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Should You Install a Snorkel on Your Jeep?

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  1. Should You Install a Snorkel on Your Jeep?

Many off-roaders have seen Jeeps that have a snorkel installed, the important question is do you need one on your Jeep. First let us explain what a snorkel is and then you can decide if your Jeep is in desperate need of one. A snorkel is a pipe-looking accessory that runs from the air intake under the hood and extends upward on the passenger side of the vehicle. The primary function of a snorkel is to provide the engine with cool, dry, clean air while off-roading. 

Along with providing clean, dry and cool air to your engine, a snorkel can also help prevent water and dirt from entering the engine. Providing your engine with cool air increases the amount of horsepower, improves the performance of your engine and will help your vehicle last longer. Using a snorkel allows you to keep your air intake free of water and mud if you cross any deep streams or rivers while off-roading. If you are off-roading in a dry dusty area, a snorkel will prevent dust and dirt from being pulled into your engine.

Many off-road enthusiasts feel that the addition of a snorkel is important in maintaining your engine and keeping it free of water and dirt while off-roading. Others feel that it is an unnecessary accessory to add. If you do the majority of your off-roading in areas that are very dusty you may want to consider installing a snorkel. It also makes sense for those of you who do a lot of off-roading in wet areas or areas that require you to cross deep rivers or streams.

Deciding if a snorkel is necessary for your Jeep is purely up to you, but there are many benefits the most important being prolonging the life of your engine. Anyone who has had to replace the engine in their Jeep knows how costly it can be. Adding a snorkel may be something that only hardcore off-roaders choose to do, but it is important that you understand the benefits a snorkel has to offer when making your decision.