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Morimoto XB Projector LED Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens (16-21 Tacoma)

Item TT5906
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So, today, we're checking out the Morimoto XB Projector LED Headlights, fitting all 2016 and newer Toyota Tacomas. So, if you're not happy with your factory headlights and you're looking for an upgrade in performance as well as styling with a premium choice of headlights, this option by Morimoto is gonna be a great option to take a look into. Now, again, this is going to completely switch it up from the factory with the stealthy black housing, as well as the impressive lighting performance that you're going to get with this LED projector set up. Along with those projector LEDs in the middle, you're also getting some accent lighting around the side with a very modernized and fiber optic feel to them. Now, these are not only going to just act as a daytime running light and add a little bit of styling to the front end of your Tacoma, but these are also going to actuate and illuminate with an amber color whenever you actuate your turn signals or your hazards. And I personally think that that is a bonus, especially over the factory light, again, adding that styling and adding that functionality.Now, again, these are going to be a big upgrade from the factory as far as styling and performance goes, and these again are going to be a premium option, so these are going to cost you roughly about $1,200 for the set. Now, Morimoto is a very reputable brand, and they make high-quality products, and you can really see that in the design of these headlights. Now, again, I told you that these are going to be a premium option, but these are going to have some bells and whistles that some of the other choices on the page are not going to have. Now, what I really do like about these is the fact that these are completely plug-and-play. You don't have to do any splicing or extra wiring or really any extra legwork in order to get these installed. In some of their choices on the page that are a little bit more cost-effective are usually going to involve some splicing, especially for that daytime running light.Not to mention, these are going to be fully adjustable, and you are able to individually adjust the headlights themselves and all of the lighting inside of the headlight housing. You're going to get vertical and horizontal adjustments, so you can really fine-tune where you want your headlights to sit in front of your truck, which is not something that a lot of other options offer, so again, it really comes down to the details. And I personally think for that $1,200 you are getting your money's worth when you invest in a set of premium lights like this. Now, speaking of that install, like I told you guys, it's completely plug-and-play. We're not gonna have any extra wiring involved. So, I'm going to give it a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You're only gonna need a couple of basic hand tools and about an hour to get the job done. So, speaking of that install, let's jump into that now.The tools that I used for my install were an impact wrench, a 10-millimeter socket, a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a plastic trim removal tool, and a metal trim removal tool. So, the first step is to start with the hood open, and then we can go ahead and pop off our grille. For that, you're going to need a trim removal tool or a flathead screwdriver as well as a 10-millimeter socket. So, our first step to removing our grille is to remove the two bolts that are holding it in up at the front support here. I'm going to use a 10-millimeter socket and go ahead and remove those. Next, in order to release our grille, there are two clips on either side. I'm going to use a flathead screwdriver to release those clips. Again, you could also use a trim removal tool for this.What we're gonna do now for our grille is pull up on these two brackets here just to release it from this front support, then we can give it a good pull back, and we'll be able to release the grille. In order to access the third bolt on our headlight, what we have to do is peel our fender back. There are a couple of clips in here, but what I'm going to do first is remove these two bolts that are holding our fender and our bumper on to our Tacoma. I'm gonna be using a 10-millimeter socket. Now, once those are released, we'll have a couple of clips here. Now, one down at the bottom is already released because we've taken the fenders off before, but there's one in the middle. I'm just gonna use my flathead screwdriver very carefully, and also, again, use a pry tool. I'm just going to push down on that clip and carefully pull back.So, now that is loose, so we're able to continue to disconnect our bumper. We're not going to remove the bumper fully. We just need to move it down so we can access a bolt in this crease. So, this clip up at the front is holding on part of our bumper, so I'm going to use a trim removal tool and just pull that out. So, after all of the bolts and clips are disconnected from the side and some of the bottom between the bumper and your inner wheel well, what we're going to do is focus up here. We're gonna pull back on the bumper part of this tab, give it a good tug, and that should release it from the bumper clip on the other side. It might be helpful at this point to use a pry tool as well to work our way up the side and release the bumper from the bracket. And as you can tell, we don't need to take the bumper off completely. It's still secured at the front, but there is a bolt in here that is going to release our headlight. So, with the 10-millimeter socket, I'm going to start by removing that bolt that we just exposed.All right. Then we're gonna move up to the top of our headlight to release the other two bolts. Then we can remove the two bolts up on top. They are also going to be 10-millimeter bolts. I'll use the 10-millimeter socket. So, I am going to remove this clip at the side of our bumper, just to pull the bumper a little bit more outwards, give myself some room to wiggle this up and out. We do have to slide the clip part of the headlight out. All right. So, once the headlight is released, what we're gonna do is expose our wires and start to disconnect our wiring harnesses. You're gonna have five in total on the back. All right. And then we can fully remove our headlight. So, before we plug in our headlight, I did want to show you this harness here. This is going to be for your blinker. Now, if you keep it plugged in, it's going to have a normal blinker function. If you unplug it, that will have a sequential function. So, now we can turn around our headlight and plug in our wiring harness. What we're gonna do next is plug in our new headlight.Now, these are going to be completely plug-and-play like I mentioned before. All of the connectors besides the low and high beam are not gonna be interchangeable. So, they all have their specific plug that they will only go to. So, first, we're gonna start off with our main plugs, our black 3-pin connector, making sure that that clips. Move to our gray 2-pin, then our black and dark gray 2-pin. And then last but not least, we have our low beam and our high beam. The white is going to be our high beam. That's gonna go to the yellow connector. The low beam is going to be going to our green connector. Now, after you have everything plugged in, again, I would recommend to test everything, but now we can wiggle our headlight in place, making sure that our wiring is safe and tucked back. So, what we need to do is make sure that this bottom clips slides into this retainer bracket here. And there also is a pin on the front, so we want to make sure that we pull the bumper forward while sliding it into that clip. It is gonna take a little bit of finagling in order to get this in here, but once it's lined up, it should go in just fine. We can line up our upper and lower brackets, making sure the bottom one is lined up. It looks like it is. And then, we can go ahead and secure our headlight down with the factory hardware.So, first, we'ee gonna take our 10-millimeter screws up top and secure those in, tightening them up with the 10-millimeter socket. Then we're gonna move to the one on the side. It might help if you grab your socket and just give it a couple of threads and you can take your impact wrench or your ratchet and completely tighten it down. So, what we're gonna do now is clip our bumper back into place, so we're just going to pull it back, move it up, and align it with the rest of our brackets. Give it a good press. Press the clips of our fender back into our bumper. So, after this is in place, what we're gonna do is secure it this side down with the two 10 millimeter bolts that we removed previously. I'm gonna take our 10-millimeter socket and tighten those up.What we're gonna do last is just secure the two pins that we removed on our bumper. One is gonna go into our headlight, and then one is gonna go into our bracket here. This is gonna keep our bumper in place. So, after that's wrapped up, we have one headlight installed, we can repeat that process on the other side. Before we hop into the rest of the install, I do want to step down and tell you guys a little bit more about the features out of this new Morimoto headlight, especially in comparison to our factory setup. So, a brief overview of what we have going on with the factory. We have a standard plastic lens. We have a chrome reflector on the inside, some standard halogen bulbs, as well as some amber reflectors on the inside as well. Now, we're moving over to our new Morimoto headlight. You can see that that is the complete opposite. We have a very sleek black housing. We have three LEDs in the middle, a very nice accent light that goes all the way around our headlight, which I do really like. It makes it stand out, and we're going to have a durable exterior and a durable construction for the whole headlight itself.Now, starting off with the exterior, this lens is going to be a polycarbonate lens in comparison to our factory, which is just a standard plastic. That means that this one is going to hold up a lot better, especially if you guys are taking your truck off-roading or out on the trail, even if it's fire trails. This is gonna hold up a lot better to any branches or brush that it may come in contact with. Now, even though it is going to be durable, it's obviously still going to be completely transparent, which is going to allow the most light from those LEDs inside to get onto the road in front of you, especially at night when you are using these. Now, again, these are gonna be a big step up in lighting performance like I just mentioned over the factory halogen bulbs. Now, the factory lights, you are getting that standard halogen filament. That's going to have a lower output as to where this new option by Morimoto is going to have three OSRAM LEDs. Now the OSRAM LED, as you can tell on the front, they do have a bulb or a housing similar to a projector. That's going to help the LED project farther on the road for a brighter light output.The OSRAM LED is also just a step up, and a little bit more premium in comparison to a standard Cree LED. Now, these lights are gonna have two low beams on the outside, and then when you get to the middle, that is going to be your high beam. Now, all of those LEDs are adjustable. You can adjust them vertically as well as horizontally, so you can really fine-tune and hone in on where you want your lighting to sit on the road or in front of you when you have these mounted up to your truck. Now, that's something that you really can't do with your factory light, and you can't do it with a lot of other aftermarket options. So, that really adds a premium touch to the Morimoto setup overall.Now, what I do really like about this is the fact that this is going to have an accent light all around the headlight. That is going to add a lot of style, but it's also going to act as a daytime running light, and it's also going to be sequential with your turn signals. So, not only is the accent light going to light up or illuminate when you put on your turn signals, it's gonna be sequential, and it's gonna match this reflector or light over on the side. It will also illuminate amber when the light is on. Now, the big thing about this is the fact that this is gonna clean up the lighting and increase your lighting performance.Obviously, those LEDs are a big step up from our factory halogens, as you can tell, but they also are going to be a lot brighter and a lot cleaner of a light. So, your factory halogens, those usually sit very low on the Kelvin scale, which gives them those yellowish or orangeish hue. It's a very warm hue. And when moving over to an LED, this one, in particular, is going to have a 5,000K color temperature, which is very high up on the Kelvin scale, and that's going to be a bright white light. So, you are getting a very clean look out of these headlights, and it also is going to, again, be very bright with that high output with the LED.Now, what I do really like about this is the fact that you don't have to splice anything. As you guys just saw, we installed that one light, so it is going to be completely plug-and-play, and they also are going to be DOT and SAE approved, just like your factory headlights. So, what do you say? Let's go ahead and install our new lights. So, after both our headlights are installed, we're gonna reinstall our grille, lining up the pins with our headlights and sliding it into place. All right. Then we're gonna take our two 10-millimeter bolts and 2 clips and secure our grille down. And again, tighten down these top bolts with a 10-millimeter socket. After those are tightened up, we can close up the hood, and then we'll be all set to go.So, that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe, and for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • XB Projector LED Headlights
      • Reinforces Road Visibility and Safety
      • White 5000K Osram Tri-Kuria LEDs
      • UV-Coated Polycarbonate Lenses
      • Durable, Gloss Black PPS Plastic Housings
      • With Amber Sequential Turn Signal Patterns
      • SAE and DOT-Approved
      • Simple, Plug-and-Play Installation
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Sides Included
      • Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty
      • Designed for All 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma Models


      Enhanced Road Visibility. Boost your illumination on the road by replacing your Tacoma factory headlights with the captivatingly-stylish Morimoto XB Projector LED Headlights. These lights are direct-replacement headlights that produce brilliant and clear lighting with a bonus turn signal pattern. This pair of headlights allow the driver to clearly see the road, especially at night. It also warns the other road users of potential hazards along the way by keeping the path well-illuminated.

      Advanced Optics. Morimoto utilizes white LEDs in a triple configuration that radiates a powerfully brilliant illumination. These XB Projector Headlights produce intense and well-distributed beam pattern that operates at a range of 9-32 V. Additionally, these lights feature a row of amber LEDs, which can be set up to run sequential or solid signals to match your preference.

      High-Quality Construction. Built to handle various driving conditions, the LEDs are enclosed in a gloss black, high-strength PPS housings for reliable durability and enhanced style. The light assembly is waterproof and was fabricated with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens for long-lasting functionality. Moreover, the aluminum heat sinks ensure optimum performance and cooler operations, thanks to the efficient heat dissipation mechanism.

      Street-Legal. These headlights were particularly designed by Morimoto to comply with the rigidity, performance, and safety regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 and SAE.

      Bolt-On Installation. With all the necessary hardware and wiring harness included, these XB Projector LED Headlights bolt directly to your vehicle’s wiring system and reuses the factory mounting locations. The installation process completes with light mechanical and electrical skills.

      Limited Warranty. A 5-year limited warranty is offered by Morimoto for these XB Projector Headlights against factory defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is subject to certain conditions and exclusions; please see the manufacturer’s warranty guide for complete details.

      Application. Morimoto designed this pair of XB Projector LED Headlights for all 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma models.

      Fitment: 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

      Morimoto LF530

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

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      • (2) Headlights
      • (1) Wiring Harness
      • Installation Hardware

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