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How To Install a Redrock 4X4 Snorkel on your 2000-2006 4.0L Jeep Wrangler TJ

Installation Time

3 hours

Tools Required
  • Marker
  • Silicone
  • Allen Set
  • Socket Set
  • 3" hole saw
  • power drill
  • rotary cutter
  • painters tape
  • rivet gun
  • 3/16” Drill Bit
Extreme Terrain
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(1) - Snorkel
(11) - Rivets
(1) - Front Bracket 
(1) - Side Bracket 
(3) - Hose Clamp 
(2) - Allen Studs and Nuts 
(3) - Washers
(3) - Screws
(1) - Snorkel Intake 
(1) - Snorkel Bracket and hardware 


-Place the Supplied template along the back edge of the fender.
-Line the top edge of the template with the top of the fender (I used the bottom radius of the top fender edge).
-Mark holes with marker and drill. The 3” hole saw WILL REQUIRE more additional trimming to allow for proper fit. 


-Remove the battery and battery tray to gain access to back side of the snorkel.
-Remove the vacuum canister to be relocated later (located where the red circle is above). 


-Install snorkel through fender and thread in the studs. Install the large washers and the lock nuts.

-Slide the accordion tube and hose clamp over the inlet and tighten. 


Relocate the vacuum canister to the rewall below the ECU, using the exposed stud and the provided nut.
Secure the other side of the canister with the provided Screw. 


-Remove the Air box, and line up the air block off plate.
-Mark and drill the rivet holes.
-Be sure the surface is clean and free of dirt before applying silicone sealant.
-Rivet block off plate in place. 


-Using the template for your application, mark and drill holes for the new intake plate.
-Clean the surface and use enough silicone to seal the plate to the air box. 


-Seal any other holes in the air box to prevent unwanted leaks.
-Use the supplied spacer on the new intake tube.


-Connect intake air tube from the snorkel.
-Make sure the tube isn’t rubbing on anything that would result in a hole. 


-Mark Snorkel mounting bracket on the A pillar and secure with provided hardware. 


-Mount the snorkel inlet with provided hose clamp. 

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