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Barricade Aluminum Inner Fender Liners (18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J132019-JL
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So today we're checking out the Front Barricade Aluminum Inner Fender Liners, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, if you're looking to upgrade your fenders to a new set, and you need to get rid of that plastic inner fender liner, but you still want some protection there, these are going to be a great option at a very affordable price. So, not only are these great if you're just looking to upgrade the fender in general and you can't reuse that plastic inner fender liner, but if you already have the factory fenders, and you're looking for some better protection to the side, as well as some heat dispersion for your engine bay, again, this is going to be a great choice.So these are gonna be made of a heavy-duty aluminum material, which is going to hold up to any rocks or kick-up that you're gonna get inside of that wheel well area, and it's also going to be flexible, and be very easy to install. Now, this is going to have that vent on the front. Like I said, this is gonna help out with any heat dispersion. So if you do live in a hotter climate and you are concerned about your temps, and you're looking for a functional mod that's going to offer that heat dispersion and get rid of some of that engine heat soak, then this is, again, going to be a great choice for that functionality. And not to mention, with that textured black powder coat finish, you're not only getting some functionality with it, you're getting some style as well, giving a more aggressive look to the inner fender liner area, and matching with any other heavy-duty accessories. With that being said, these are gonna come in at roughly $200 for just the front inner fender liners. And again, that is going to be a pretty affordable price for what you're getting out of this kit. Now, again, you're getting the functionality and you're also getting a durable construction.Now, there is an option to purchase the rear set with the front set, and you are gonna be looking at about double the price, but compared to some other choices, it's still going to be an affordable choice. Now, some other options that you may be taking a look at on the page are usually gonna be set up a little bit differently. They may have a modular or a riveted construction, in comparison to this one-piece design, that you may be able to customize, or they're gonna come with some extra bells and whistles, like some rock lights integrated into the inner fender liner. Now, if you're not necessarily concerned about that, you're looking for functionality over some of the extra bells and whistles, and you're looking for an affordable option that's gonna get the job done, then this is gonna be a great choice to take a look into.So, install is going to be a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. The front is very easy to install. You're gonna need some very basic hand tools and probably two hours worth of your time to get both sides done. So, speaking of the install, let's jump into that now. The tools that I used for my install were an electric ratchet, a trim removal tool, a pair of needle nose pliers, flathead screwdriver, a 10-millimeter wrench, the provided Allen key, a 10-millimeter and an 8-millimeter socket. So, our first step to removing our inner fender liner is gonna be to remove all of the plastic clips that are holding it in, and then we can move to the bolts that are holding it in. So I'm gonna use a trim removal tool, and I'm gonna start at the back of the inner fender liner here, and start removing the clips that are holding the inner fender liner in.So, on the back of the inner fender liner, you're gonna have two clips. Obviously, you can see right here we are missing one, but you're gonna want to remove that clip, and then you have one towards the outside of the fender. I'm gonna use a trim removal tool or a pop clip removal tool and just wiggle that out, and then we can move to the rest of the clips. Next, on the opposite side, right by the front body mount, we're gonna have another clip. I'm gonna take that same trim removal tool and work that out. Now, if the clip starts to fold on you like this, what you can do is actually take the trim removal tool and go behind the liner to give yourself some more surface area to pry on. But they should come out pretty easily with a little bit of wiggling.So, the last couple of clips are actually gonna be on the inside, at the top ridge of the fender. So, you're not gonna be able to see it that well, but if you reach around at the bottom of the fender right here, take your trim removal tool, you'll be able to feel that clip, and we can just repeat that same process, wiggle the tool behind it, and just give it a good pry. So, there's gonna be three on that ridge, and you'll be able to feel the indent on the back of the fender. Last but not least, right up at the front here by our marker light, we're also going to have one. Same process. Just wiggle it out. Next, we can remove the two 10-millimeter bolts up at the top there. I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter socket in my electric ratchet to remove those. Then up at the front, you're gonna have two more bolts that are holding in the liner. I'm gonna use an 8-millimeter socket to remove both of these.So at this point, what you would need to do next is remove the three rivets that are holding in the inner fender liner to the actual fender portion. What you can do is take a very small screwdriver and punch out the center. Now, you're gonna remove these three because it is holding that inner fender liner to the fender there. Ours are already cut, so at this point, we're ready to remove our inner fender liner. So what I'm gonna do is just kind of give it a good pull, and we will be able to wiggle it out of the way, and completely remove it. So, we will have to remove our factory fender in order to get our inner fender liner bolted up, and then we'll be able to reinstall it. So, first things first, we're gonna unplug this wiring harness here. This attaches to our marker light up at the front. I'm just gonna pull down and wiggle out the clip so we can get some better access to it. Then we can pull up on this locking tab, push down and pull back, and then we'll be able to start disconnecting our fender.So, there are two more bolts that are holding on our fender. There's gonna be one up top here and then one down at the bottom that are holding it onto this body portion. I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter socket and my electric ratchet to remove those. Next, we can remove our fender. Now, it is held on by a number of different clips that are aligning the fender on the inside to the body of the Jeep. What I like to do is actually take a pair of needle nose pliers, and you will be able to access the back of the clip, depress the tabs, and pull forward on the fender, or outward on the fender, in order to remove them. Now, these are pretty fragile clips, so I would be careful while doing this. And I'm also gonna use a trim removal tool to help me out.So, as you can see, this white clip on the inside, there's gonna be a couple of tabs. I'm gonna take a pair of needle nose pliers, just clamp down on that. Now, I'll be able to pull the fender forward, and that tab will release, and then we can just move along to the other clips and do the same thing. Once all of those clips are removed from the body of the Jeep, we can just pull our fender off. So, before we jump into the rest of the install, I wanted to step down and tell you guys more about this inner fender liner kit that you're getting, in comparison to the factory one, and tell you what benefits you're gonna get out of this new setup. So, as a brief overview of our factory inner fender liner, as you can tell, it is made of a molded plastic material, where you're not gonna have really any openings or windows for any heat dispersion, like this option will. And it is going to come with a little bit of heat shield on the back, just because it is right next to the engine bay. Now, moving over to this new option by Barricade, this is gonna have an aluminum construction, so it is going to be lightweight and flexible, but it's also going to be durable and protect that side of your engine bay that is open once you take the factory inner fender liner off. Now, what I really like about this option is the fact that it has a window or a vent right up front. This is gonna help out with heat dispersion in comparison to the factory liner that didn't have one of these. So, if you are crawling around at low speeds and really working at your Wrangler, and you come into contact with a little bit of heat soak, or you're just located in a hotter climate, and you're looking for a little bit of heat dispersion, this window is going to help you out big time. Now, this is gonna have a honeycomb style pattern to it, which I personally think looks really good mounted up behind here.It is going to have a welded construction on the back, so you can ensure that that window is not gonna go anywhere. It's gonna stay in place and hold up for a very long time. And the other thing that I do like about this is the fact that it's gonna have a nice texture black powder coat finish on top. That's gonna add some rugged and aggressiveness to the inner fender liner and to the inside of your Wrangler. But, it's also going to protect that aluminum underneath from any rust or corrosion. So, this is going to be a solid inner fender liner. It is a one-piece design, so we will have to kind of work it in place, but the aluminum is going to be a little bit forgiving for that, so it is going to be pretty easy to install. You have a large cutout for your shock tower, and it is just overall going to be a solid build. So, what do you say we go ahead and install it?So, our first step to the actual installation process is to install our speed clip right next to our body mount right here. Just gonna push it into this mounting location. Then we can install our bracket for the front of our inner fender liner. So I'm gonna take one of the provided Allen head bolts, put that through the mounting location on our bracket here, and thread that through the speed clip into the threads on the back. And tighten that up with our provided Allen key. What we can do now is take our new inner fender liner, tuck it in the corner back there, and try to fit it into place. Wanna make sure that this wiring harness is sticking out, because we will need to reconnect that. There's a little cutout before that. Just wanna be mindful. Then we can take our Allen head bolt and secure that to the bracket that we just installed on the front. So, just to hold in the back while we get the front kind of lined up, what I'm gonna do is just put one of those provided bolts in here, and loosely thread it in.So that's gonna kind of keep the back in place while we can line up the front. Now we can take our L-shaped bracket, hook it behind our inner fender liner, and it's not gonna line up right away, but we're going to take our provided Allen head bolt, flat washer, and stick that through at the top mounting point here for our old inner fender liner. Then we can take our provided flat washer for the other side, it's gonna be the smaller one, lock washer, and provided nut, and thread that into place. Now, again, we're not gonna tighten anything down just yet. We wanna make sure all everything is lined up and threaded on, and then we'll go back and tighten it down. Then we can do the same thing for the other mount. So, now, after these are attached to the upper mount on the body, what we can do is take our provided Allen head bolt and attach the inner fender liner to that bracket that we just installed there.Last but not least, what we can do is attach this mounting location down at the bottom here. Just gonna pull on the inner fender liner to line it up. We're gonna take that same hardware head bolt and we can throw that in. So we can actually tighten this one up and then continue to go around and tighten all the other bolts up as well. Now, for these top mounting locations, I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter wrench on the nut side, and then keep using the provided Allen key on the bolt head side, tighten that up for both. All right.Now we can reinstall our fender. So because two of the bolts on our inner fender liner are taking up the spots where our clips used to go, what we're gonna do is remove those two clips that are not able to be reinstalled. So what we're gonna do first is remove this bottom one. I'm just gonna use a flathead screwdriver and kind of push it out. All right. Put that to the side, and then it's gonna be the fourth one up that's taking up that location, so we need to remove this one. Kind of just have to wiggle the screwdriver round. Release it on either side. Now we can install our fender. So this is gonna on the same way that it came off, but we are going to plug this in real quick first. All right. Now we can line up our fender, and give it a good press. All right, those clips will set in place. Wanna make sure that you double-check them. And then we can secure it down at the couple of bolts that we're holding on the fender to these brackets here.So, the bolts that we'll be reinstalling are those 10-millimeter bolts that we took out. So, I'm just gonna thread those into the bottom of the fender through this mount here. And we can tighten them up with that 10-millimeter socket. Do the same thing for the other mount. Then we can reinstall those 10-millimeter bolts that we removed up front. These are gonna go on to the two tabs up at the front. Just repeat that same process, tighten them up with that 10-millimeter socket. After everything's tightened up, we can repeat that same process on the other side.So that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Inner Fender Flares
      • Provides Additional Protection
      • Fabricated Aluminum Construction
      • Textured Black Powder Coated Finish
      • Straight Forward Installation - Minor Drilling Required
      • Hardware Included
      • Options for Front, Rear, or Complete Set
      • Fits 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL Models


      Extra Protection. Protect your JL's engine compartment and inner wheel wells from trail damage by installing a set of Barricade Aluminum Inner Fender Liners. Crafted specifically for your 2018-2023 JL, these durable Aluminum Inner Fender Well Liners will shield your Wrangler from rocks, mud, and other trail debris. Not only that, these textured black Fender Liners significantly clean up the look of your Jeep's inner fender wells for a more finished appearance.

      Durable Aluminum Construction. Barricade manufactures their Inner Fender Liners from fabricated 1/16 gauge aluminum plate for light weight and superior strength. These Inner Fender Liners are then completed in a durable textured black powder coated finish for long lasting corrosion resistance.

      Straight Forward Installation. Complete with all the necessary brackets and hardware, these Barricade Aluminum Inner Fender Liners are a straight forward upgrade that anyone can accomplish in their drive way. Even though these Inner Fender Liners are designed to utilize factory bolt holes for installation, you will be required to drill additional holes.

      Application. These Textured Black Barricade Aluminum Inner Fender Liners are designed to fit 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models. Choose from a front pair, a rear pair or a set of front and rear from the ordering options provided.

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