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Why Install a CB Radio in Your Tacoma

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Having a CB radio in your Tacoma is great for emergencies, or keeping in touch with your off-roading buddies while exploring a new trail together. CB radios are right up there in first aid kits and recovery equipment in terms of importance. Don't find yourself stranded!

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The equipment you choose to throw on a Toyota Tacoma should always be balanced with its usefulness. Carefully selecting tires, bumpers, lighting, winches, power adders, and gearing all play into how well the truck will perform in the woods. You don’t want to throw anything on the truck that will hold you back. You also won’t want to leave out any modifications that will help improve your experience while on the trail. However, one mod always seems to be left out. The CB radio is one of the oldest pieces of technology to be found in the woods yet so many off-roaders go on without them.

What’s Your Handle Good Buddy?

CB radios can be found in use for all sorts of applications. Perhaps the most iconic use of these units is in big rigs. A citizen band radio is a short distance radio generally used for communication and even business in some cases. This is a two-way radio system and requires no license.

With around 40 channels to broadcast on these units make communicating with other CB radio operators very easy. These units can be used to communicate from vehicle to vehicle which will prove useful when on the trail. Likewise, these units can be used for emergencies.

How to Install One in your Tacoma

Installing a CB radio is the first thing you will want to take into consideration. The radio itself is quite large and can take up a considerable amount of space. 

Depending on the model selected, an antenna will also be in question. Naturally, wiring will also need to be done but this doesn’t require a professionals help unless you feel more comfortable with it.

Interior: To set up a CB radio you will need to find a location to mount it. These units can vary in size and this will dictate where it can and cannot be mounted. Most vehicle owners will mount their CB radio to the dash. The Tacoma’s interior makes this difficult as the dash connects to the center console. Limited mounting options drive Tacoma owners to get creative.

You want to keep the CB radio where it is immediately accessible. Many Tacoma owners take to mounting the CB radio to the side of the cup holders on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Those who are after a much cleaner look will need to be more creative. One fantastic method of mounting the CB is by placing it in the center console. This does tuck the unit out of plain sight, and the center console can be altered to allow the microphone to pass through the side of the glove box. This will sacrifice storage space but the usefulness of a CB radio will make it worth your while.

Once the CB radio’s mounting place has been decided, wiring comes in to play. The CB radio will rely on a 12-volt power source. Where you choose to draw this power from is completely up to you. The cleanest and easiest way to achieve this is to simply run the power lines right to the battery. For this installation, you won’t need much other than a drill, and some basic hand and electrical tools.

Exterior: The CB radio is internally mounted and operated, which makes for quick installation. However, an antenna will need to be mounted externally. Permanently mounted antennas for these units are fading away and you likely won’t need to drill any holes. As you decide on a place to fit the antenna, you will want to be sure it is safe from any brush with the potential to knock it clean off. Most choose to use the roof as it brings it up to where a good signal can be achieved and the compact antennas of today won’t protrude into the tree line.

When will a CB be Needed?

The installation doesn’t require much so there are very little drawbacks to owning a CB radio. It is still an expense and this will lead one to ask themselves when they will actually use it.

If you don’t have a group of off-road vehicles fitted with CB radios they can be almost useless so you will have to convince your group to invest in this upgrade as well. When you do have a group equipped with CB radios the benefits will become apparent.

Group Off-Roading: While you’re out in the woods communicating from vehicle to vehicle can be a major issue. Having to stop and get out to talk to one another or trying to dial cellphones can be a cumbersome and even dangerous experience. CB radios will make communications much easier and can even be quite a bit of fun.

Safety: The guy in front of you will see things you simply cannot. With CB radios he can give you warnings of hazards or a difficult obstacle to avoid ahead. It’s also easy to get separated and CB radios will make it easier to get in contact with one another if someone gets lost. If someone winds up in a bad situation away from the group this is a quick and effective way to get in touch with the group for help.

Emergencies: When things go wrong reaching each other may not be enough and you may even wind up in a bad situation alone. In the US, channel 9 is reserved for emergency broadcasting. If you are in the trail and wind up hurt this feature can be downright lifesaving.

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