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Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust (18-20 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door)

Item J130884-JL
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      Review & Installation Video

      Hey, what's up, guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain and today, I'm here with the Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust fitting your 2018 and up four-door Wrangler JL. This is for those of you JL owners that are off-roading enthusiasts, you like to hit those tough trails, you're looking for a high-quality exhaust, it is going to give you plenty of clearance when you're out there and about and, of course, handle all of that abuse that comes in the off-roading world. Now, as you all know, the JL has a rather large muffler located at the tail end and this can be a huge issue when you're rock crawling. The last thing you wanna do is come down off of an obstacle and have that either punch a hole up through the muffler causing a ton of damage or you get your Jeep stuck. This high clearance system is not only gonna relocate that muffler, but it utilizes a much smaller high flow muffler. This is gonna keep this whole entire system up and out of the way. That's gonna give you a ton of piece of mind when you're out there on the trails knowing that you're not gonna come down and smash this system.Now, Pypes not only offers a very affordable system, but they're gonna give you a system that basically has the most amount of clearance that you're gonna get in the aftermarket. Now if you're looking for a system like this and you're really into that off-roading, you're gonna want something that's gonna stand up to all of that mud, sand, rocks, and everything that you're going to splash and sling at it. Now, of course, this system is made from high-quality stainless steel, so you're getting that ultimate protection as far as corrosion goes. With this system, you're getting a system that's gonna last a long time, even in the harshest climates and off-roading conditions. Now, this system utilizes mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow and, of course, a perfect fit. This system does fit really well and it utilizes a high flow muffler to give you a deep and aggressive tone while providing maximum performance gains.Now a system like this is going to decrease back pressure and that's gonna allow your engine to breathe a little bit better, pull more air in, and be more efficient overall. Now, you are gonna get a little more horsepower and a little more low-end torque and that's something that we can really use in our Jeeps whether you're just playing around out in those trails or if you're towing. Now, systems for the JL as far as cat-backs go can range anywhere from $250 all the way over to $550. Of course, those cheaper options are gonna come with an aluminized mild steel and that's something that's really not gonna handle up in those harsh climates or especially if you live in the Rust Belt like we do. Now, with this system, you're getting a high-quality option that's stainless steel, is gonna last you a long time, fits really good, and it's all coming in right around $375, making it a very good affordable option as far as these systems go.Now, loudness. On a scale of one to wake the neighbors, I'm gonna give this about a four out of five. This is a pretty loud exhaust. It's gonna give you a deep and aggressive tone. It's pretty mild while you're idling, but when you get on that skinny pedal, you're really gonna wake that thing up and hear it. Now, one of the nice things you're gonna get with a straight through muffler just like this system has, is you're gonna get that really nice gurgley, almost backfiring sound. Now, this system is geared a little bit more towards those budget-minded enthusiasts that are really looking for a high-quality system and don't wanna skimp on quality. Now, as far as installation goes, I'm gonna give this a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You can get this installed in about two hours. So, with that being said, let's hop into our install. Tools we used for this install: 13-millimeter wrench, 15-millimeter socket, 13-millimeter socket, socket extension, exhaust hanger removal tool, some lubricant, 3/8 drive impact.So, for this installation we're gonna have to remove our whole exhaust system from our catalytic converter back. We're actually gonna separate our muffler first. Now, you can do this with the vehicle up in the air like we're gonna do it. It's a lot easier if you wanna do it that way, but you can do it on the ground. This is a two-piece design, so you'll be able to get all of this exhaust system out. Now, you might want to jack up your vehicle, that way it'll give you a little extra room. We're actually we're gonna start with this band clamp right here on the back of this muffler connecting it to our over the axle pipe. This is gonna be a 15-millimeter, so we're gonna use a socket on an impact and get that off. So, next thing we're gonna do we're gonna remove our hangers. You're gonna have two hangers, one on each side of the muffler. You could try to get the muffler out of those rubber hangers, however, it is pretty difficult. There's no a lot of room up there to move so what we're gonna actually do is take these mounts off. You're gonna need a 13-millimeter wrench or socket, we're gonna take out this little side bolt first. After we get that out, there's gonna be another bolt up here, I'm gonna use a 13-millimeter on an extension to get that out. Cool. So, now we're gonna go to the other side, we're gonna do that same thing. Cool. So, once you get that last bolt out, what you wanna do is put a hand on that muffler, we're gonna slide both of these clamps down. And then what we're gonna do is wiggle this exhaust system so we can get it off of that over the axle pipe. So, next thing you're gonna do is go to the middle of your Jeep, right next to your transfer case, we're gonna have this band clamp right here. We're gonna use a 13-millimeter socket to take that off. All we're gonna do is just loosen it up. If you loosen it up enough, it should just slide off of that exhaust system because we're basically gonna leave that in place. Just make that loose enough.So, the next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna go towards the back of the Jeep. You're gonna have this pipe and this hanger right here. We need to get this pipe out of this rubber bushing. So, you can use a pry bar. It'd be a good idea to spray some WD-40 on there. I'm actually going to use a hanger removal tool and this should make it pretty easy for this to come out. All right. So, once you get that hanger off, what you can do, just slide this. So, we're gonna slide it all the way forward past the transfer case, then you can get it down over the axle, pull the whole pipe out. All right, guys. So, before we get this new system installed, I just wanna take a moment to point out some of the differences between these two exhaust systems and, of course, some of the benefits that you're gonna get with an aftermarket system such as this. Now, the first thing I wanna talk about is the factory exhaust system. As you can see, we have a resonator over here, we also have a rather large muffler at the back right there. Now, there's a couple of things that I like about the factory system, there's also a couple things that I really don't like about the factory system. The first thing is going to be that rather large muffler. Now, not only is that large muffler going to kill your flow, increase back pressure and, of course, leave some power on the table, but it's a very large item that can get hit on the trails. If you're an avid rock crawler, you really like going through those tough trails, when you come down off on an obstacle, this things ray in the back and can really land that on a rock, that can cause a lot of damage to that or you can even get stuck. But the one thing that I really don't like is this crush pipe back here. Now, that crush pipe is going to make that air change shape and that's gonna cause some turbulence and it's also gonna reduce flow. As you can see back here, all we're dealing with is just a straight pipe tip and that's gonna result in some really nice flow. Now, this new exhaust system is mandrel bent all the way and that's gonna give you really good flow and like I said, reduced turbulence. Not really much turbulence and that's gonna reduce that back pressure, really increase the power of your engine and let it breathe a lot better. So, along with getting rid of that muffler, we're also getting rid of this resonator back here. We're actually swapping it out for Pypes' M-80 muffler. Now, this is a Race Pro series and this whole system is made of stainless steel. So, versus your factory exhaust system, which is just an aluminized steel version, this is gonna handle up a lot better. Now, with this exhaust system, you're getting the same size piping, this is a two and a half-inch just like your factory one. You're gonna get a lot more flow, a lot more sound. And the nice thing about this is it's gonna fit in this factory location. So, it does come with brand new clamps and everything to install this and we're gonna utilize those factory hangers to get this thing installed. We don't really have to do any modification to get this in. So, with that being said, we do have to switch over one of our hangers, but then we can get this installed.All right. So, we're gonna go over to the Jeep. First thing we're gonna do, we're gonna pull off this factory clamp right here. So, you wanna loosen that bolt up enough that you can get this off because we have a brand new one to install. So, we're gonna hang that right on there, then we're gonna take our extension pipe. What you wanna do is get a pole jack, that way you can support this after you get it in. So, we're just gonna line that up just like that. Then we'll go get some tools so we can clamp this clamp down and get it tight. So, we're gonna slide those pipes together, make sure that they are fully engaged. Next thing we're gonna do is take a 13-millimeter on an extension and we're gonna tighten this up. This is the same size that we used to take the factory one off. Now, while you're tightening these up, you wanna make sure that both of these pipes are all the way together. Put a little bit of tension on them and then we'll work on getting this muffler installed. So, after we get that extension pipe in, the next thing we're gonna do is install our muffler. Now, you wanna make sure that you get one of those brand new clamps on there and you wanna make sure that you orient that in a way that you're gonna be able to tighten it up once you get it in. So, we're gonna go ahead, get our clamp on there, we're gonna slide that on, then we'll put another clamp on the backside and we'll get our over the axle pipe on. So, get that other clamp on there. Same positioning. Now, we're gonna take this pipe, we're gonna go over the axle through the back side or you can put it through the back side towards the front. Really doesn't matter. Then what we're gonna do is make sure that that pipe slides into there.All right. And then after we get that in, what we wanna do, we wanna take this and we wanna slide it in this hanger up there. Now, when you finish this tailpipe over the axle, you wanna go above this sway bar, it's gonna mount in that factory location up there. And you just wanna make sure that you go over the sway bar. It is a little tricky to get it completely in. So, we got ours in place, we're gonna go ahead and set that mount up in there and then we'll get that hardware installed. Now, once we get both those bolts back in that mount, we're gonna take those 13 millimeters and we're gonna tighten them back up. So, we're just gonna get that last bolt tightened up at the top, and then we'll get our clamps tight. All right. So, the next thing we're gonna do, we're gonna come all the way up to the front to that first clamp that we put on, we're gonna tighten that up. Use that same 13-millimeter. All right. So, after you get that front clamp tight, we're gonna tighten up the two clamps on our muffler. These actually can use a 15-millimeter socket and you wanna make sure that these pipes are slid all the way in and bottom down when you go to tighten them up. While we're tightening this back clamp, you can adjust this exhaust a little bit, you can see that there's a lot of movement in it. So, what you wanna do is just get that in a good position where this hanger isn't scraping the frame or anything like that. Make sure you have clearance then you can tighten that up. Now that we have this system completely installed, what you wanna do is start it up, make sure you don't have any leaks or rattles. If you have any part of the exhaust or hangers touching, you wanna just loosen up those clamps, just move the system around a little bit, tighten it back up, and that should fix any of those issues. However, that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. For more videos and products like this, check us out at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Specs & Installation


      • Deep, Bold Exhaust Tone
      • Optimizes Power Gains
      • Straight-Through Muffler Design
      • High-Strength 2.50-Inch Wide Stainless Steel Piping Construction
      • Natural Satin Finish
      • Curved and Cut Piping Tip
      • Direct Install Procedure With Minor Cutting
      • Fits All 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door Models


      The Sound To Match The Strength. Give your Jeep an exhaust tone to match its rugged performance with the Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust. This cat-back exhaust produces a sound that starts out as a deep bass-rich tone that then explodes into an aggressive roar that’s loud but not obnoxious. This bold exhaust sound is bound to announce your presence, whether driving on or off-road.

      Optimized Performance. The Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust not only upgrades your exhaust tone, but your performance as well. This cat-back exhaust features a straight, free-flowing design, from the piping to the high-performance muffler. The result is more efficient evacuation of exhaust gases, resulting in optimized power and torque.

      Superior Construction For The Trails. The Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust is constructed from 304 stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. This cat-back exhaust mounts close to your Wrangler’s under chassis, protecting it from damage during off-roading. This exhaust features 2.50-inch wide piping that’s fully mandrel-bent eliminating areas where turbulence may occur. This exhaust’s tip is the bent, extension of the piping, giving the assembly a spartan style. Lastly, this exhaust is finished in the stainless steel’s natural satin for rugged looks.

      Direct Installation With Minor Cutting. The Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust installs on preexisting locations on your Jeep. Minor cutting may be necessary with some models for a proper fit. Additionally, this assembly comes with all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free procedure.

      Application. The Pypes High Ground Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust fits all 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door models.

      Fitment: 2018 2019 2020 Details

      Pypes SJJ25R

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


      Customer Reviews (3)

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      Ratings Summary

      4.7 out of 5 overall rating from 3 customers

      Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      • June 11, 2019

        4 2018 Wrangler - DaleColangelo Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

        A Bit Loud

        The fit was spot on, super easy installation. I admit I was a little surprised as to how loud the system is inside the jeep. The pitch is also a little high for me as well. Overall, very satisfied and if you want an attention-getting exhaust, especially when you're getting on the gas, this is it!

        Helpful (0)
      • May 06, 2019

        5 2018 Rubicon - Mixedup4x4 Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


        This exhaust was super easy to install. The amount of space it frees up is amazing. The huge pointless muffler and resonator that come from the factory are no longer going to face possible destruction. The sound is a nice mean rumble at start and idle, as you rev the exhaust sounds very mean. With the exhaust being louder than stock, I can say it is not too loud (for me). No bad droning down the highway either.

        Helpful (2)
      • February 11, 2019

        5 2018 Wrangler - DavidC


        Exhaust sounds insaneeeee, install was very easy and the sound is amazing with a minimal interior drone, couldnt have asked for a better exhaust. Pypes performance never dissapoints

        Helpful (3)

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      • JL Wrangler 4 Door - 18, 19, 20