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Jeep Wrangler Torque Specs

XT Staff

XT Staff

 / Jun 12 2019

When your Wrangler rolled off the factory assembly line, every single nut and bolt of the steering, drivetrain, suspension, and many other areas, were torqued to manufacturer's specification. The reason for this is that if the bolts were not tight enough they could fall out. If the bolts were over-tightened they could get stuck in the hole, snap, or pull the threads out.

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The Importance or Torque

During routine maintenance and after doing any kind of modification to your steering, suspension, or drivetrain, all bolts and nuts should be checked to ensure that they have been tightened to specification.

A good example of when you should ensure that you have properly torqued your Wrangler’s nuts and bolts to specification is after installing a lift kit. When a lift kit is installed, many components may need to be replaced or temporarily removed, upon reinstallation these parts must be properly torqued. With the vibrations and impacts that Wranglers experience both on and off-road, improperly torqued bolts could easily be shaken loose and then run the risk of causing the component to fall off. A torque wrench is a precision tool that is used to apply the correct amount of torque to the nut or bolt that is being tightened. There are several types of torque wrenches including a beam type, click type, digital, and dial type. Another great example that is a bit more common would be your wheels.

In order to find the specifications for your Wrangler you can look either in the factory service manual for your Jeep or on our site. We have compiled a list of torque specs for each generation.

Wrangler JK Torque Specs

Wrangler TJ Torque Specs

Wrangler YJ Torque Specs

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