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Wrangler YJ Suspension Torque Specs

Wrangler YJ Suspension Torque Specs
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Wrangler YJ Steering & Suspension Torque Specs

The torque specs of your steering and suspension system are extremely important. If these components are not correctly torqued to spec you run the risk of shimmy, death wobble, or even loss of control while driving.



Leaf Spring Eye To Shackle Bolt Nuts

95 ft-lbs

Leaf Spring Eye To Frame Bracket Bolt Nuts

105 ft-lbs

Leaf Spring Tie Plate U-Bolt Nuts (Front)

90 ft-lbs

Leaf Spring Tie Plate U-Bolt Nuts (Rear)

90 ft-lbs

Shock Absorber Upper Nut (Front)

45 ft-lbs

Shock Absorber Lower Eye Bolt Nut (Front)

45 ft-lbs

Shock Absorber Nuts (Rear)

46 ft-lbs

Stabilizer Bar To Link Bolt Nut

45 ft-lbs

Stabilizer Bar To Frame Bracket Nuts

30 ft-lbs

Stabilizer Bar Link To Tie Plate Nut

45 ft-lbs

Axle Bracket Nut (Front) (1987-1993)

74 ft-lbs

Axle Bracket Nut (Front) (1994)

125 ft-lbs

Axle Bracket Nut (Front) (1995)

105 ft-lbs

Frame Bracket Nut (Front) (1987-1994)

125 ft-lbs

Frame Bracket Nut (Front) (1995)

105 ft-lbs

Trackbar Nuts (Rear)

125 ft-lbs

Steering Knuckle To Axle Ball Joint Stud Nuts

100 ft-lbs

Airbag Module Arming Screw (1995)

10-15 in-lbs

Airbag Module To Steering Wheel Nuts (1995)

100 in-lbs

Steering Wheel Nut

25 ft-lbs

Intermediate Shaft Pinch Bolt Nuts

33 ft-lbs

Pitman Arm To Pitman Arm Shaft Nut

185 ft-lbs

Drag Link To Pitman Arm Nut

60 ft-lbs

Drag Link Clamp Bolt Nuts

36 ft-lbs

Drag Link To Tie Rod Nut

35 ft-lbs

Steering Damper Lock Nut

30 ft-lbs

Tie Rod To Steering Knuckle Nuts

35 ft-lbs

Tie Rod Adjustment Sleeve Clamp Bolt Nut

14 ft-lbs

Steering Damper To tie Rod Nut

53 ft-lbs

Steering Damper To Axle Bracket Bolt

55 ft-lbs

Airbag Module Retaining Nuts (1995)

100 in-lbs