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Apocalypse Jeep

While the Mayans were incorrect with their 2012 prediction, there may come a day where modern civilization crumbles and gives way to an every-man-for-himself ordeal. Intended to look daunting and mean, the Doomsday Apocalypse Jeep is modeled for such a catastrophic event, using a variety of rugged armor and off-road components to facilitate passing over treacherous terrain and safeguard the occupants in the process.


50 Cal Ammo Can: A durable and water tight 50 Caliber Ammo Can provides a safe and secure storage container for tools and recovery gear whilst maintaining the rugged look of Apocalypse Jeep.

Stubby front bumper: A large forward protruding grille guard makes this heavy-duty bumper ideal for pushing through a horde of zombies. The stubby nature of it also maximizes articulation of the front wheels so they won’t get hung up on obstacles as you head for the hills.

Steel Body Armor Cladding: 3 mm thick steel plates attached to the lower sides further propagate the foreboding look of this Doomsday Jeep, in addition to providing outstanding armor to combat rocks and other minor obstacles.

Corner guards: Continuing the armored motif, black diamond-plate corner guards beef up the sheet metal located around each rear tail light and add a menacing look to boot.

Suspension Lift: In the face of danger, there is no time to worry about ground clearance. A complete longarm 6” suspension lift kit means Doomsday Apocalypse Jeep can tackle any off-road sortie by stuffing up to a 38” tire into the fender well. Shorter zombies may not be able to reach the door handle, too.

Light Bar: There is no telling when you might have to hop into the Jeep and hightail it out of there. Thus, a massive 50” dual-row LED light bar sitting atop the windshield or roof will be a godsend should the unthinkable occur at night.

Tires: Chunky all-terrain tires bring together the dominating look of the Doomsday Apocalypse Jeep. Rated for mud and snow, the special chip and cut resistant compound means these country tires are ready to roll out of trouble – be it a swarm of walking dead or a platoon of invading extraterrestrials.