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How to Install a Smittybilt Textured Black 1-Piece Hardtop w/o Upper Doors on your 97-06 Wrangler

Installation Time

1 hours

Extreme Terrain
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NOTE: Carefully read entire instructions thoroughly before attempting to assemble and/or install this product.

This accessory is designed and manufactured primarily to augment the vehicles appearance and to protect the occupants from normal weather conditions. This product is not designed to protect occupants from injury or death in the event of an accident. Always wear your seat belt.

Step 1: If equipped remove softop and all hardware. (Fig A) If your vehicle has the molded rubber seal on top of the belt rail located right behind each door; remove it as well.

Step 2: With assistance carefully set hardtop on vehicle; setting the back side edge on the vehicles belt rail and the front on top of the windshield frame. (Fig B) Center top on vehicle.

Step 3: Align the holes in the top (3 on each side) with the holes on the vehicle. Mount using 1 ea 5/16x1” bolt, flat washer and nut plate. (Fig C) Do not tighten completely at this time. It may be helpful to have assistance by having someone push from the outside in so the holes align easier. Due to variances in vehicles if a mounting hole is slightly off you can easily open the hole up with a drill bit.

Step 4: Make sure top is centered on the windshield frame and gasket. (Fig D) Note: On late model TJ’s push up the ends of the factory windshield gasket into the top.

Step 5: Attach the two front windshield latches on the top into the slots in the windshield frame. You can rotate the hook in and out to adjust for a tight snug fit. When the desired location is found tighten the hex nut up to lock into place. (Fig E)

Step 6: With assistance have someone hold the rear window on the back of the top. Insert the threaded rods on the back of the window hinges through the pre-drilled holes in the top secure with hex nuts. Do not fully tighten at this time (Fig F, G)

Step 7: Close the window and check the gap between the window and the top all of the way around. Center window on top. Now you may tighten the hinge bolts completely. (Fig G) Now raise the window up and install the 2 gas struts. They pop onto the attached brackets on the top and the window.

Step 8: Install the included weather stripping pieces on the rear corners of the body tub. Trim if necessary. (Fig H)

Step 9: You may now tighten the rear mounting bolts along the rear of the top that you installed in Step 3. Installation of the top is now complete.


Step 1: Using a flat screwdriver or panel puller carefully pry out the factory door inserts in the top of the door. (3 per door) Insert the included nut inserts into the bottom of each door insert. The thicker part of the nut insert goes towards the top. (Fig I) Now place the door inserts back into the doors.

Step 2: Place the upper door on top of your factory half door lining up the holes in the door with the door inserts. Install the 4” bolt in the front hole and the 5” bolts in the middle and rear. (Fig J) Use caution when installing the bolts not to push the nut inserts out of the door inserts. Tighten each bolt to secure the door. (Do not over-tighten)

Step 3: Once door is secure place the plastic armrest on door secure by pushing the black plastic plugs through the armrest and into the door. (Fig J) Repeat steps 1 thru 3 for the other side. Installation is now complete. (Fig K, L)


Due to the variances in vehicles; adjustments may need to be made.

1. If the back side of the door is hitting the top, unhook the windshield latches, loosen the rear mounting bolts and then push top backwards. Re-tighten the rear bolts and re adjust front latches.

2. If the top of the door is hitting the top, you can shim the top. Unlatch the front of the top and remove the rear bolts. You can shim top simply by placing the needed amount of flat washers over the mounting holes on the vehicle and the replace top over and reattach bolts.

3. You can also make adjustments to the lower doors by slightly loosening the door bolts using a T40 torx bit and reposition the door for an improved fit.


Wash and clean using a soft cloth and non abrasive soap and water. DO NOT use automotive past wax or something similar that use fillers like Armor all. It is recommend to use something like Auto Glym plastic conditioner. It contains weather resistant resin polymers to help reduce the aging effect cause by sunlight, water and other elements. It is available at most automotive detail outlets.