floor mats matching its interior color scheme. There’s really nothing wrong with those stock carpets: they’re easily cleaned with a vacuum or pressure washer, and they are just fine for daily drivers in warmer climates that don’t see a lot of off-road action. 

For the Tacoma that’s regularly off-roading, hauling, or is just generally a workhorse, you want to the outdoors to stay exactly that – out of your truck’s doors. Though with that being said, a minimal level of debris, dirt, and moisture within the cab is pretty much unavoidable, but to ensure the highest level of protection against possible damage or degradation of your Tacoma’s stock interior, you may want to look into purchasing aftermarket floor mats or aftermarket liners. 

Floor Mats – An Upgrade from Stock

A floor mat typically consists of a carpeted material with a rubber under layer that will prohibit any spills, rainwater etc. from transferring to the Tacoma’s carpeted flooring. Better quality floor mats will be manufactured entirely from rubber with grooved lines and ridges to trap dirt and other debris and preventing mud from sticking to your shoes or rubbing into the carpet. 

Aftermarket floor mats, however, are unlikely to cover the full floor area, and particularly the partially carpeted mats can become quite smelly with time, as they will trap moisture within the carpet fibers. 100% rubber-made mats will be much easier to clean but also will be more costly than carpet. These are all factors to weigh up when coming to a decision, but if you are looking for more complete coverage aftermarket floor liners will be the best bet. 

Floor Liners –Use Advanced Technology to Shield Your Truck’s Floor

Where floor mats are typically a “one size fits all” accessory, aftermarket floor liners – such as those manufactured by WeatherTech or Husky – will be customizable to a vehicle’s type and model. They are laser measured so they mold to the exact specifications of your Tacoma’s floor, covering the full interior carpet up at the front and the back. Laser molded mats will also cover up the sides of the foot wells as well. These precise measurements ensure complete coverage and thus better protection. The raised edges of floor liners will trap and lock-in any dirt or liquids, keeping your Tacoma’s carpet clean and debris-free. 

As well as that custom fit, floor liners are generally also made from a thick and more durable rubber material, rather than carpet. WeatherTech’s offerings feature a system of surface channels that funnel spilled liquids into a lower reservoir away from the carpet and your shoes. This reservoir design also minimizes movement while driving and the risk of spilling out onto the carpeted floors. Liners are easily removed from the cab and simply hosed off for a stress-free cleaning process.

Past the Point of No Return – Replacing Your Cab’s Interior Carpet

If there really is no possibility of reviving or hiding an old or damaged interior carpet, or you’re looking to rejuvenate an older Tacoma model, there is also the option of re-carpeting your cab. But be aware that this is a not as simple a process as re-carpeting a room in your home. Trucks have nooks, crannies, and strange angles that most bedrooms will not. Not only will you have to remove most of the cab’s interior components (seats, seat rails, center console, trim panels and etc.), you must then also strip the stock carpet and then cut and fit the new carpet. 

New OEM-quality carpet can be purchased directly from Toyota for a more precise look, feel and fit but we’re talking upwards of $500. There is a range of wholesale carpet retailers that will sell a replacement at a fraction of the cost, but you will be losing out in terms of quality and quite possibly the fit as well. You can always opt for a professional installation, but that will also likely set you back well above $500 due to the labor involved. The eternal struggle of money vs. time. 

To be frank, regardless of your installation preferences, replacing a vehicle’s carpet is a pain in the you-know-what, but it is nonetheless doable and many will say its very much worth the effort for that factory-fresh look. In all honesty, however, the easiest and longest lasting option is to use a 3D molded floor liner in your Tacoma from day one!

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