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NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights; Alpha Black Housing; Clear Lens (16-23 Tacoma TRD)

Item TT8065
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So, today we're checking out the NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights with the Alpha Black Housing and the Clear Lens, fitting all 2016 and newer at Toyota Tacomas. So, if you are in search of some better lighting performance and a sleeker look to the front end of your truck, this option is going to be a great choice to take a look into. Now, this is gonna be great for the Tacoma owner who is a fan of a stealthy and a blacked-out look and is looking for a headlight that is going to complement that. Now, this is going to have that alpha black housing, giving you a very stealthy and sleek look. But as it says in the name, it's gonna have that nice clear lens, which is not gonna take away from any of that lighting performance. Now, speaking of that lighting performance, this is going to come up with a quad light setup, giving it not only a very premium look but incredible lighting performance. Now, these will have OSRAM LEDs and those projector lenses which will clean up the spread of your headlights.It's going to look a lot more modernized and it's going to be a lot brighter and project a lot farther down the road. So, if you are struggling with your current setup, whether you have the factory halogens or the factory projector lights, and you're looking for something that's going to be a lot brighter, especially on those dark back roads, these are going to be right up your alley. Now, what I do really like about this option, in particular, is the fact that this is going to have a daytime running light, but it's not going to be the average daytime running light. So, you have the LED light bar that surrounds most of the headlight, which is going to give you some better styling and making you more noticeable while you're driving around on the street. However, this is also going to integrate the turn signal into that. And not only is it going to just blink, but it is going to have a switchback function or pulse whenever you actuate the turn signal or the hazards as well as an activation. So, whenever the ignition is triggered, that will pulse giving you a little hello with the headlight.So, overall, I personally think that not only the styling is going to be really good out of these headlights, the overall quality and the construction is really there. And it's gonna give you that lighting performance if you're really struggling with your factory halogen lights or even your factory projectors. Now, with that being said, these are going to be on the premium side as far as pricing is concerned, but these will come in at roughly $1,300. Now, in comparison to some other available options on the page, these are going to be a very premium choice. These have a lot of thought put into not only the construction for a long-lasting construction, but these do have a lot of features that some of the other choices will not. So, some of their options will not come with the daytime running light feature, especially the activation feature or even the switchback function. And then some of their less expensive choices may have a projector lens, but they may only have one instead of this quad setup or they may have a projector halogen setup as where this is a projector LED which is going to be a lot brighter and a lot more modernized and longer-lasting.So, kind of comes down to your personal preference when it comes to headlights. But I think if you're looking for something that is high-quality, is going to give you not only a premium look but premium function and is going to last basically the lifetime of your Tacoma, this is going to be right up your alley. Now, when it comes to install, this is going to be completely plug-and-play. I'm gonna give it a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, however. Because if you don't have the factory daytime running light, you will need to do a little bit of wiring but the wiring harness is included so it may take you a little bit longer. So, I am gonna give it a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, but nothing you can't get done in your driveway in about two hours with some pretty basic handles. So, speaking of that installed, let's jump into that now. The tools that I used in this install were an electric ratchet and an impact wrench, soft pry tool, a trim removal tool, and a 10-millimeter socket. To kick off this install, we're gonna pop our hood and we're gonna take off our grilleNow, for this, you're gonna need a 10-millimeter socket and a trim removal tool. So, on either side of the grille, we're gonna have two clips and then we are gonna have two 10-millimeter screws that are holding on the support arms of our grille. So, I'm gonna start with this trim removal tool and the clips. All we have to do is just get underneath it there and pop it right out. Now, you can use a flathead screwdriver for this, however, I find that these are a little bit easier to work with, especially if the clips are new. Then we can take that 10-millimeter socket and remove the two screws upfront. So, at this point, now that all the fasteners are removed, we can lift up on these arms up at the front off of those plastic retainers and we can just give the grille a good tug forward. Now, if you have new clips with this grille, it might be a little bit difficult but all you have to do is just give it a go pull. So, over on the side of our headlight, there's gonna be a bolt that we need to access. But in order to access that we need to drop the bumper down a little bit.So, over on the left side of the headlight here or on the inside of the headlight, there's gonna be two clips that are gonna help us kind of lower that bumper. So, what I'm gonna do is take a trim removal tool and remove the two clips that are holding on the cover here. We can reinstall these after the new headlight is installed. So, in order to access that bolt and pull the bumper down, we do need to peel the fender away a little bit so we can unclip the bumper from the retainer clip on this junction here. So, in order to do that, we need to remove this 10-millimeter bolt in the fender well, and there may be another one down at the bottom. We don't have one there, we don't have a retainer clip. So, I'm going to take a 10-millimeter socket and remove the one up top. Now, when that is out of the way, we'll be able to kind of peel the fender away. There is gonna be some 3M tape but there's also gonna be some clips. So, I would recommend to take a soft pry tool and depress those clips to kind of pry the fender out.Now that the fender is pulled out, what we can do is unhook our bumper from this little retainer clip over on this side and give it a good pull out. So, once that's unclipped, we can pull the bumper down a little bit, and we can access that bolt that's holding in the part of our headlight here. So, as you can see, when I pull the bumper down, there's gonna be a bolt that is holding in the retainer clip and the headlight. I'm gonna take a 10-millimeter socket and go ahead and remove that. Now, once that's out, we can remove the other bolts that are holding in our headlight. So, we're gonna have two bolts at the top of our headlight, I'm going to continue to use that 10-millimeter socket to remove both of those. So, I'm gonna take a soft pry tool and just lightly pry on these tabs. There's little retainer clips that kind of hold them in place. So, just want to pop those off, and then we'll be able to move our headlight. Now, I'm gonna move it inward towards the center of our grille here, there's a little clip down at the bottom, and you can kind of slide it in and out.Now, the bumper may fight you a little bit here, you can just pull back on it a little while you do this. You can carefully pull out that headlight, and now we can disconnect all of our harnesses. So, on the back of our headlight, we're gonna have five plugs. Now, if you have a halogen light, it will be a little bit different. But I'm gonna start with our turn signal on the side here. All we have to do is just pull that plug out. Gonna pull out our high beam. I would make a note that the high beam is going to be a yellow plug and the low beam is going to be a green plug. So, just depress that clip and pull back. We can disconnect our marker light over on the inside of our light. And then last but not least, if you do have a factory daytime running light, we can disconnect that as well. At this point, we're ready to install our headlight, however, we do have a couple of harnesses that come out of the kit. Now, this large wiring harness is going to be responsible for the sequential turn signal as well as a daytime running light if your Tacoma does not have daytime running lights from the factory.Now, there are gonna be two extra plugs, these are gonna have connectors that go to the turn signal. Now, the one that's going to be compatible with the sequential wiring harness is the one with two plugs on the end. Now, this is going to allow that sequential turn signal or the switchback function to happen whenever you actuate your turn signal. Now, the other one is if you do not want that function, and you're just looking for a standard turn signal or standard turn signal setup and don't need the actual sequence when it comes to the turn signal itself. So, you kind of have an option there and then you'll get another wiring harness or just a lead here. Now, this is going to plug into the back of the headlight and have an adapter harness on the back connected to this small harness here. Now, this is going up for the Tacoma owners that have a factory daytime running light and want to utilize that factory plug instead of the leads that come off of this. This makes it a little bit easier, you can tuck the excess wires away on this plug and just utilize that factory harness.So, what I'm gonna do is put this standard plug aside, I'm gonna show you how to do the switchback function or that sequential turn signal. And then I'll also show you how to plug this in and where to plug this in for the Tacoma owners that have the factory daytime running light. So, what we can do first is take our adapter harness for our factory plug for our turn signal, we can plug the part in that's going to be on our headlight. Then we can grab our turn signal wiring harness from our factory harness, plug that in. Next, we can plug in the low and high beam for the headlights. Now, they are going to be labeled here and like I said earlier, the plugs are going to differentiate between the yellow and the green. So, our yellow is our high beam, plug that in, and the green is our low beam, you can plug that one in as well. Next, we have our marker light and our daytime running light. So, I'm going to plug in our marker light up on the side. And then last but not least, we have this daytime running light.So, like I mentioned before, if you don't have factory daytime running lights, you will need to utilize the provided wiring harness. If you do, you'll need to utilize this small adapter plug. So, I'm gonna plug that in, it should click, and then on the back of each headlight, you're gonna have a little lead here. Now, this is what you would plug into that large wiring harness. But I'm just gonna plug it into our adapter. Now, at this point, if you don't have the factory daytime running lights, you will need to wire that into a power source. You can tap it into a fuse and connect it to the battery, it's very straightforward. You're just gonna need to run that harness to both headlights. There's a shorter lead and a longer lead. The longer lead is gonna go over to the passenger side running light or the passenger side headlight. So, at this point, now what we can do is position our headlight in place and get it mounted up. So, you wanna make sure that this tab at the front is aligned again. And we're just going to kind of slip the headlight into place.Again, if you have to pull down on the bumper in order to squeeze this in, you can. So, once you get one tab over it's gonna be a little bit easier to get the other one over. But these are just gonna pop into place over those retainers. And then we can pull the bumper around and start to secure everything back up. Now, at this point headlight is in place, we can secure the side with that factory 10-millimeter bolt. You may have to pull the bumper down to align it. But I'm just gonna hand-thread that first, then we can tighten it up with our 10-millimeter socket here. So, once that's tightened up, what we can do is move our bumper cover over these bottom tabs on the headlight and get it clipped into this retainer here. Once that's clipped in, we can clip our fender back in. Now, if you would like what you can do is put a little bit of 3M tape on the back if the factory 3M tape is not sticking as well. Then we can put in that bolt on the inner wheel well. So, we can take that factory bolt, line it up and thread it in with that 10-millimeter socket.So, after we have the bumper on the side buttoned-up, what we can do is secure the top two using the factory hardware and a 10-millimeter socket. I would recommend that you tighten these up but don't over-tighten them. This is plastic and if you do over-tighten them, the plastic will crack, so just a good hand tight will do. Last but not least we can reattach this part of our bumper using our factory clips. And then after those are secure, we can repeat that same process on the other side. So, before I jump into installing the second headlight, I do wanna stop down and show you guys these two side by side, tell you guys a little bit more about the factory headlight in comparison to our new one, some of the similarities and differences and why this is going to be a huge upgrade for your Tacoma. Now, just starting off is a basic overview of our factory light. We have a standard chrome housing and a black housing on the side, we have a clear lens, we're gonna have a very basic setup.Now, this is the projector headlight from the factory, so it will be a little bit different in comparison to the standard halogen bulb and halogen reflector. But this is still gonna work off of halogen technology. So, the projector lens is going to help out when it comes to lighting performance. It is an upgrade as far as the factory headlight is concerned. But this is still going to carry over that halogen bulb. So, it is gonna be a little bit warmer when it comes to the color temperature, it's not going to perform as well or have the lifespan of an LED would. Now, this is also gonna come up with the daytime running light around the headlight, those are gonna be LEDs. So, you are kind of getting some styling there. But overall it is going to be a pretty basic setup, good for stock performance, but not necessarily the best when it comes to lighting performance like this one is. Now, moving over to this new option. Now, this is going to come with a Alpha black housing as it says in the name.It is going to be a very dark housing, which is almost gonna give an effect to the lighting to make it look a lot brighter and not only perform a lot better but look a lot better as well. And it's going to give that sleek smoked blacked-out appearance if you're a fan of that. What I also do like is this is going to have a clear lens so it's not gonna take away from any lighting performance while still giving you that blacked-out look. Now, the big upgrade between the two is the fact that this is gonna come with OSRAM LED technology. So, the OSRAM LED is going to be a lot brighter, it's going to project the light a lot farther, especially with the lens on there, which I'll touch on in just a second. But it is also going to look a lot cleaner. So, it's gonna have a wider color temperature or a cleaner color temperature in comparison to the factory halogen bulb that is a little bit warmer. So, it's gonna give you that more modernized look out of the headlight. Now, this is going to be a quad setup. So, this will come up with a quad projector lens on each of the LEDs.Not only is that going to increase the lighting performance dramatically, but it also is going to give a very sleek and almost premium look to the headlight itself and again help out with that lighting performance. Now, this is also gonna have a daytime running light just like our factory one would. But this is going to actuate as the daytime running light, and the turn signal as well as the hazards. So, this will even come with a switchback function. This will kind of pulse in an amber color whenever the turn signal is actuated. So, you're getting a lot of styling out of that and you're also staying a lot more noticeable when you're driving around on the street.Now, this is also going to upgrade the turn signal to an LED and you are keeping the marker light over at the side. In my opinion, I think that this is just a premium, very updated version of the factory headlight as far as the overall placement of the lighting is concerned. Now, again, when it comes to the look and the function of these headlights, they're going to be incredibly brighter and give you a lot more performance and a lot more style, especially with that premium look in comparison to the factory one.So, the last thing that I do really like about these headlights that you don't really see with a lot of other options is the lens does have an anti-fog coating on it. So, these will hold up for an incredible amount of time. Not only are the LEDs going to have a longer lifespan, but the housing itself is going to have a lot longer lifespan. Usually, once the OEM kind of has put some years on, the lens itself will fog up and it is very difficult to get that fog off. Now, with this, you're not really going to see that at all, they are going to hold up for a very long time. Now, these are also going to be completely plug-and-play like you guys just saw. This is gonna come with everything that you need and even know if you have to use the wiring harness for the daytime running light if you don't get them out of the factory, you still will have that plug-and-play option there. You don't have to do any excess wiring with that. So, it makes it incredibly easy to install, like you just saw and overall is going to be a big upgrade to your factory setup.So, what do you say we get this second one installed and see how they look. So, after both headlights are in our last step is to reinstall our grille. So, we're gonna align them with the cutouts on each of the headlight tabs. There's gonna be posts on the grille that we can align and we can just push it forward and pop it into those retainers. Then we can take our factory screws, thread those back in and tighten those up with a 10-millimeter socket. Then we can reinstall our clips on either side. Then we can take our factory clips and pop those into either side of the grille. So, that is going to wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos and products just like this. And always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights
      • Provides a Sharper and Clearer View of the Road
      • Quad Projector Design with Osram Oslon LED Technology
      • Polycarbonate Clear Lenses
      • Lenses Have an Anti-Fog Agent Coating
      • Alpha Black Polypropylene Housings
      • Includes Activation Light, DRL, and Sequential Signal
      • SAE and DOT-Compliant
      • Two Year Limited Warranty
      • Hassle-Free Installation
      • Sold as a Pair
      • Fits 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Models


      Stunning Headlights. Give your Toyota Tacoma TRD a fresh new look by installing these NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights; Alpha Black Housing; Clear Lens. The lights’ aggressive design, paired with bold alpha black housings, gives your truck a stronger and more pronounced front end appeal. As such, expect to turn heads whenever you’re using your headlights on the highway or off-road.

      Powerful Illumination. Even when you’re driving through a dimly lit area, you can ensure that you’re getting more than enough light to see what’s lying up ahead. Aside from their projector headlight styling, these headlights come equipped with Osram Oslon LEDs, which are far brighter and longer-lasting than your truck’s factory lights. What’s more, each assembly features switchback Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), activation lights, and sequential turn signal lights for an impressive display of illumination.

      Superior Construction. To endure the harshness of the rugged trail, these headlights are built with impact-resistant polycarbonate clear lenses, as well as a durable polypropylene alpha black housings. With an anti-fog coating, these headlights are able to deliver brilliant lighting performance even in tough weather conditions.

      Trouble-Free Install.
      These projector headlights are made as direct replacements to your truck’s factory units. They also come with a plug-and-play design. As a result, installing them will be an easy procedure that can be completed in no more than an hour.

      Meets DOT Regulations and SAE Compliance. These headlights meet DOT FMVSS108 regulations and comply with the standards set by the SAE. They’re also certified with ISO-9000, ISO-9001, and ISO-9002.

      Application. These NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights; Alpha Black Housing; Clear Lens are designed to fit 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD models.



      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      • (1) Driver Side Headlight
      • (1) Passenger Side Headlight
      • Headlight Wire Adapter

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