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How to Install Rugged Ridge Front Side Marker and Parking Light Euro Guard Kit on your 2007-2013 Wr

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
Extreme Terrain
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Step 1. Begin by removing the bulb and socket assembly from the marker light. Twist the socket up and away from the vehicle until it loosens.

Step 2. With the bulb removed, locate the two housing retaining tabs (circled) and pry them outwards, releasing the housing.

Step 3. The housing may now be removed from the front of the vehicle.

Step 4. Align the 3 metal tabs with the 3 housing tabs (they are spaced uniquely and only go on one way). Slide the bottom guard tab over the housing until it clears the lens (use the lens stamping letters to determine bottom).

Step 5. Slide the remaining guard tabs onto the housing. The fit will be tight.

Step 6. With the guard seated onto the housing, squeeze the guard tabs tightly for a snug fit.

Step 7. Re-insert the housing into the grille. Push the housing back until it snaps into place.

Step 8. Reinstall the bulb/socket assembly, remembering to rotate it to secure it to the housing.

Step 9. Installation is now complete!

Side Marker Euro Guards (2)

1. Gain access to the side marker light. First, pull back the inner fender liner to expose the back of the side marker light. It needs to be pulled over a tab (Figures 1a and 1b). Next, use a small allen wrench to push in the center of the plastic rivet that holds the fender flare to the light (Figure 1c). It sometimes takes considerable force to release this. Once the center has been pushed through, the rivet can be pulled out toward the wheel.

2. Remove bulb from light housing by twisting and pulling (Figure 2a). Push on tab at top of side marker housing to release housing from inner fender (Figure 2b). Pull light housing out of bottom of fender flare (Figure 2c). It may help to have another person pull the inner fender liner and the flare apart while removing the light.

3. Place the Euro Guard into the fender flare from the back side (Figure 3a). Re-install side marker light (Figure 3b). It may help to have another person pull the inner fender liner and the flare apart while installing the light. The Euro Guard is held in place between the side marker light and the fender flare.

4. Reinstall light bulb, inner fender liner, and the light retaining rivet. Installation is the reverse of removal.