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Barricade HD Front Bumper with 20-Inch Light Bar (20-23 Jeep Gladiator JT)

Item JG1195
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. I'm Eric with ExtremeTerrain. In this video, I'm gonna give you my review and installation of this Barricade HD Front Bumper with a 20-Inch Light Bar, fitting all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. You should really be checking this bumper out if you're looking for a more aggressively-styled front bumper that's gonna bring a lot more off-road capability to your Jeep Gladiator.Now, what really brings out that aggressive styling, in my opinion for this bumper, is how if you look at it, all the lines of this bumper are angular and nothing is really too rounded on this design. And I think that's really what kind of contributes to that aggressive look. When you have this angular design, over rider bar right here, where we're gonna mount the LED light bar, and these angles up here on the ends that kind of taper up, give you better ground clearance so you have some functionality to the design as well. But I think, overall, that really contributes to the aggressive styling.I think, overall, Barricade did a really good job of blending the aggressive styling with the functionality on this bumper. Like I said with these tapered ends, better obstacle and terrain clearance, makes it wide open here for your tires, as well as if you look at this, this is a very individualized design here for these recovery points on the front end of the bumper. Usually, you just kind of see like a squared-off piece kind of welded to the bumper right here. These actually have kind of like an arrowhead-looking design that has these notches right here. You could wind like extra cable or a tow strap or some other recovery tools on here. And that's really handy if you've already used those tools and they're wet and muddy, you don't wanna throw them back inside your Jeep, it's a good place to put them when you don't need them.The other nice thing about this design is that the 12,000-pound rated winch tray that is designed right into this bumper is recessed and lowered a little bit. That kind of keeps the center of gravity for that pull a little bit lower and more in line with the frame rails of your Jeep. And that's gonna give you a little bit more solid action when you're out there getting unstuck on the trails. Now, as is typical with most Barricade products, this is made from very heavy-duty thick steel plate. And, of course, it's treated in a two-stage powder coat that's gonna protect it against weathering and corrosion for many years and miles to come.Now, this bumper is currently priced under $700. And I think the fact that it comes with the 20-inch LED light bar, the winch tray, the recovery points, and very easy to install your factory fog lights, I think with all those features wrapped into this package, that's a pretty good value for your money. And one other thing I don't wanna forget to mention is with the value that you get with this package, this 20-inch LED light bar is extremely bright. And it also provides you a variety of light beams coming out from the front.You have 19 individual lighting elements in this light bar and the 3 on each end kind of give it a more diffused light pattern that's gonna widen it out, give you a better big-picture look as you're going down the road. And then the lighting elements in the center provide a more focused beam that are gonna be more focused above the road, kind of the fog light level. And that's gonna give you a nice mix there and give you an overall better sight picture when you're traveling in bad weather or in low lighting conditions.Now, as far as the installation goes, we're giving it two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter, figure about two hours of your time to get this job done from start to finish. Personally, I think the most challenging aspect to this install is going to be routing the wiring from the engine compartment through to the passenger compartment of your Jeep. Now, there's plenty of slack in the wiring for this kit. It's just finding a pathway to do that where you're not pinching or kinking the wiring is a little bit of a challenge, and there are gonna be a couple of added things you're gonna want to procure to kind of make a nice, clean install like some zip ties or maybe some double-sided adhesive tape. A couple of things like that are kind of detail-oriented, they're not included in this kit. But to make a nice, finished clean install, you're definitely gonna want to pick something like that up.But overall, mounting the bumper on, and especially transferring your factory fog lighting, whether it's the halogens or the LEDs, is very simple and we're gonna show you exactly how to do that in just a second. So, let's go ahead, take a look at the tools we're gonna use, and do our installation. Okay, guys. Tools we're gonna use for this install include electric impact wrench, a swivel socket, an extension, 8-millimeter, 10-millimeter, 13-millimeter, 16-millimeter, and 18-millimeter sockets. We're also gonna use the Allen keys provided in this kit and a trim removal tool.All right, guys, to begin our uninstall of our stock bumper to get ready for our new product, we're gonna remove a couple of pop clips up top here for the splash guard that kind of tucks in behind the bumper and in front of the radiator grille. So, in order to do that, we're gonna leave it on the ground. And then we're gonna put our truck up on a lift just to give you a better camera shot to show you the rest of the stock removal of this bumper. Okay. Go ahead and grab yourself a trim removal tool. If you don't have one of these, a wide blade flathead screwdriver will probably work just as well. Just pull up on these pop clips. That's just to allow this piece to separate from the piece that's attached to the Jeep.All right, guys, now we have a series of these lock pins or lock clips on the underside as well. We're gonna remove these. All right, guys. Now you're gonna have two bolts under here. They're gonna need an 8-millimeter socket to get these out. And make sure you're supporting it with the off-hand because once you get this last one out, it's gonna wanna come off. All right, guys, now we're gonna take our skid plate off here. You're gonna have a 16-millimeter bolt, one on each side.All right, guys. Now you're gonna wanna locate this connector right here. This connects the wiring from the Jeep to the wiring harness that runs the full length of your bumper to both fog lights if you have fog lights on your front bumper, which we do. You disconnect that one, that's good for both fog lights. All right, guys. Next, we're gonna be going after these bolts here. You've got four on each side or on each frame rail mount. We're gonna take these out using an 18-millimeter socket.I'm gonna leave that one on a couple of threads just to help secure the bumper and keep it on there while we have our Jeep up in the air. All right, guys. Now we're doing the two on the inside of the frame rail on the passenger side of the Jeep here. This bottom one might be a little bit difficult for you to see with the camera angle, but we're gonna start on the top one here. Again, this is the 18-mill socket we're using.All right. Once you get all four of these started, do that in the driver's side of your Jeep. All right, guys, once you have all eight nuts removed, including the one we left on there just a couple of threads just to keep it from falling off on us, go ahead and remove your bumper. All right. Now we have our factory bumper off our Gladiator. I wanted to throw it up on the stand here next to our new Barricade bumper and give you guys a quick side-by-side comparison.Now, obviously, the styling cues are what really hit you in the face right away when you're looking at this. You're getting quite an upgrade in styling, very aggressive look with this angular design of this over rider bar with our built-in LED light bar right here. That's gonna throw a lot more light down the road for you when you're traveling on those trails or in bad weather conditions. Not only that, you're gonna be able to very easily transfer over your factory fog lights, regardless of whether they are the halogen fog lights or the LED fog lights.Now, we have halogens on our Gladiator right here. So, we're gonna show you the procedure for transferring those over. To do that, we're gonna use these brackets and these bolt in right here and fill in this spot here and then the corresponding side on the driver's side of the bumper. And I'll flip it over to the backside. It has these built-in brackets right here, it's gonna make it very easy to bolt up our halogens on here. And if you had factory LED lights, you'd attach one additional bracket right here. It's very simple. We're gonna show you that here in just a minute. So, let's go ahead and get this bumper mounted on our Jeep.All right, guys, next step of the install is we have our factory bumper up here on the table. We're gonna remove the wiring harness that powers our factory fog lights. So, in order to do that, we're gonna have to remove the metal frame that's behind the plastic. That's only gonna be a couple of bolts and then some plastic pop clips, and we'll be able to remove that wiring harness, no problem. So, let's go ahead and get started. All right. We'll go ahead and unplug this. All right. Now, we're gonna go after these two bolts right here, guys. You're gonna need a 13-millimeter socket to handle these.All right. Now we'll do the two on the other side here. All right. Now unplug your other fog light. All right, guys. Now with those four bolts out, we can lift out our metal frame. All right. And we're gonna remove our tow hook out of the way here. Go ahead and grab a trim removal tool if you have one or a wide flat blade screwdriver will work just as well. All right, guys. Now to remove our factory fog lights from the bumper housing, we're gonna use a T15 Torx bit to remove three of these screws.All right, guys. Now we have our halogen fog lights removed from our factory bumper, as well as the wiring harness. I have our new Barricade bumper up here on the table. We're gonna do some assembly work. Like I mentioned before, we're gonna mount the halogen fog lights into the brackets supplied with this kit. It's pretty easy, pretty straightforward. So, let's get to it.All right. Now, for this part of the assembly, guys, you're gonna want to grab four of these button head bolts out of your kit and three of these flange nuts. I only say three because one of these bolts is going to thread directly into this bracket that already has a nut welded onto it. That's gonna make that part easy. You're also gonna wanna grab the larger of the 2 Allen keys out of the kit, as well as a 10-millimeter socket to finish up this job. So, let's go ahead and put our bracket inside here.And with the button head side and a flat washer towards the front of the bumper, you mount that through and then place the nut on the back. Now, these flange nuts have a serrated edge to them. So we're not gonna need lock washers to lock these down. Once you tighten them up, they shouldn't come undone on you. Now, with just the bolt and washer here, I'm gonna thread it into the nut that's already welded to the plate.The holes on these are slightly larger than the bolts themselves to give you a little bit of play. So, I'm not tightening anything down at this point, so we can get everything lined up first. All right. Now we have everything started, we can go ahead and tighten everything up. Now I'm gonna use the Allen key to hold the bolt still on the front side of the bumper. And I have a 10-millimeter socket on an extension here. We're gonna use that to tighten it down from the back. And then just using the Allen key, I'm gonna hand-tighten this last bolt. All right. Now, once you have that done, you can repeat all these steps for the bracket on the other side.All right, guys, now we have the bracket in here, go ahead and place your light in. As you can see, these halogens have the three positions. You're gonna need three of these tiny button head bolts and one nut for it. That's because two of them, the back here will thread directly into the bracket itself. We're not gonna use any nuts right there, but then over here, you're gonna need a nut, as well as the washers and the bolt itself. So, we're gonna go ahead and get these started back here.And on this side, I'm actually gonna thread the bolt through the back and we'll hold it in place with our Allen key. I'm gonna tighten these with the Allen key on this front side here. All right. You can repeat these same steps to get the light mounted on the other side. All right, guys, now we're gonna mount up our light bar. Go ahead and grab two more button head bolts, flat washers, and lock washers out of the kit. And you may notice there are some brackets on the bottom side of your LED light bar that's because this light bar is used in multiple applications.And this slide and tracks right here and you're not gonna need those for this specific application. So, go ahead and take these stainless bolts out of the kit, thread them in and tighten them down. And that'll prevent these from sliding around and making noise and whatnot. So, let's go ahead and we'll line this up inside the bracket here. And then we can take our bolts and thread them in on the side.There's threading built into the housing for the light bar. Let's get that started. Then go ahead and take that larger Allen key out of your kit, and you can tighten these bolts down. You're gonna want to kind of hold it in place so you have proper alignment. Also, ideally, the way we mounted it up is you're gonna want the pigtail for the wiring on the passenger side because that's where we're gonna run the wiring eventually up into the engine compartment. And that's the side your battery's on as well. So, let's go ahead and get this mounted up on the Jeep.All right. First step of getting it mounted on the Jeep is you're gonna grab these bolt plates and you should have four of these retaining clips or retaining plastic pieces here. So, what we're gonna do is slide the bolt plate in from behind like this. Just kind of hold that up, and these will kind of thread on. And it's just enough to keep it from falling back in. You can still slide it back and forth as needed so they line up with the holes on the frame rail. And then do the same thing on the other side.All right. Now I have our bumper laid down here in front. You're probably gonna wanna grab a second set of hands here just to help you get things lined up. This bumper is a little bit on the heavier side. You can carry it around, but when it comes to actually manipulating those bolts into the holes on the frame rails, it can be a little tricky. And as you saw a second ago, there is a little bit of play on the brackets on the bumper. So, having that second set of hands to help hold the bumper up and line up those bolts is really helpful.And just to keep it secured up there while we're working on it, my partner and I here did start a couple of nuts just to kind of help it stay up on the bumper as we're working on it. All right, guys, now we're underneath the passenger side here and this is what it'll look like once you have it up on there. Go ahead and grab some flat washers and some lock washers. Hand-thread these nuts. And then to tighten them down, you're gonna need an 18-mill socket. Working up here tight if you're gonna use electric impact, like I am. You might want to grab a swivel socket to make it a little bit easier to get the socket on there. Then we'll do the same thing on the inside of the frame rail.All right. So, we have a flat washer on here already and put a lock washer on there, get a nut started. Sometimes with these bolt plates, they kind of float in place. You can see we don't have as many threads poking out on top on this one. And sometimes that's a little tricky, but really all you need to do at this point is we can tighten down this bottom one. And as we do that, that bolt up top is gonna start coming out more and that'll give us more threads to work with to get the nut on the top one. And with these all cinched up, go ahead and repeat that on the driver's side of the bumper.All right. Now we're gonna plug in our factory wiring harness back into our halogen lights here. With both lights plugged in, go ahead and plug the harness in to the main line for the truck. All right, guys, now grab the wiring harness out of the kit. We're gonna wire it up to the battery first. So, we're gonna start here at the negative terminal. And can go ahead and find an open post on your positive terminal.All right, guys, one of the easiest places to route the wiring to plug into the light bar is right here in front of the air box. Now, you do have enough slack in the kit, guys, if you wanna pull somewhere out and tuck it in underneath the bumper and zip tie it underneath there. You could very easily do that. And that's how we're gonna get this set up for today.All right, guys. Now we're gonna route the switch into the driver's compartment of the Jeep. If it's plugged in, go ahead and disconnect this connector right here. It'll make it a lot easier to route what we're about to do. And what we're gonna do is slide it through the gap here in this foam piece, through the cowl, and then we'll bring it around through the passenger-side door.And as you can see, we have quite a bit of slack here. So, we should be able to run the full length and put it in a good spot where you can reach it while you're driving. All right, guys, now we're gonna pull some slack in here. Now that's running inside the cowl, you can go ahead and plug it up like this. And as soon as you do that, check your switch, make sure a little red LED comes on that's telling you we're getting power. If you turn it on, you're gonna get a green like that.And as you can see, there is more than enough slack. You can basically mount this switch anywhere in the Jeep that you want. You have this sticky backing right here with a little foam pad, and it'll basically allow you to attach that anywhere you want on the Jeep. If you wanna put it here, if you wanna run it closer to your steering wheel, I'm just demonstrating how it can be done.All right, guys, that wraps up this review and installed this Barricade HD Front Bumper with the 20-Inch LED Light Bar for all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. And, of course, for all things Gladiator, keep it right here at

      Product Information

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      Features & Specs

      • Front Bumper
      • Constructed Using Heavy-Duty, .1563-inch Steel
      • 2 x .120 Inch Tubing
      • 12,000-Pound Rated Winch Plate
      • Includes 20-inch LED Light Bar
      • 9,500-Pound Rated D-Rings
      • Easy Installation
      • Compatible with the 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT Models


      Lighting Up Your Front Bumper. Cut through the thickest darkness on the off-road with the Barricade HD Front Bumper with 20-inch Light Bar. This adventure-style front bumper is built like a brick, constructed using heavy-duty, .1563-inch steel with 2 x .120 inch tubing, supported by a 12,000 pound-rated winch plate and heavy duty D-ring mounts.

      Includes 20-Inch LED Light Bar. This unit also comes with a 20-inch LED light bar and D-rings rated at 9,500 pounds. All components are built to exact tolerances for outstanding support.

      Installation. If you have moderate-to-expert level mechanical skills, expect this installation to last 2 hours with a medium degree of difficulty.

      Application. The Barricade HD Front Bumper with 20-inch Light Bar is compatible with the 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator JT models.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

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