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How to Install AFE Magnum Flow OER Pro 5R Replacement Air Filter on your 07-18 3.6L or 3.8L Jeep Wrangler JK; 2018 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JL

Installation Time

15 minutes

Extreme Terrain
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Gently tap the filter element to remove excess embedded dirt. Gently brush
the remaining excess dirt from the element with a soft brush.

SOAKING (see pictures A & B)
Using aFe “Restore Kit” cleaner, spray the element thoroughly soaking the
cotton media. Let it soak for approximately 10 minutes.

RINSING OFF (see picture C)
Using low pressure from a tap or a hose, run water from the clean side to the
dirty side. Continue running the water through the element until the water
comes through clear.
DO NOT USE HIGH PRESSURE or a nozzle that sprays a sharp stream. A
sharp spray of water can separate the filter media thus ruining the filter.

It is best to let the filter dry naturally. It is OK to lay the filter in front of a fan
to speed drying. Do not do the following:
*DO NOT use high heat such as a hair dryer. aFe filters are cotton and can
shrink under high heat.
*DO NOT use compressed air as it can separate the media making an unseen
hole for dirt to pass through.
*DO NOT use open flame.

OILING (see picture D)
Use aFe special formula air filter oil to re-oil the filter media as follows:
* Aerosol can oiling - Hold the can approximately 5 to 8 inches from the filter,
spray a light single coat of aFe filter oil covering each section at a slow pace.
* Squeeze bottle oiling(shown) - Apply a small amount of oil to the top or bottom
of each pleat stopping about 1/2” to 3/4” from the edge of the
filter.Within 20 minutes the oil should spread to cover the entire filter media
area leaving no media uncovered. Touch up any spots that are still visibly
white with a small amount of oil.
Note: Only apply oil to one side of the filter. The oil will wick through the
* NEVER use an aFe filter without oil. The oil is required to capture the finer
dirt particles.
* DO NOT over oil the filter media as it not only wastes oil, it can potentially
cause damage to Mass Air Flow sensors in the air intake stream.
*NEVER use motor oil, transmission fluid, diesel fuel, WD 40, etc. in place of
aFe oil.

STOP! WARNING LABEL (see picture E)
Be sure to install your red “Stop!” label at a very visible place on the filterhousing
so a maintenance person will not accidentally discard your aFe life
time filter.

* Normal highway driving should give 30,000 to 50,000 plus miles between
cleanings of an aFe filter. However, in the time period that you would have
replaced 3 paper filters, you should inspect your aFe filter to determine if it
needs cleaning. For example, if you live in an extremely high dust area and
replaced your paper filter every 3,000 miles, you should examine your aFe filter
every 9,000 miles.
* DO NOT over clean the filter. If you can see the screen mesh, the filter is
still flowing adequately. For optimal engine performance, the filter should be
cleaned at 7” of restriction. Do not exceed 10” of restriction.
* If your driving mileage is low and the filter is not ready for cleaning, examine
the filter once per year for adequate oil. If necessary, lightly add aFe filter
oil to the clean side of the filter.
* Sunlight deteriorates the oil. If the filter is exposed to sunlight it will be
necessary to re-oil the filter periodically.