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Brembo Brakes

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Brembo Brakes

Stop faster and prepare your vehicle for off-roading, towing, hauling, and racing with Brembo brakes. Brembo is a well-known company that's responsible for some of the highest-performing brake pads and kits available in the country today. Whether you want to stop faster, or you just want to handle heat better, the right brakes for our vehicle will eliminate issues with brake fade while helping you get the right level of performance of your ride safely. If you plan on driving faster than you would need to for everyday driving, you haul or tow regularly, or you do something else that requires enhanced braking power, it makes sense to invest in enhanced brakes for your ride.

Choosing Full Kits for Brembo Brakes

Brembo offers a wide variety of brakes and braking components to choose from. Some vehicle owners decide to only swap the brake pads on their ride, while others invest in a wide range of different pads, rotors, and calipers to help their vehicle stop as effectively as possible. It's up to you to decide how much you want to improve the braking power of your ride. Once you know whether you want to make minor or major enhancements to your vehicle, you can invest in different brake pads, rotors, calipers, and other enhancements to make your vehicle perform at the highest level. Add Brembo Brakes and Brake Components and:

  • stop more reliably
  • prepare your ride for racing or off-roading
  • avoid brake fade
  • reduce brake maintenance requirements
  • make your vehicle safer to drive

The first step to upgrading any of your brake components is to verify that you're choosing parts that fit your vehicle and that you have enough clearance to install the parts. Here at Extreme Terrain, we can help you do these things effectively. Learn about which options fit your ride and how much space you'll need to have to get things working before you make a final decision. If that isn't enough to help you decide, you should also think about the features of the brake kit that you're selecting and how much braking force you can achieve with the kit you finally select. These features should help you choose a brake kit that meets your needs and helps your vehicle drive exactly how you want it to.

Why Brembo Brakes Offer Superior Performance

Many performance drivers know the value of having high-quality brakes that will slow them down reliably every time. This is why so many Jeep owners, off-road enthusiasts, and racers rely on Brembo brakes. These brakes are built to slow your ride down repeatedly without suffering from brake fade and other heat-related issues that standard brake pads have to deal with. Brembo brakes rely on thicker materials, cross-drilled and slotted rotors, oversized brakes with a higher carbon content than normal, and calipers equipped with more pistons for extremely reliable stopping. If you need better braking force to work with, it makes sense to invest in upgraded Brembo brakes and braking accessories. Whether you just get pads or you opt for pads, rotors, and calipers, you'll take your vehicle's braking performance to the next level. Having high-quality brakes is just one of the ways that you can separate your Jeep from the others on the road. Investing in cold air intakes, lift kits, enhanced tires, and other performance-focused improvements will make your ride more enjoyable to drive and will make your Jeep even more capable than before. The chances are good that if your ant Brembo brakes, you will benefit from some of those other enhancements as well.