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Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seat - Black Cloth (87-18 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & JK; Seat Brackets are Required for TJ & JK Models)

ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seat - Black Cloth (87-18 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & JK; Seat Brackets are Required for TJ & JK Models). Please check out Jeep Replacement Front Seats for an updated selection.

Features, Video & Details

  • Sturdy Cloth Construction
  • Black in Color
  • Timeless Corbeau Design
  • Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seats
  • One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Seat Brackets are Required for YJ and TJ Models
  • Fits1987-2018 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ and JK Models

Review & Installation Video

Review & Install Video

0:00:01.170,0:00:06.270 this Corbeau GTS - reclining seat in 0:00:04.770,0:00:10.259 black cloth is for those of you that 0:00:06.270,0:00:12.629 have any 1987 up through the 2018 YJ TJ 0:00:10.259,0:00:15.089 or JK although this is going to require 0:00:12.629,0:00:16.289 seat brackets for the TJ or the JK and 0:00:15.089,0:00:18.450 it's for those of you that are looking 0:00:16.289,0:00:20.160 for a really high-quality aftermarket 0:00:18.450,0:00:22.440 seat from a company that's known for 0:00:20.160,0:00:23.820 building really high quality seats this 0:00:22.440,0:00:25.140 is gonna be a one out of three wrenches 0:00:23.820,0:00:26.550 for the installation again you will have 0:00:25.140,0:00:28.020 to buy some brackets depending on the 0:00:26.550,0:00:29.220 year of your Jeep what it is going to 0:00:28.020,0:00:31.200 bolt into place and we're going to show 0:00:29.220,0:00:32.279 you how to do that in just a second so 0:00:31.200,0:00:33.390 when you're shopping for an aftermarket 0:00:32.279,0:00:34.500 seat there gonna be a couple of 0:00:33.390,0:00:36.180 different things that you're going to 0:00:34.500,0:00:38.010 want to look for the first is whether or 0:00:36.180,0:00:40.200 not the SI reclines some aftermarket 0:00:38.010,0:00:42.060 seats are not going to recline this one 0:00:40.200,0:00:43.110 does and that's a nice feature because 0:00:42.060,0:00:44.520 it's going to make it a lot more 0:00:43.110,0:00:46.590 comfortable for you people like 0:00:44.520,0:00:48.360 different sorts of seating positions 0:00:46.590,0:00:49.950 while you're driving this is going to 0:00:48.360,0:00:51.989 give you some adjustability there this 0:00:49.950,0:00:54.180 also has an adjustable headrest so again 0:00:51.989,0:00:55.800 just for comfort sake that's going to be 0:00:54.180,0:00:57.239 a really nice feature something else 0:00:55.800,0:00:59.610 that you're going to want to look at is 0:00:57.239,0:01:00.960 any sort of bolstering or lack thereof 0:00:59.610,0:01:03.750 this is going to have some nice high 0:01:00.960,0:01:05.489 bolstering on both sides here and also 0:01:03.750,0:01:07.710 on the back of the seat so it's gonna 0:01:05.489,0:01:09.990 hold you in when you're cornering that 0:01:07.710,0:01:12.090 you're in a race car here cheap but 0:01:09.990,0:01:13.470 probably more so when you're bouncing 0:01:12.090,0:01:15.299 around offroad the seats really gonna 0:01:13.470,0:01:17.780 hug you it's gonna hold you in place and 0:01:15.299,0:01:19.740 that's going to be very very comfortable 0:01:17.780,0:01:21.900 especially in one of those offering 0:01:19.740,0:01:23.460 situations now this does not have any 0:01:21.900,0:01:24.960 cutouts in it as you can see for any 0:01:23.460,0:01:26.520 sort of five-point harness those are 0:01:24.960,0:01:27.930 gonna be some of the more hardcore seats 0:01:26.520,0:01:29.909 out there are gonna have cutouts for 0:01:27.930,0:01:31.439 five points this is not going to have 0:01:29.909,0:01:33.479 that but this is going to go but to 0:01:31.439,0:01:35.430 allow you to use your factory seat belts 0:01:33.479,0:01:37.140 which is gonna be really nice now this 0:01:35.430,0:01:39.060 is also not going to be what's known as 0:01:37.140,0:01:40.470 a suspension seats and the suspension 0:01:39.060,0:01:42.780 seats the more expensive seats out there 0:01:40.470,0:01:44.520 are going to have essentially an elastic 0:01:42.780,0:01:46.350 cord underneath the seat that holds the 0:01:44.520,0:01:47.759 whole seat in place which gives a little 0:01:46.350,0:01:49.290 bit more give a little bit more 0:01:47.759,0:01:51.270 comfortable especially on those bouncy 0:01:49.290,0:01:53.700 trails this is going to be a metal 0:01:51.270,0:01:55.710 spring seat underneath here you can feel 0:01:53.700,0:01:57.840 the springs underneath the fabric that's 0:01:55.710,0:02:00.030 not a bad thing that's how almost every 0:01:57.840,0:02:01.619 seat is built except for those high end 0:02:00.030,0:02:03.930 suspension seats Corbeau has those 0:02:01.619,0:02:05.820 available but this is going to be a 0:02:03.930,0:02:07.240 little bit of a less expensive design 0:02:05.820,0:02:08.860 still very very 0:02:07.240,0:02:11.050 comfortable and still a very nice seat 0:02:08.860,0:02:13.000 now a lot of the aftermarket seats that 0:02:11.050,0:02:14.890 I see are you there vinyl material or a 0:02:13.000,0:02:16.950 leather material and this is actually 0:02:14.890,0:02:19.180 really refreshing seeing a cloth 0:02:16.950,0:02:21.790 aftermarket seat I think that this thing 0:02:19.180,0:02:24.160 looks really really good it's going to 0:02:21.790,0:02:27.760 dress up any interior that you might be 0:02:24.160,0:02:30.099 looking to upgrade or to make look a 0:02:27.760,0:02:32.380 little bit more modern I personally like 0:02:30.099,0:02:34.120 a cloth seat for a variety of different 0:02:32.380,0:02:36.489 reasons it's not as hot in the 0:02:34.120,0:02:38.890 summertime as cold in the wintertime I 0:02:36.489,0:02:40.930 just like the feel of a cloth seat and 0:02:38.890,0:02:43.060 this is going to be a really good 0:02:40.930,0:02:46.209 looking and really comfortable option if 0:02:43.060,0:02:47.680 you like a cloth seat as well now this 0:02:46.209,0:02:49.660 is going to be a little bit more of an 0:02:47.680,0:02:51.340 expensive seat because it is Corvo 0:02:49.660,0:02:52.870 because it's very high quality because 0:02:51.340,0:02:55.090 it has the features that we talked about 0:02:52.870,0:02:56.170 and it is going to be so comfortable 0:02:55.090,0:02:58.030 this is gonna come in at right around 0:02:56.170,0:03:00.519 seven hundred and fifty dollars for a 0:02:58.030,0:03:02.170 pair of seats and again with TJ and with 0:03:00.519,0:03:03.850 JK you also have to purchase some seat 0:03:02.170,0:03:05.920 adapters which are going to add to that 0:03:03.850,0:03:08.080 cost a little bit but when you consider 0:03:05.920,0:03:09.970 the fact that your seats take a lot of 0:03:08.080,0:03:11.590 beating every time you get in and out of 0:03:09.970,0:03:13.420 the vehicle sliding in and out you are 0:03:11.590,0:03:14.799 causing wear and tear on your seats you 0:03:13.420,0:03:16.420 want something that's gonna hold up and 0:03:14.799,0:03:18.040 you spend a lot of time sitting in the 0:03:16.420,0:03:19.450 seat if you're in the vehicle you're in 0:03:18.040,0:03:21.430 the seat and you want something it's 0:03:19.450,0:03:23.170 gonna be comfortable I personally think 0:03:21.430,0:03:24.430 if there's one area of the interior of 0:03:23.170,0:03:26.680 your vehicle that you're gonna splurge a 0:03:24.430,0:03:28.359 little bit the seats should be that area 0:03:26.680,0:03:30.459 and I think you are getting a lot of 0:03:28.359,0:03:33.250 bang for your buck when it comes to a 0:03:30.459,0:03:35.410 seat by Corvo specifically this one here 0:03:33.250,0:03:36.850 so as I said pretty easy install let's 0:03:35.410,0:03:38.920 show you how to do it tools required for 0:03:36.850,0:03:42.459 this install 3/8 drive with an extension 0:03:38.920,0:03:45.040 18 and 16 millimeter socket a t40 Torx 0:03:42.459,0:03:47.890 bit and I used a 6 millimeter allen key 0:03:45.040,0:03:49.750 on a socket to move your factory wiring 0:03:47.890,0:03:52.299 harness I used a pushpin removal tool or 0:03:49.750,0:03:53.350 a flathead optionals and impact all 0:03:52.299,0:03:55.840 right so the first step into getting 0:03:53.350,0:03:57.160 your Jeep JK front seat out is to of 0:03:55.840,0:03:58.660 course disconnect the electrical 0:03:57.160,0:04:00.370 connection underneath here's your 0:03:58.660,0:04:02.650 electrical connector underneath the seat 0:04:00.370,0:04:04.389 as you can see there are some Christmas 0:04:02.650,0:04:06.430 tree clips right there so you may have 0:04:04.389,0:04:08.019 to pry it off the bottom of the seat but 0:04:06.430,0:04:11.319 we're just going to release the top here 0:04:08.019,0:04:12.400 and pull at the same time now we're 0:04:11.319,0:04:16.000 going to bring the seat forward a little 0:04:12.400,0:04:16.410 bit to expose this torque bolt right 0:04:16.000,0:04:21.750 here 0:04:16.410,0:04:23.610 we're going to remove it and just put 0:04:21.750,0:04:25.230 our seatbelt off to the side all right 0:04:23.610,0:04:27.180 with the seat push all the way back 0:04:25.230,0:04:31.250 we're gonna take an 18 millimeter socket 0:04:27.180,0:04:31.250 and remove the two front bolts 0:04:40.820,0:04:44.990 and now we can bring the seat forward 0:04:42.200,0:04:48.250 and get the rear bolts alright now we're 0:04:44.990,0:04:48.250 going to remove the rear bolts 0:04:50.500,0:04:53.629 [Music] 0:04:56.110,0:04:59.349 all right so the easiest way to get the 0:04:57.759,0:05:02.560 seed out is to bring the seat back 0:04:59.349,0:05:06.460 forward and then get the headrest up and 0:05:02.560,0:05:09.879 out of here that way you get a little 0:05:06.460,0:05:12.670 extra clearance you pick up the front 0:05:09.879,0:05:15.739 and back rotate 0:05:12.670,0:05:15.739 [Music] 0:05:17.530,0:05:20.200 and it's out all right so now that we 0:05:19.240,0:05:22.270 have our driver's seat out we're gonna 0:05:20.200,0:05:24.250 do the same exact steps on the passenger 0:05:22.270,0:05:26.440 side our plug is a little bit different 0:05:24.250,0:05:28.320 looking we have a red latch here so 0:05:26.440,0:05:34.410 we're going to unlock that and remove 0:05:28.320,0:05:34.410 the connector got my t for t here 0:06:03.970,0:06:07.600 so there are a few pieces we have to 0:06:05.770,0:06:09.670 take off of our factory seat before we 0:06:07.600,0:06:11.200 can get our aftermarket seat in so 0:06:09.670,0:06:13.290 here's that pushpin right here I'm just 0:06:11.200,0:06:16.560 going to press it with both fingers here 0:06:13.290,0:06:20.680 and then put take it out just like that 0:06:16.560,0:06:26.320 do the same thing for this weight switch 0:06:20.680,0:06:28.000 here this is for your airbag this is a 0:06:26.320,0:06:30.600 push pin right here Christmas tree type 0:06:28.000,0:06:30.600 as well 0:06:31.570,0:06:37.360 Christmas tree type clip there another 0:06:34.730,0:06:37.360 one here 0:06:42.210,0:06:46.560 and then there is a little tab here 0:06:43.800,0:06:49.009 where you can crush and pull at the same 0:06:46.560,0:06:49.009 time 0:06:49.900,0:06:54.250 that Christmas tree clip out as well 0:06:58.940,0:07:03.780 all right now we can get our seat belt 0:07:01.020,0:07:05.130 off and transfer it over to the RC so as 0:07:03.780,0:07:07.650 you can see I pulled my electrical 0:07:05.130,0:07:10.560 connector through now I'm going to 0:07:07.650,0:07:14.720 remove this 16 millimeter bolt holding 0:07:10.560,0:07:14.720 the buckle portion of our seat belt in 0:07:17.240,0:07:21.099 [Music] 0:07:19.029,0:07:23.019 and just slide that through all right so 0:07:21.099,0:07:25.899 now we're going to put our Corbeau seat 0:07:23.019,0:07:27.989 bracket on to our Corbeau seat I'm just 0:07:25.899,0:07:30.839 going to put the back ones on first and 0:07:27.989,0:07:32.739 then use the lever to move the seat back 0:07:30.839,0:07:35.110 all right so now we're going to be 0:07:32.739,0:07:38.559 putting our six millimeter allen bolts 0:07:35.110,0:07:41.610 in just start a couple of threads and 0:07:38.559,0:07:41.610 then hit it with my impact 0:07:49.900,0:07:56.080 so with the seat frame moved back we can 0:07:52.879,0:07:56.080 get the front bolts in 0:08:03.710,0:08:08.180 all right now we're going to tighten 0:08:05.400,0:08:08.180 down the front bolts 0:08:15.510,0:08:19.840 all right now we're gonna bring it in 0:08:17.380,0:08:21.310 the buckle portion of our seatbelt and 0:08:19.840,0:08:23.920 we're going to be reusing our factory 0:08:21.310,0:08:27.580 hardware that's the 16 millimeter short 0:08:23.920,0:08:32.140 stubby bolt you pulled out start that 0:08:27.580,0:08:34.930 and finish it off at the impact and then 0:08:32.140,0:08:37.060 I'm going to run my wiring harness right 0:08:34.930,0:08:41.050 through the little triangulation there 0:08:37.060,0:08:46.990 on the pedestal foot and then plug in my 0:08:41.050,0:08:49.300 harness here that'll lock it in and then 0:08:46.990,0:08:52.270 you can actually store this right 0:08:49.300,0:08:54.850 underneath the seat there and just have 0:08:52.270,0:08:57.280 your main harness plug coming out that's 0:08:54.850,0:08:58.750 what we'll do so now repeat everything 0:08:57.280,0:09:00.220 you just saw on the passenger side and 0:08:58.750,0:09:02.700 the seat should be ready to install and 0:09:00.220,0:09:04.900 your Jeep I'm gonna get this in now 0:09:02.700,0:09:07.570 alright now we're gonna bring our seat 0:09:04.900,0:09:10.180 in should be careful of the bracket and 0:09:07.570,0:09:13.480 your painted little pinch weld there on 0:09:10.180,0:09:16.090 the threshold next we're going to attach 0:09:13.480,0:09:18.640 our seat belt and make our electrical 0:09:16.090,0:09:20.290 connection for our seat belt itself so 0:09:18.640,0:09:22.750 let's go ahead and make this electrical 0:09:20.290,0:09:24.250 connection on our seat just press it 0:09:22.750,0:09:26.530 until you hear that click next we're 0:09:24.250,0:09:29.290 going to connect our seat belt to our 0:09:26.530,0:09:34.300 seat bracket itself using that t40 Torx 0:09:29.290,0:09:35.560 bolt we took out earlier this is already 0:09:34.300,0:09:37.900 threaded so I'm just going to start some 0:09:35.560,0:09:41.390 threads then hit it with my impact 0:09:37.900,0:09:43.339 [Music] 0:09:41.390,0:09:44.510 all right so now we're going to start 0:09:43.339,0:09:45.560 our bolts we're not going to tighten 0:09:44.510,0:09:47.630 them up all the way because we want to 0:09:45.560,0:09:49.490 get that final adjustment and make sure 0:09:47.630,0:09:50.959 that we can start all of our bolts the 0:09:49.490,0:09:52.550 first one's always gonna be easy 0:09:50.959,0:09:57.019 usually the third or the fourth one they 0:09:52.550,0:09:58.880 give you a little fight all right 0:09:57.019,0:10:01.850 those first two are started let's move 0:09:58.880,0:10:05.620 the seat forward a little bit and it 0:10:01.850,0:10:05.620 actually helps me pick up on the seat 0:10:06.339,0:10:12.350 there's that one 0:10:09.240,0:10:12.350 [Music] 0:10:12.600,0:10:16.950 and alas all right now we're going to 0:10:14.850,0:10:24.000 take our 18 millimeter on an impact and 0:10:16.950,0:10:27.020 tighten up these seat bolts we're going 0:10:24.000,0:10:27.020 to tighten up the back bolts now 0:10:32.450,0:10:35.959 all right now I'm gonna repeat all those 0:10:34.370,0:10:37.760 steps you just saw on the passenger side 0:10:35.959,0:10:40.670 so that's going to wrap up my install of 0:10:37.760,0:10:42.230 the Corbeau GTS 2 front reclining seats 0:10:40.670,0:10:43.310 for your Jeep Wrangler and for all 0:10:42.230,0:10:45.579 things Jeep keep you here to 0:10:43.310,0:10:45.579 0:10:50.430,0:10:52.490 you

Classic Design. The GTS II Reclining Seat is one of Corbeau's most loved and time-tested designs. The GTS II is designed for the casual driver while maintaining that sporty stock look Jeep Wrangler owners have come to love. The sleek black finish matches well with many styles.

Built to Last. The Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seat is constructed from high-quality, sturdy black cloth. Like all Corbeau products the GTS II is designed to withstand the regular wear and tear of driving. With the GTS II you will be riding in style for a long time.

Comfort and Style. The GTS II Reclining Seat is built with comfort in mind at every step. Unlike factory seats, the GTS II is designed to fit your body and provide you with support where you need it most—your thighs and kidneys. These seats are ideal for the driver who is looking for a more comfortable ride without sacrificing the sporty look of stock seating.

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Corbeau guarantees that the GTS II Reclining Seat will be free from material or workmanship-related defects for up to one year after purchase. Some exclusions may apply; check the manufacturer's warranty for more information.

Application. The GTS II Reclining Seat is built to fit Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK models made between 1987-2018. No technical skills are necessary to install, however you should plan to take at least two hours to properly complete your install.

Fitment: Details

MPN# 20301

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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  • (2) Corbeau GTS II Reclining Seat - Black Cloth
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  • JK Rubicon 2 Door - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • JK Rubicon 4 Door - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • JK Wrangler 2 Door - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • JK Wrangler 4 Door - 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • TJ Rubicon 2 Door - 03, 04, 05, 06
  • TJ Rubicon Unlimited 2 Door - 05, 06
  • TJ Wrangler 2 Door - 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
  • TJ Wrangler Unlimited 2 Door - 04, 05, 06
  • YJ Wrangler 2 Door - 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95

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      5 Top Rated Questions

      Are seat brackets required for YJ models?

      • Seat brackets are not required for YJ models.

      Helpful (2)

      Does the seat fold forward to access the 2 door back seat?

      • Yes, these seats are fully reclinable and can be reclined both forwards and backwards

      Helpful (2)

      Is there a matching rear seat?

      • At this time there is not a matching rear seat.

      Helpful (1)

      What back seat is in the picture with this item?

      What are the brackets required for a TJ Wrangler 1998 4.0L, 2 doors?

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      Brackets required for a 2006 tj unlimited??? 0 answer
      Are these seats and their hardware able to accommodate a under seat lock box? 1 answer

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        Installation Time:Afternoon

        • Fit 5 5
        • Appearance 5 5
        • Bang For Your Buck 5 5

        • 5/5

          Installation Time: Full Day

          May 13, 2019

          fits like a glove

          Fit perfect and look great!!! incredible how much it made the ride smoother.


          Year: 2009Submodel: Wrangler

          Helpful (0)

        • 5/5

          Installation Time: Afternoon

          January 12, 2019

          Corbeau GTS seats

          My opinion on these chairs- Straight forward install very compfy the only downside is the price idk if they are worth it.


          Year: 2010Submodel: Rubicon

          Helpful (21)

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