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Jeep Wrangler Trail Necessities

Jeep Wrangler Trail Necessities

The first rule of wheeling is to always go prepared; expect the unexpected. Wheeling in your Wrangler is a a great time, as long as you are prepared so you can make it home. This article will include a list of necessities for every trail run.

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Having a winch could be the difference between walking home and riding home, comfortable in your Jeep. When out wheeling, make sure you or a buddy has a recovery system in place. Just in case.

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Always, Always Bring a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is crucial and the most important thing to bring with you on the trail. First aid kits range from just a few band aids, to well-equipped packages containing everything from meal rations to tourniquets. These are essential to any expedition, as you never know when someone is going to get injured. It is important to be prepared, whether the incident is a scrape on your knee, or a roll-over accident. Someone’s life depends on it. 

Sustenance on the Trial: Food 

Food is also a must have on any wheeling trip. It is important to have food in case you get stuck in the trails for an extended period of time. While off road you may get lost, and/or damage something on your vehicle requiring you to set up camp until help arrives. It is good to keep at least 72 hrs worth of non-perishable food in your Wrangler for both you and your passengers.

Emergency Recovery Jack Mounted on the Hood of a JK Wrangler
Emergency Recovery Jack

Water, Water, Water

Water is a necessity in life, so of course it is a necessity on the trail. Water is needed for every trail run as it has many benefits. The foremost benefit is it keeps you and your passengers hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated, as hydration keeps you focused, so you can focus on wheeling and get home safely. Water is also important because it can be used to fix your Wrangler. If you face issues such as over heating, pouring water in your radiator can help cool your Wrangler down, preventing further damages.


Just in Case: Camping Gear

Just in case you do get lost or break down, it is smart to come prepared to stay the night. Camping gear includes a tent, cooking supplies, lights, sleeping bag, spare clothes, and other camping items as you see fit. Camping gear may take up a lot of trunk space, but that doesn't negate its necessity.


50in Light Bar Mounted to the Roof of a TJ Wrangler
50in Light Bar

Some Cheap Insurance: Spare Parts

While wheeling you may damage parts, and it is important to have back up parts and the tools required to repair or replace them. It is recommended to carry spare U-Joints, drive shafts, power steering and coolant hoses, as well as axle shafts. When you are wheeling, a tough obstacle might require you to bounce your vehicle, and this increases stress on weaker components on your Wrangler (like U-joints and axle shafts). These weaker components may give under stress. Having spare parts on board creates the ability to fix and drive your Wrangler home, rather than requiring rescue. Maybe then so you can upgrade to something bigger and better. Spare tires are also essential in case you lose a bead or your tire goes flat. You never know the terrain you'll experience, and having spare parts gives you more assurance that you will be able to get home safe. 

TJ Wrangler with a Rear Bumper Spare Tire Carrier
Bumper Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Don't Get Stuck - Recovery Gear

Having recovery gear on board is essential. Let’s face it, we have all or will get stuck at some point in our life, and we need to be prepared for it. The first and most important recovery gear you need is your buddy. Never wheel alone. Having a buddy on the trail with you allows you to be pulled out, or a second set of eyes when in a tough situation. Other necessary recovery gear includes a winch, winch accessories, and a jack. A winch and the winching accessories allow you to winch over tough obstacles in a safe manner for you and the people around you.  Winching accessories include tree savers, D-Rings, dampeners, and snatch-blocks. All these accessories are part of proper winching technique and are designed to keep you and others safe. A hi-lift jack is also handy on the trail, as it can be used as a recovery tool, or help lift your vehicle with a blown out tire. 

Overall, it is important to go prepared. With all these wheeling essentials you can wheel with confidence that you will make it home safely and in one piece. 

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