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How to Install Smittybilt Cargo Restraint System on your 2007-2013 Wrangler

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
Extreme Terrain
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Please read instructions entirely before installing this part

NOTE: You will need to have the following to install this part correctly. 1. Tailgate retaining bar and brackets.

Step 1: To avoid damage to your CRES It is recommended to remove your soft top to install this product.Remove your existing soft top at this time (If equipped)

Step 2: Unfold the C-RES top and lay it our over the rear of the vehicle. (Fig A)

Step 3: Starting on the driver side attach the plastic channel in the top into the front edge of retaining channel the body tub next to the door opening. Then continue down the side and around the rear corners. (Fig B) Repeat on the passenger side. If installing with the OEM door surrounds continue to Step 4, if you are installing without the proceed to Step 9.

Step 4: Begin inserting the plastic channel in the top into the vertical part of the door surround on the driver side. (Fig C)

Step 5: Now insert the plastic channel on the top into the top horizontal part of your door surrounds. (Fig D) Repeat step 4 and 5 on the passenger side now.

Step 6: Loosely attach the two top straps around the sport bar into the factory holes in the sound pods. (Fig E)

Step 7: Slide your tail-gate retaining bar into the sewn in extrusion on the back of your top (Fig F) Once all the way on lock the bar into the brackets (Fig G)

Step 8: Now pull the straps around the sport bar securely. Installation is now complete. The C-RES can be used in with conjunction with briefs and extended tops. Simply maneuver the straps on the briefs through the holes on the C-RES in the best location. Installation is now complete. (Fig H)

Step 9: Wrap the center side straps around the sport bar and secure with buckle. (Fig I, K)

Step 10: Wrap the side corner straps around the sport bar and secure with buckle (Fig J, K)

Step 11: Slide the front corner straps around the roll bar and back to the buckle, secure snugly. (Fig L) Now, finish installation by going through steps 6-8

Care and Maintenance Information

To keep your product looking new and for the maximum possible wear, it requires periodic cleaning and maintenance.

FABRIC – The fabric can be washed using soap, warm water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse with clear water making sure to remove all soap.

Zippers, Keep zippers clean and apply a silicone lubricant to them to help prevent damaged to them and keep them operating smoothly. Zipper heads can also be repaired if they happen to spread apart by using pliers to gently squeeze the head back together.