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How to Install Dirty Dog 4x4 Roll Bar Covers on your 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door; 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 10mm socket wrench
  • T45 hex wrench
Extreme Terrain
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Roll Bar Covers for Jeep JK Unlimited 2007 up J4RB07

1. You will first remove the sound bar this is held on with 6 - bolts recessed into the sound bar. You will need a 10mm socket to do this. Once this is remove you will need to disconnect the power connection plug that is located on the passenger side of the sound bar.

2. Next you will need to remove the map light from the rear sound bar. This can been done with a slotted screw driver. Carefully insert the screw driver tip in between the clear lens and the plastic frame on the side that presses in to turn on the light. Pry the clear lens slighty and the lens will pull away from the housing. The lens will open up fully and the the light can be pulled away from the sound bar. The light does not need to be unplugged. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SAVE THE OLD ROLL BAR COVERS YOU MAY MOVE ONTO STEP # 4.

3. The rear seat belt needs to be removed form the rear roll bar. A T45 HEX key will be required. You will need blue thread locker on the bolt to reinstall after. 

4. Unzip and remove all of the old roll bar covers. You need to cut off the covers around the rear seeat belt if you chose not to remove the bolt holding the seat belt on. As you are removing the old covers some of the solid foam around the bars fall off or break off. This needs to be held back in place for the new covers to be installed. The easiest way is to wrap it in place with masking tape. 

5. Install the large rear piece first as shown. Lay it in top of the roll bar first. All the zippers are on the underside of the roll bar. Get all of the zippers started and then go around and finish closing all zippers. 

6. Install each front piece. You will need to pull down the front cowling to slide the cover in toward the front. Close all the zippers and close the hook and loop closure. Adjust the position of the covers and prepare to reinstall the roll bar and light.

7. The sound bar reinstall in reverse order from the removal. Plug the power connection back in to the end of the sound bar. There are cut outs on the new covers that allow the body clips and bolts to pass through. You will need to make sure these are aligned correctly. Loosely install all 6 bolts before tightening them up.

8. Reinstall rear map light. Be sure the cut out is lined up with the hole in the roll bar. There are tabs on the back side of the light that need to be folded inward. You will need to hold these tabs in place as you push the light back into the roll bar. Once the light is fully seated back into the roll bar you will close the plastic lens back into plaace. If the lens does not operate freely, remove and reinstall again.